Feathers in cream

Would I want a wish to win
A way to where  some withered will
Waits behind my wanting.

What my dear Watson
Walks between where 
 and wear
Whistling that melody  wayful and worn
Whimsically  wheezing why know when..

William left me waiting
With words  wicking wound
That winking and blinking and nodding
Won waste of an afternoon.


Sometime when I see things I  feel like there is too much nonessential visual information, I like to simplify it  by reducing the range of information biased towards line, shape, color, texture,  and minimizing the common sense.


My feet were pretty simple, and they had no other place to go, and for sure Iamgladthat I can look down and see them.


Any  journey began with that singular step  forward or backward . . .


What is that stops me from taking the leap?


Am I too confused or insecure to seek a new direction


or was I too ready to just settle for any kind TRUTH?


Takoyaki,  a great street food one night I got off the metro  a few stops west of Shibuya and while wandering around I discovered a bar with an outside window selling takoyaki, I bought and ate 12,  did I really want twelve or was just a case of a pretty face.


At home I like shiokara with sake, here served on  an e-karatsu plate by Murata Munehiko.



My personal thought,   the highest Art of pottery are functional pieces which are used everyday, lower art  of pottery sits in a museum or on display.

Pottery (and textiles) were  creations  necessary  for human survival, people used and to this day use, pottery for basic human functions.  Some potters, while understanding that the   function of pottery was necessary for human survival chose to make using pottery a celebration of the everyday experience of being human.

Non functional pottery seeks to deny  the celebration of being human and make the experience, not one  to be found be in the simple everyday act of using pottery,  but a “thinking experience” defined by memorizing words,  terminologies and only available  is to be denied to those who have “learned” the expertise, and to  be denied to those who “simply find every day meaning  in using it.



I like sake, I like setoguro,  I like  bizen.


I designed  a couple of book covers  by the author-artist-humantarian-philospher Frederick Frank. I had discovered his book  The Zen of Seeing/ Drawing as Meditation  about 1970.  About 1998 I had the honor of designing the covers below for Beacon Point Press working with Tom Magnum.  Most of his book covers used a drawing by Frank (quite rightly so), but the second one was an autobiography, it seemed a photo of him might be appropriate as he had affected many lives and it would be nice if people could see his face and hands. He had a long and productive life which positively contributed  to the human experience.

anglvera2           FrdFrnk

As for my celph maybe there is too much to run from, too much to hide to, crazies to the left of me, crazies to the right of me, and know place in the middle.





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