Less then you might

E-karatsu,  an old Japanese folk kiln


This is a contemporary small plate by Maruta Munehiki, I use them on New Year’s Day when I have variety of small “nibbling treats,” sake and Japanese movies.


You might see this when  you wonder down a residential Tokyo street—narrow, parking, bikes. concrete brick walls, poles and wires, sky scrappers,— you know you are in Tokyo.


How do Tokyo people feel?


I’ll say it again, How do Tokyo people feel?


Life is  less bothersome when you have something to do all day . . .


but there is no escape from going home.


Don’t be confused, even though I made these images in public, the people are not models, they are doing whatever they are doing and whatever feelings you have about them or the images, it is your feeling about  the color, texture, gesture, line, shape ,composition, of the image and nothing to do with the person. They are phake & reel in the same space.

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