Remorseless refractions reframed

Marshal McLuhan tells the story of  two women approaching on a side walk, one pushing a baby carriage.  They meet, stop, the single women says “What a beautiful baby!” The mother replies, “Oh, you should see the photographs.”


Professionally I was a graphic designer working both periods of pre computer and computer creating  logos,  corporate communications , B2B packaging and consumer packaging. Photographs were about visual representations of reality.  Sometimes I made them myself, pre-computer I would sketch out the images, get client approval and then hire a professional and post computer royalty free images became the dominant source, 



Even way back when, before I became a designer,  circa1970, I wondered why  was  I here and  not there, even though I did not know where there was, much less understood where was here.


I had not learned the word when or why yet, so I enjoyed meeting people I did not no . . .


and seeing friends through my lens lightly


Everyday I walk on the Alameda Creek trail, I enter at the Beard Rd staging area, mostly I go east but sometimes I go west, and I walk four miles at a fast pace . . .


but at 74 years the pace gets slower and slower.  Its different every day,


But my memory gets sharper even while the reality becomes increasingly  blurry.


Its fun when I am in a store and someone approaches me to say “You are that persoa who I see walking on the trail every day.”


I saw these Rune-like  markings in San Francisco at what looked like a sleeping place for homeless people,


Perhaps a forgotten  Rothko moment in San Francisco, South Beach area, and over the top of the wall  which you cannot not see  in the photograph, you can see the Sales Force building.


I read in a book that the reason  I look at my feet is  because  it just makes me feel good inside to look down on other people or myself  . . .


An at least its an acceptable  reason for not doing the work on time


But some would say we live in a different time from when I grew up, a time calling for new answers to the same old problems . . .


Or old answers to knew  problems or maybe  just stop seeing problems.

















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