When is day

If you saw me on the street what would you think? met me with some friends?  see my face,  who am I? ueno1553Det28%ppi100G700

I could be trying to fool you except you know you are too smart to be fooled by Ibe such as me . . ,


still or still,  simple is  less than it was befour (photo courtesy of my trip to Ikea one day).


imagine being this young and this alone,


And this old with a friend . . .


or this . . .


I did reach out,


and again and again but never a gain


I did know how to stand without you
but with you it was a greater dream
And you left me. with no way to reach out ever again
And maybe that was a gain.


still  my lack of wisdom is nature’s graffiti in the street,


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