After the, be four

Seeking less misimitation of my self  I googled, how could  you ever make sense of this??Screen-Shot-2019-02-25_700

Taking an image like this below,


I like Pueblo blankets, (they may also be called rugs),  and I like Middle East area rugs.  My version is designing a repeating  image like above into a design.


Following are some more examples, if you look closely you can see the single image of myself and my camera.


If this is what I do, then  youmight be thinking,  isn’t there more to life than this?  Is there  any meaning to life?



Is not it enough just to be aware of that question?  I guess not if you were  Kant or Camus. . .


But I am knot,


Below is the image  used  in the red repeating pattern  above.


An Acoma bowl


A Japanese Shino chawan


The floor of the Tora-San  museum


There are questions without answers, answers without questions, questions with answers. . .
and there are no answers without questions.


A last grasp improvisation at my fun  . .


And still, Bible School, Phillips ME,  circa summer  1970. When I was younger, around this age,  it was popular when school recessed for summer vacation to have two weeks of  Bible School.  I am not sure the “purpose” of it, you could say indoctrination, ok part, but kids got to be together in a looser situation than school and mothers did not have to deal with the kid(s), generally two or three hours in the morning, a slow transition and often real  public school teachers got some extra pay for a couple of weeks.




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