Knowear nose knoware

its easy to imagine the feelings  we may put on this dog but its probably not  what we want to imagine,


A boy on his way


to creating selected memories of a past when things were in life,


On the road of  a  long way up and a short way down


with many fleeting  moments  waiting fore Godot


Matching shoes and hoodie accessorized with a plastic ammunition container and a guitar


Young enough to just be kawaii? but don’t look me in the eye  where you will see the ghost of future lies


Still  desperados wait for their moment on a train


Enjoy your moment in stardom, two faces beautiful with hopeful anticipation,  whose camera? his or hers? or perhaps both…


Two comfortable wearing white that its ok to sit on the sidewalk when blue stripes  do not mind…


And moments when people from different  places meet in peace to wait and go,  feeling,  thinking  and moving on


You can consider yourself  greatful when what you have does not get in the way of who you are,  or maybe its the other way around, when who you are does not get in the way  of what you  have, it was so long ago that my father taught me that,  I just forgot or am getting dementia, does not matter—in the end its all  the same.

I am just fortunate enough to knot have to carry my shit —and thankful when I do not have to carry  yours —around with me. Made in America










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