Building Thucydides

Last weekend there was a  Tohoku festival  at a local Japanese food store where they offered this excellent sake, and while  I am not knowledgable on grading sake  I do enjoy good sake,  I prefer it chilled, I got one of the big bottles and almost drank the whole thing while eating sushi over a period of about about  two hours of time.


There are many good sakes, This one called Suijin, a junmai ‘“super dry” sake with is  a ki-seto guimoni by Kagami Masakane, son of Kagami Shugai.


For my birthday I usually buy this one, Okunomatsu Ginjo, another favorite if only because of the beautiful  label with the daruma looking kanji. I usually use my bizen guinomi and tokkuri   by Nakamura Makoto, son of Nakamura Rokuro. Bizen is ash glazed  in the kiln and is wonderful for drinking sake or beer. this style tokkuri was made both Makotoa and his father, they were known as the Kings of Shuki.


An added treat at the Tohoku festival were these two shiokaras which go good GREAT  with sake, if you like shiokara  though for many its like natto, an acquired taste.

When I visit San Francisco  I often walk by a specific building. its always there, in the same place, though often the rest of the visual  is different.  Now of course with  the Sales Force building its no longer the  only  site in the sky.  Here are some different views  from different places in the city.


There are different angles from which to see this building, I think this is coming down Russian  Hill approaching  Chinatown


Framed off by tress somewhere on  Telegraph Hill, this may be the street where in the beginning of the Monk tv show he is walking along, touches the stop sign and  walks across the street or maybe its the next street over.


The parrots  were in force  in this small park  on Russian Hill one  afternoon, hundreds of them eating little fruits in the trees and  aggressively  chasing away the robins. A winter day, though not like Boston, still the winter is nice time for late afternoon sun, Salesforce had not yet appeared  when I made this image.


A view from Telegraph Hill


Reflection in the windows  of the  Maritime building


San Francisco is a visually interesting place to walk,  I like to take BART  somewhere  and then get off and walk around, Its very accessible though I am not  sure about the safety of all neighborhoods, its not like Tokyo  which is safe  for tourists to  freely explore.transAm0092_800

And unfortunately there are many homeless people. I have no solution, no answer, I  am fortunate to have a house and a little money to pay my way, but sill no solution. Perhaps  there will always be some  people  who cannot get it together  to find a way to get  the basics, and yet so many who do find a way  have so much hate  against those who do not . I cannot forget the uncontrollable  gleeful and joyful  expressions displayed on the faces of Republicans when they removed 24 million low income people from health care.


Phake photo but  imagine what an adventure to be driving a green Mustang at high speed  and come upon this spot . . . would you shoot out like a bullet from hell?











A garden on top of a parking lot, the Comedy Club is on the left out of site!


The  windows of the building across the street  reflects the afternoon light






Exploring San Francisco you may encounter noir moments patiently waiting for something to happen,   just around a corner or down a small alleyway street in San Francisco.













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