Sum thymes satrite know thymes

Be careful what you wish fore, it makes you vulnerable  in bilateral groups. Daruma was the 28th Patriarch of Dhyana  in India, he  traveled to China where his presence established  Chan which was later to be called Zen in Japan.  In his quest to pacify his mind Huiko consulted Daruma,  to impress Daruma Huiko cut off his own arm, at least we have Sesshu’s painting  to attest to tell his story, where Daruma, after the snow had reached Huiko’s knees, replied “Bring your mind here and I will give it a rest. Huiko replied “I have searched for that mind and I cannot find it,” to which Daruma replied , “Then I have put it to rest.” (from Mummonkan , Case 41, Blythe translation which may not be “scholarly” but it sure is fun which may b more in the spirit).


In Japan the Daruma doll is made so that if it rolls over it returns to upright, seven times  fall down, eight times get up”七転び八起き . You can visit a temple and get this ema (絵馬) .


Two see or knot to see,  Two be or knot two be, whenever, sometimes its never too late, but other times its always too late, pieces of my self strewn around the wondering path of my life, some lost forever, . . . some just never to be found again


We lived just side  the city limits, a small town of  about 25,000, two high schools, one  large company, I did not realize how terrifying it was to me until I  could not find my self, or perhaps the self I found  was terrifying to others . . . who in turn just reflected my self back to me  . .


and as I found out even more terrifying to  the ones I kneaded in my life,


Some just thought it was funny, as if my life was a  comedic movie  that they paid to watch for a while  and then  halfway through concluded  it was not worth the price they paid . . . 


For many there is always hope, I hope that’s true . . .


but too many  some times the distance seemed too overwhelming, that I let that seem become a  knot try, which is worse, I don’t no.


and I had too much outsight  which at the time I thought I was protecting my self . . .


a cloak of   false  rationalization  as if  my only strategy to defend this self from the  effort to be that self I wanted  me, this he,  to be, know me.







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