After the, be four

Seeking less misimitation of my self  I googled, how could  you ever make sense of this??Screen-Shot-2019-02-25_700

Taking an image like this below,


I like Pueblo blankets, (they may also be called rugs),  and I like Middle East area rugs.  My version is designing a repeating  image like above into a design.


Following are some more examples, if you look closely you can see the single image of myself and my camera.


If this is what I do, then  youmight be thinking,  isn’t there more to life than this?  Is there  any meaning to life?



Is not it enough just to be aware of that question?  I guess not if you were  Kant or Camus. . .


But I am knot,


Below is the image  used  in the red repeating pattern  above.


An Acoma bowl


A Japanese Shino chawan


The floor of the Tora-San  museum


There are questions without answers, answers without questions, questions with answers. . .
and there are no answers without questions.


A last grasp improvisation at my fun  . .


And still, Bible School, Phillips ME,  circa summer  1970. When I was younger, around this age,  it was popular when school recessed for summer vacation to have two weeks of  Bible School.  I am not sure the “purpose” of it, you could say indoctrination, ok part, but kids got to be together in a looser situation than school and mothers did not have to deal with the kid(s), generally two or three hours in the morning, a slow transition and often real  public school teachers got some extra pay for a couple of weeks.




Up so short it feels like down to me

Its always easy  to start the day  by looking down, no place to go but up


Once said, the karma of a person’s life expressed is their face when they are old


And the  hopes of ones’s life were  facially expressed  in youth.  On a street corner, waiting for the light to change the one word in English that we shared was “Bluegrass.”


My chants  steps in out of nowear  and  you miss it because you were working,


Whereas the Western child is early introduced to building blocks, keys in locks, water taps, and a multiplicity of items and evens which constrain him   to think in  terms of spatiotemporal relations and mechanical causation , the African child receives instead an education which depends much more exclusively on the spoken word and which is highly charged with drama and emotion.

Quoted from The Gutenberg Galaxy by Marshall McLuhan who is quoting a  J. C. Carothers  article in Psychiatry November 1959


Please ignore the out dated “ human bias” aspects of the above quote where the author is trying to connect words in a concept expressing the act of  comparing oral media society to a  print media society by pointing to “real life example.”  Just consider the concept;  compare oral  and print societies and how they might generate a very different “Cultural Reality” for the individuals in the each population.


Of course you need to understand that “Cultural Reality” is where all of the people in the society share the same unified reality, there is no “fake reality”  or “Alternative Facts.”

McLuhan  wants to express that in a print society people use visual knowing at the with a reduction  of “knowing by other senses” compared to oral societies which are less dependent on visual knowing and more on an other sense or  combination of  other senses.

(NOTE: Don’t get too hung up, its a concept).


And electronic media will generate a whole new “Reality”  at a time when the whole Earth will be in the process of a generating a “single global culture.”

Where previously the Earth was populated by different “cultures or societies”  with  their own view of reality—their culture— and the history of people was the evolution of larger and larger unified populations—caves and family, clan, village, polis, kingdom, nation state—electronic media generates forces of cultural homogenization which have the abilities  to generate a world culture.


Unfortunately without leadership with a vision, the past will be repeated, populists demagogues will eagerly emerge with their message of hate,  killing and revenge. The process will happen, no one wants to return to caves (almost)  but without leadership with a vision many people will suffer and die or more drastic, people will destroy human civilization.


Or you could just ignore it, maybe some alien culture will intervene or God will create a war that ends all wars saving two of each finding refuge in a bomb shelter ark.,


Can you find the mistakes? Are they mistakes because you think so? Would you give me an F grade for this effort?





Knowtown in trance, for may, shun

What is government? Why is it part of human societies?  What is its purpose?


Sounds like too simple of a question,We all  know what government is, the what, the why and the how.


For those who believe that people in nature are basically not good the only workable approach is authoritarian. There needs to be a  “strong man bully” to threaten and use force to hold people in line.


Much of the history of people has been  laws created by individuals or a small group and forced upon others. Princes and kings as examples,


Who decides what the are the laws?  Perhaps social unrest emerges from an individual or a group forcing  their laws others.


Yet some believe in “liberal democracy” where individuals can understand their situations, meet,  discuss and realize a compromise— make their own laws—  with which they can live without  committing violent acts against others.


Laws forced upon us, or laws  we  create and commit to supporting? Perhaps the history of government is a story of finding a balance that results in order and security.


Still even in more democratic societies there are individuals who commit acts of violence against others.

Almost everyday I walk —kind of a fast walk, about 4 miles per hour though as I have been doing  it for 12 years now, I have met so many people along the way that I often stop and talk—along the levee and everyday it appears different.


When is day

If you saw me on the street what would you think? met me with some friends?  see my face,  who am I? ueno1553Det28%ppi100G700

I could be trying to fool you except you know you are too smart to be fooled by Ibe such as me . . ,


still or still,  simple is  less than it was befour (photo courtesy of my trip to Ikea one day).


imagine being this young and this alone,


And this old with a friend . . .


or this . . .


I did reach out,


and again and again but never a gain


I did know how to stand without you
but with you it was a greater dream
And you left me. with no way to reach out ever again
And maybe that was a gain.


still  my lack of wisdom is nature’s graffiti in the street,


Unremembered mislessgivings

At that time of the day when the patterns of various shapes  begin to blend together to make things seem in transitueno1395_24%ppi100D700

they were not sure where to look, or for what they were looking,


But when it came rushing down  in full force


she new it was time to leave knowthing  behind, no things to miss


fleeting mismemories of things told others, maybe over embellished or  out dated,


to a path missed by chance or fortune.


Other things were more important and besides, eating today takes prescience over custom.