Minding Buddha

A monk asked Baso, “What  is the Buddha?”
Baso answered, “Not mind, not Buddha.”

Case XXXIII, Mummonkan, Blythe translation.

I can understand one (1), one thing, one discrete complete thing separated from all the other things.  Thing is a wonderful word, its a actually a concept that we use as if it real.  In this seemingly  “Sisyphustic “ search for  scientific knowledge we endlessly discover larger and larger things   and smaller and smaller things in this universe.


Things which we thought were things we  later find are made up of smaller or bigger things and then we find that those things are made of smaller  or larger things. Air is a term people commonly use or mentally assume it as no thing generally in common human interaction air historically served as and today  serves as boundary between things. Me here , mountaine there, the air differenciates us.


Every “thing” is unique. that is what the word means.  It needs tostand by itself, when the name of the thing is written or spoken we the people involved in communication share the same meaning, everyone clearly understands what it means. That house, that tree, that dog, the fire  exit door.


Things do not have to be physically separated, I say hand and  you know what I mean but the hand is a part of the body, and not a separate thing.

We can also differentiate  degrees of things. Jane has more compassion than Dick, Jack is stronger than Jill.Â


The thing is., one thing is fine but where I have trouble is two of the same thing.  Every thing is unique, it not just that no two things are the same,  its also some things are part of other things and if they are a part of other things, where does thing s begin and stop.


People have hand, with fingers, apes have hands with fingers,  while ape  and people hands are different,  when you compare to a dog with paws,  the ape hands are people hands may count the same  while paws are contest as different.


It is our language, created by people  that gives us the ability to move through a mass of levels of different meanings, and use concepts—things which are concepts— to instantly, in conversation, move around in this “field of multi dimensions.”


None this stuff is really there, no dogs, no trees, no photons, no electrons, no molecules, theses are just concepts we move around in to interact with each other in this universe, or is it this life? or perhaps some dream?


Oh come on, all these things are real, I am born, I die,  I cut myself, if a car hits me it will hurt me, All this stuff has got to be real!!!


Still physics is very clear, while to humans its very real, in physics  it is very unclear what is real.


Its similar with a photograph. People  commonly believe a photograph is a  real record of something, Still even when they see a “reality image” they cannot agree on what they see, but they do agree its real.

Could you feel lonely in a crowd with a common purpose ?  ?   ?    ?     ?


Loose your footing on the way,  it may seem  confusing, but after that decision there will  be more.


Perhaps best to  find that things are not things except when you want them to be.


You’re xlinsee 

If you understand the first word of Zen
You understand the last:
But these two words
Are not one word.
 Mummonkan, Case XIII, Tokusan’s Bowl

I made this image about 1970 in a small town in Maine, how old are these girls? fine or six? No they might be 53 or 54 , if they are still alive. I wonder what happened in their lives that was so special that , even though I never saw them again, I never forgot them again either.


Do you think I have too many imperfections to have a camera in my hand? I would agree. We agree  that the camera makes a recording of something real, but when we see the photograph we have different explanations, who has the imperfection and what is the explanation . . .


At this point I cannot turn back, there is no one their . . .


Weighting and watching, somewhere it will look,  The Way is pointed


And the finger is easier to understand . . .


Thats why I take _ _ _ _ _ —okonomiyake!!!


What  a sad life you must have, left behind at your early age, and transported to a place  beyond God’s dreams


Couda bin, if only no wood a bin,
When  finnegan  woke up this mournakin
He was bourne again
to love one more time.


Onagain, offagain, winagain, lou’sagain
My chance always comes ’round
Why not inagain.


When the shit hits the wit and
love is down wind
Look for me by night
When the moonlight kisses our love.


Oh the wear width it all.


M, a gray shun. My grey shun. You’re grey shun

Since the beginning of humanity some people have been seeking migrating in search of a better life. Thats over 200,000 years, and of that nation states or countries, a group of people organized  by legally defined geographical -political boundaries  have been around for about 300-400  (30 Years War? an arbitrary choice)  years, about 0.001% of human history while  during that same time period people have been migrating in search of  a better life for 100% of the time.


Which is more  “normal human  behavior”, living in a  country or migrating somewhere for a better life? Is one of them “abnormal?”


During that 200,000 years people changed from living in very small groups to increasingly larger and larger groups . Though we do not know most of that “history” we do know some of it. Perhaps at one early time people lived as families in caves {I do not know,  but it makes sense as an metophor to start there)  and though the years with the development of  recording methods such as writing, visual Art, we have some historical infomation.


