Dog days go on

Tsukiji, the famous Tokyo fish market, first time to visit was 1977 ,here I am 72 years old, 1977 does not seem so long ago or faraway yet when I was in the 7th grade, 1957, WWII was a far away unimaginable history,


The little carts dashing and dodging around this area overflowing with fish sellers, fish buyers and tourists fishing for something to do, its a little metaphor for Tokyo, everywhere, day and night  people are delivering  things, and here  it was the gestures and facial expressions of the drivers that seemed interesting,




Trains at Ochanomizu, wonder what it would be like to live  alongside this river, noise! noise! noise!everywhere the sound of people moving around,


Inside the metro car with earphones its quiet, moving or phoning


a little farm in Chofuchofu2852_24%ppi100B800

Strangers on the street, they meet at a same  place, are they are waiting for the light to change or, because they are doing the same thing,  is this collusion?  Collusion maybe, may be outside the eye and inside the mind of the beholder.


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