Along Alameda Creek between Beard Staging and Isherwood Bridge

I am fortunate to live near Alameda Creek  in Fremont. Maybe 50 or so years ago it used to be a creek with water originating in the Sierra s somewhere  flowing down   to the bay, running through rich farmland here in Fremont  and what is now called Union City.


It used to flood every year, and as the population increased more houses were built and the floods became a “social liability” so the engineers dug it out and built a levee on both sides and made it into a Regional Park, You can walk , or jog, or ride your bike,  or have a family outing with kids in carriages for about 10 miles  going all the way from Niles canyon to the Coyote Hills on the Bay.


Winter skies but  it can be overcast in the summer also, the constant  pressure interaction between the mountains and the ocean  in the SF bay area creates a wide range of weather all around the bay.  But  here in Fremont   by noon its usually cleared up.


I try to “walk” everyday. I moved my office home in 2007  when  I used to do four miles in 50 minutes, which is a good pace, but now at 73, if there are no reasons to stop,  it  takes about  one hour.


I listen to podcasts, usually The Archers, Bloomberg Surveillance and P&L , BBC’s In our Time, TIPs (The investor’s Podcast) The Serial, This American Life , . . .


Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me,  of course  Click and Clack —I still enjoy hearing them over and over —and Kaiser Kuo and Jeremy Goldkorn on The Sinica podcast.

Fremont’s claim to height,  Mission Peak


Over the years I have met many people on the path, had many conversations, learned many things,


There are plenty of wild life,





and feral  carts




For the past two years goats have visited to   eat the growth,


and they sometimes get into arguments.


I enjoy the shapes of the buildings


And all sorts of people use this


Young people too find stuff to do , young men impressing young women



Saturday is usually when the ‘bike troops”  are out


as well as the loneliness of the long distance runner.


That’s Alameda Creek between Beard Staging and Isherwood.

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