Knowtown in trance, for may, shun

What is government? Why is it part of human societies?  What is its purpose?


Sounds like too simple of a question,We all  know what government is, the what, the why and the how.


For those who believe that people in nature are basically not good the only workable approach is authoritarian. There needs to be a  “strong man bully” to threaten and use force to hold people in line.


Much of the history of people has been  laws created by individuals or a small group and forced upon others. Princes and kings as examples,


Who decides what the are the laws?  Perhaps social unrest emerges from an individual or a group forcing  their laws others.


Yet some believe in “liberal democracy” where individuals can understand their situations, meet,  discuss and realize a compromise— make their own laws—  with which they can live without  committing violent acts against others.


Laws forced upon us, or laws  we  create and commit to supporting? Perhaps the history of government is a story of finding a balance that results in order and security.


Still even in more democratic societies there are individuals who commit acts of violence against others.

Almost everyday I walk —kind of a fast walk, about 4 miles per hour though as I have been doing  it for 12 years now, I have met so many people along the way that I often stop and talk—along the levee and everyday it appears different.


3 thoughts on “Knowtown in trance, for may, shun

  1. As the balance swings back and forth, we all hope for the center to move bit by bit towards compassion, and that the swing doesn’t tip too far in the other direction


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