Knot in mynd

My mother had a stroke,  it messed up her memory,  she suffered from expressive aphasia and  lived in a memory care facility near me, either I or my wife would see her every day for over 3.5 years. During her last year after lunch she might want to return to her room to sleep, or maybe just escape.


In the memory care facility I met people who had accomplishments inter life  and did not remember,


Mom  had an operation for  a hip problem and was in rehab for eight  weeks  “relearning to walk.”



My parents lived a good life, Dad  had a good job, they lived in Japan for 14 years, Mom established herself professionally  in Ikebana, upon Dad’s retirement  she had an Ikebana  =school, they lived comfortably  still  in her last years, she was unable to “function” in society, this was in rehab, the lunch room,  it feels so bare  and prison-like but  for the eight weeks in rehab I was there for lunch, dinner and physical therapy.


I could not understand what it meant to her, losing everything  it must have been very hard to find herself.


She had her own room, and we brought some of her things,  furniture, her comfortable chair, flowers,


What was like for her when I was not there, which was much of the day,


Still the moments I was there


And the winner!!, the biggest award is to see someone so happy to see you,


What I like about Tokyo  is the graphic shapes ,


the lines and shapes


the colors and proportions, just walk down a street, go around a corner, see what is just waiting  there to be scene…



People come in all kinds of packages, and you have to admit, life is strange enough all  by itself without all the crap people do to make it even stranger.


But I cannot wear polyester, it does not breath and makes me sweat and itch, even 15%, I guess I cannot look forward to doing this kind of job in my retirement, and maybe I  don’t get this kind of happiness  either.



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