Thanks be for giving

If you could would you twould   what could have been should.


Boys, Mt. Auburn Cemetary (circa1970)


Winifred  used to make boxes and introduced me to Joseph Cornell, she was separated from her husband, Jeff, both  friends of mine, and while I was in art school she got a new position at an Art Museum in Los Angeles. Shortly after moving and being employed in her new position she died in an an automobile accident, I do not know the details.

Of course that is me, in a herringbone Harris tweed , I don’t get to wear them much anymore being retired and all, but Have liked them since I was in high school


Japan never fails to amaze, an advertisement sign  outside a bar,


Mission District, it look like a tv week of discrete pieces of information  one top of the other,


If I were truely trying to understand myself would I make an image like this?

shadoIdeas_Ltr1_650The road up the hill, San  Francisco


Look at these next two  couples,  ask  yourself : What is their relationship to each other? What are the words  (if any), passing   ((or not being spoken) between them.


Your response is that there is a very different visual experience  generating a different  feeling about what is happening between the man and woman  in each of these images.


Could I have been hiding from you all these years?  I was really here behind this camera just waiting to smile, but  forgot, or disremembered, or or did things I wish I had not done and could go back and redo and then I realize or rationalize no matter what it would have all come out the same. To not agree is to end up being unhappy.


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