Inspyte of the hugeluge

New Year’s Day, sake, food—shiokara,  nanohana nishin, wakasagi tsukudani, and pottery—ekaratsu and shigaroki —and  a couple of Japanese movies.


Sinking? Sales? Force? Tower?, its a big building for a company  that does not pay a dividend to its stockholders.


What is holding it up?




Always find  something  for me, a small circle on the outside


brings me back to reality, or the one in which  I like to live  . . .feet0955_24%ppi100d700

One mid morning view from the UN Plaza, San Francisco


And down the street  suggestively and  enticingly,  pie-in-the- blue-sky ideal in black and white . . . well,  read,  I get anyway . . .


Globalization?  compared to what,  living in caves?


G3—three generations responding to the alluring, addicting  electronical  packets…


How long does a person to fall asleep on Market  street in the sun with people walking by, why not sleep on a less traveled path, much quieter—one would have to be very, very, very tired.


Fort Hill in Roxbury MA (circa 1970),  at some point in  Boston in history  it was one days ride with luggage  from Beacon Hill so  some people built summer homes.  It had a Revolutionary War  monument,  by 1970s it was greatly changed.  The Lyman Family bought and fixed up  a house, you  could rent a five room apartment for about $45/month and then somewhere along the way to today it  became gentrified. I have not been there since mid  1970s








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