More light misconverswayshuns with my dark side

Sometimes I wondher,  sometimes I losedher,  and either time is time to look at my darker side…

sps1612B_675.jpgthat part of me that always seems to sabotage my dreams whenever they got too near.


Some would say its easier to blame others, be a victim, rationalize and project,  was I right? was I wrong?… 

but for me,  it was always banging my head  against the  closed door of Was I?  even, as I remember at this time of the year, when Christmas  holidays come around and I find some cheer.


I still gaslight myself.


Some said my light was like their light, some said it too different to be a light


and the lights of fame though ventured towards me  seemed like a cross to bare


I  herd to belong somewhere for meaning, but I did  no that it meant  to be a burden, and 


into the lessor known  I shot my self strait and true 


from spread, struggling to come …


to focus and be as one, and even when my own self is divided, my camera is as one. 


I hope there is a light to be held, still “what” is just a hat following a “W.”


And after my  journey I prefer a little sake.

Ki-seto is a style of Japanese “ folk pottery”—Seto (Seto-Mino area)  is an old pottery area, or kiln in the abstract, home of Shino, Oribe, Ki-Seto, Seto-Guro and Kuro-Oribe  as well as a bunch clay pots not tightly fitting into a specific category but bearing common qualities and simply referred to Seto-yaki. These two beautiful pots, a tokkuri and guinomi by (respectively) Kagami Shukai and his son Masakane.




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