Glow bowl a sayshun?

To every corner of the world electronic media has spread the word to people, where ever they are that their lives could be better if they had not had the unfortunate situation of being born in the wrong place.


Regular food, running water, a house to live in, health care, a job, education for their children, a mobile phone . . .  people all over the world now see these things are there, for others to have.  People see that the reason they cannot have the basic things is  because of where they were born, i.e. national boundaries.

It is countries, nation states,  and national sovereignty with geographical political boundaries and nationalistic ideologies    which  prevent them from getting the basic needs for the  good life  accessible to others—simply by a random birth right.

mubookC4p38-39_650As McLuhan  argued (The Gutenberg Galaxy) electronic media disperses the homogenizing forces of culture around the world  generating a “common world culture.” People all over the world  now see a “common reality”, in the words of Paine, they are acquiring a “Common Sense”  concluding that  they do not have access  to all these “things” which would make their life better  only because of where they were born.  And they want them.

“Globalization” is no conspiracy, it is neither good or bad, it is human and what people have been doing  through all of human history. From  “caves”  to hunting and gathering “villages” to agrarian towns to industrialized cities  and now an electronic world,  are a progression of interrelated steps as people seek to increase  the quality of their lives by increasing production.


pmubk34and35_800No one wants to go “back to living in caves” —will maybe not no one, there are always exceptions to everything—however  “geo-political nation states” are only  steps  and “ideologies of national sovereignty” are the rallying cries of demagogues who seeking personal agendas preach “solutions to your personal problems”  are to be found in  hate, violence  and scapegoating  others.


Man in the Maze, a traditional Pueblo Native American design motif.

Globalizaton is going to happen in order for the people of the world to enter into a time of “common laws” for business, trade, investment, property rights,  and basic international relatons. Successful leaders will make work , and they will have to work hard tomato successful  compromises on national sovereignty  while nationalistic demagogues  will use the situation to seek their personal  enrichment usually through political means as that is one field  which does not require a history of professional  achievement ethics, or  integrity and honesty, and there is usually  a solid supporting base of people  willing to seek revenge against a scapegoat for their personal problems.



Globalizaton is going to happen, but how it happens, whether leaders emerge to make this transition understandable to others, whether leaders emerge to make this transition  happen without war is perhaps too much for which  to ask or even hope. A non-war transition, which will take decades of leadership staying on course, can result in great opportunites for everyone in the world  to find a way to participate and find personal, professional and economic success. 


I believe in free trade, regulated capitalism, and the western concept of human and legal rights which have evolved from the Magna Charta and I also believe that these can improved on.

But the other option, war, nuclear weapons, hundreds of millions of people dying, billions of dollars of property destroyed is very real and more likely  given the history of human beings, the willingness of demagogues and dictators  to seek personal  advantages no matter the cost to  human life and the ever presence of their true believer followers.

Historically it is the more likely  path.  


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