Eyes that see knowthing

Whenever I see aninteresting  closed door, I wonder where does it lead? Wherever, this one does not mind that the weather gets in.


Japanese design is fun, waiting for the  walk-don’t walk  light to change and this comes down the road,


Selfie looking up


A collection of various images (from a Google search)  made over the years, B&W images from the 1960s,  remember Tri-X, what a great film, I would buy 100 feet rolls, I rarely used a light meter, Tri-X just seemed to naturally adapt to most light situations like an iguana changes color .


In Tokyo Owl cafes are popular


Fun with light. . . light all by itself is fun


Ki-seto  tokkuri by Kagami Shugai (His yellow glaze is very special and Robert Yellin reports that Kato Takuro used to get his Yellow Seto glaze from Kagami) and water soluble metal salt glaze guinomi by Gary Holt of Berkeley.


Shuki, shigaraki style.


Afternoon baseball in Ueno,  this was the Drunkards  versus  the Animals


Photographs  sometimes show you things that you should have seen with your own eyes.


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