Tarrets tearing around, Addio the old

This past month the famous Tsukiji market on Tokyo  has been moved. First time I went was visiting my parent in 1976, you get into the market then,  if you woke up very early,  and walk around inside, It got too busy, too many tourists and inside became less accessible.  But the outside was  fun too, deliveries were ongoing all the time, which is true of Tokyo in general where there tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of little businesses requiring  daily if not multi daily deliveries.

And one thing about business in Tokyo is that is highly competitive,  freshness and style are desired qualities and space is always at a premium.


These little delivery vehicles, called “tarrets”  tear around the market moving fish from one place to another.


Here is a  link  to a Youtube 30 minute video  ( Women Do Sushi Too, NHK, Inside Lens Series, May 2018) made by my sister (Deborah DeSnoo)  on Japanese women itamae (sushi chefs) which includes  footage of a visit to the old Tsukiji fishmarket accompanying a woman itamae buying the daily fish.


Following are some memories I had last May.





Not everyone uses the powered vehicle, some do it the old fashioned way


I have not been to the new market, but I hope these  are not left behind.









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