Even in families there is an organizational  social structure. Perhaps we could say that families which were near the beginning of human organization were  probably extended families, expanding  to  groups of  different  families as well as “successful families” —families which could provide enough essentials for an increasing number of children—and settlements, villages, towns, cities, city states,  etc.


Confucius taught that the structure of power in the family was the basis for all organizations, from family to clan to village to city to larger and thought that if  the father as decision-maker – structure was  learned in the family then as grown ups people would be inclined to live peacefully accepting the power structure with which they grew up. Or this was the “true way” for individuals in a society to live to maximize the outcome of order.


Things were going along and then . . . Oil  starting post WWI, made a few people very wealthy, generated  significantly larger middle classes in western countries, making  wealthy authoritarian despots  of various degrees in others while millions of people worldwide were killed and murdered as the west attempted to defend  the flow of oil around the world.


The economic creativity and  wealth  generated by an oil-world economy enabled increasingly  larger scales of economic relationships and the development of  electronic media increasingly spread the word all over the world, over flowing geo-political boundaries flooding the whole world with the gospel—  life could be better somewhere else, with real  pictures of real people doing real things for fun instead of survival.


Nation states,  with their laws restricting immigration may be the major obstacle to people seeking a share of the wealth, laws which are reinforced by a standing armed  police force and a standing a armed military supported by taxes . . .and


basically “managed” by politicians,  some of who may have some leadership qualities  and others who are in it for the power and control. Probably most are various ordinal combinations on a continuum. But as long as national sovereignty


In Japan temples and shrines ( buddhist and shinto respectively)  are usually open to people to  visit and they have festivals , People can visit temples and shrines, enjoy their beauty, some such as Sensoji   are a complete experience with stores, restaurants,


People are pretty much free to behave as they want which is quite different than churches and mosques which have a bunch of rules for visitors to obey.








Inspyte of the hugeluge

New Year’s Day, sake, food—shiokara,  nanohana nishin, wakasagi tsukudani, and pottery—ekaratsu and shigaroki —and  a couple of Japanese movies.


Sinking? Sales? Force? Tower?, its a big building for a company  that does not pay a dividend to its stockholders.


What is holding it up?




Always find  something  for me, a small circle on the outside


brings me back to reality, or the one in which  I like to live  . . .feet0955_24%ppi100d700

One mid morning view from the UN Plaza, San Francisco


And down the street  suggestively and  enticingly,  pie-in-the- blue-sky ideal in black and white . . . well,  read,  I get anyway . . .


Globalization?  compared to what,  living in caves?


G3—three generations responding to the alluring, addicting  electronical  packets…


How long does a person to fall asleep on Market  street in the sun with people walking by, why not sleep on a less traveled path, much quieter—one would have to be very, very, very tired.


Fort Hill in Roxbury MA (circa 1970),  at some point in  Boston in history  it was one days ride with luggage  from Beacon Hill so  some people built summer homes.  It had a Revolutionary War  monument,  by 1970s it was greatly changed.  The Lyman Family bought and fixed up  a house, you  could rent a five room apartment for about $45/month and then somewhere along the way to today it  became gentrified. I have not been there since mid  1970s








Knowear nose knoware

its easy to imagine the feelings  we may put on this dog but its probably not  what we want to imagine,


A boy on his way


to creating selected memories of a past when things were in life,


On the road of  a  long way up and a short way down


with many fleeting  moments  waiting fore Godot


Matching shoes and hoodie accessorized with a plastic ammunition container and a guitar


Young enough to just be kawaii? but don’t look me in the eye  where you will see the ghost of future lies


Still  desperados wait for their moment on a train


Enjoy your moment in stardom, two faces beautiful with hopeful anticipation,  whose camera? his or hers? or perhaps both…


Two comfortable wearing white that its ok to sit on the sidewalk when blue stripes  do not mind…


And moments when people from different  places meet in peace to wait and go,  feeling,  thinking  and moving on


You can consider yourself  greatful when what you have does not get in the way of who you are,  or maybe its the other way around, when who you are does not get in the way  of what you  have, it was so long ago that my father taught me that,  I just forgot or am getting dementia, does not matter—in the end its all  the same.

I am just fortunate enough to knot have to carry my shit —and thankful when I do not have to carry  yours —around with me. Made in America