Knowthin’ is happenin,’ hear

I eat a peach spit out the pit the pit becomes a tree
the tree grows and flowers and bears another peach
seasons change so often
why should I care if my  hair  turns white

from The Mountain Poems of Stonehouse     (1272-1353)      translated by Red Pine

While soon we may not see this for awhile, we may see t shirts made in the USA,  1 for $35. Its perhaps a buybuy for consumer purchasing power and a hell  ofore   US corporate profits.


Often the other  side of the streetalwhays looks more interesting


so does what ever someone else is doing.


A building in San Francisco on a sunny Saturday October afternoon


Ouside a bar in Tokyo I guess if you do not understand relativity you will after a few beers.


I don’t feel alone, actually I think even if  I held one in  my own two hands I would not be able  feel it.


It is confusing and it helps if you have a place to go . . .


or sumthing to do . . .


Looks like help got there before me.


A high injury street this is not a warning  to pedestrians but an advertisement (on a newspaper box)   for a law firm seeking injured clients,


On the other end of a cabled  bridge


Tp get a way from it all I walk four miles everyday, on the levee almost everyday ay, when I started I would do  it in about 52 minutes, 11 years later at 73  it takes about an hour, but since I have met so many people on the trail I often stop to chat.

alamedaCreek7673_24%ppi100D800Attempting to answer the question “How do we shape the future?” in the book’s final chapter, the Stephen Hawking writes: “Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet.”


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