Left unlong rightwo shortodie

I wonder  if this is a lost in  translation or an Ozu humor?ozufilm2










I use the “free” wordpress  platform  which is very limited in  available design functions , and  having not kept up with html , I cannot figure out how to delete a category, so sometimes when I create a new one I  misspell  it and I cannot remove it. 

The Old West End, Toledo, where is a better place for noledge?


I saw Buce Murdoch at New Port, I had the album “Singer-Songwriter released about 1965‚ featuring Bruce, Pat Sky,  David Cohen (later David Blue) and Richard Farina, who wrote on the back liner notes (my paraphrase ) : “. . . The poets of today will be writing songs and playing guitars. . .” I read later that Bruce returned home to Canada to have a career as a teacher and principal of a school. I remembered these lines for decades.


Days when the light just came from everywhere 


I still jog walk  everyday, four miles, more or less, now over an hour, or more,  listen to podcast of The Archers; Tom and John on Bloomberg Surveillance; MelvinBragg,  In Our Time; TIP, The Investors Podcast;  reruns of Click & Clack; Wait Wait;  and This American  Life.

But there’re also things to on the path  beside the levee along the path next to Alameda Creek, Oh No, Stupid Me !!! That is outside the window in the room my son used.


A fleeting movement or perhaps its all just happening at once


Or once a year?


At one  point I was informed it was in copyright rights, or trademark rights,  or some legalize, for me  to show these images with the name of the building, so . . .


Escaping himself, time was  more or less spent than yesterday. Pick any one, its how I look to others and  you are lucky, usually I do not give them a choice. 


The wait of the bus? Too much “Street Photography” Where is the ART?? 


Government workers or contractors paint the streets, Here is an “S“ in the word STOP. Duration and change. ART!!!


Hui’ko was the Second Patriarch of Chan, the unfortunate  homeless man to whom Daruma passed the robe and bowl. 


But you need not, musicians are musicians whether weekend or touring stars, who is to say this is not . .  . Sometimes we would share a table with Ed, —Angie used to come beautifully dressed and made up just for Ed—and one of those times  a very attractive young women in a slinky cocktail dress came in  the dining area , Ed saw,  and responded “What a beautiful women, and with hardly a hesitation, he added “Not as beautiful as Angie.” This day these  musicians made music for some thing special in the life of Ed and Angie.


Does it matter whether you understand the words??? Joyce did not think so and M. Jagger once said (something like} the words don’t matter, its the music.  I do not remember the actual quote, but if I did and put them here I might get sued,   but  I am safe attacking a dead  man.




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