You’re xlinsee 

If you understand the first word of Zen
You understand the last:
But these two words
Are not one word.
 Mummonkan, Case XIII, Tokusan’s Bowl

I made this image about 1970 in a small town in Maine, how old are these girls? fine or six? No they might be 53 or 54 , if they are still alive. I wonder what happened in their lives that was so special that , even though I never saw them again, I never forgot them again either.


Do you think I have too many imperfections to have a camera in my hand? I would agree. We agree  that the camera makes a recording of something real, but when we see the photograph we have different explanations, who has the imperfection and what is the explanation . . .


At this point I cannot turn back, there is no one their . . .


Weighting and watching, somewhere it will look,  The Way is pointed


And the finger is easier to understand . . .


Thats why I take _ _ _ _ _ —okonomiyake!!!


What  a sad life you must have, left behind at your early age, and transported to a place  beyond God’s dreams


Couda bin, if only no wood a bin,
When  finnegan  woke up this mournakin
He was bourne again
to love one more time.


Onagain, offagain, winagain, lou’sagain
My chance always comes ’round
Why not inagain.


When the shit hits the wit and
love is down wind
Look for me by night
When the moonlight kisses our love.


Oh the wear width it all.


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