Runaround tooit


The first sentence in Finnegans Wake is the last half of the last sentence (a continuation)  in the end.





Paint on the street is changed by time


Made by hand


To see or not to see, there is no question.


Messages, interesting  two lines are justified, the P and G are thinner than the & and E but the while the letters  maintain the letter spacing the black holes inthe center is inthe center of the whole cover.


Plastic cover and words on transparent medium are not lined up


This one feels a little hostile, a little fake, not to be trusted


A soft landing is fun


as this ones funny mechanic’s cool face


A little elegance but you might get burned . . .


A guinomi not round, Oribe of course (Kuro-Oribe) on a circle background


Bizen tea pot


A place to strike the gong and put your money.


Again, human markings  on the sidewalk are censored by nature


The Powell Street Station Public Lecture Forum, I wonder if Socrates had this kind, or sought out this kind,  of audience, and what do the tourists waiting in line for the cable car do?


I prefer the loneliness of my window


and avoiding a conversation with my self, grateful that my self is not someone else’s self avoiding a circular conversation.







Cull, chure and winsum

Culture? A bunched things  you can see in a museum? a hair -do? clothing styles?


Imagine  a big space, a bunch of big rocks  hanging out in the space and because of the material properties of space and rocks a gravitational field is generated which keeps the rocks in place in a structure.

shadoBlnk002X2B-5_700Think of the space as the Earth and  as areas on the earth where people are separated or only have  minimal personal  interactions , and the rocks as people. Wherever people are interacting  there is a “culture field, ” a structure of  relationships  emerges, a “social structure, ” simply from the physical fact of being  human beings in a group

Like gravity, we cannot see it, we only see the  effects and results of it.

Did yo ever read the small print on a tube of toothpaste?


Culture  is not a thing, not a bunch of paintings in museum or this color  and design or this way of cooking, or that style of  clothes, While it is a constantly  changing, on going process  while we ( the behaviour of people)  are the creaters of it, we only, i.e. differentiate, categorize, and classify and see a trailing structure—our behaviour now creates it but we only see what it has created, we do not see the field.

sf9237_24%ppi100K800BIt the behaviour of everyon, the process,  that is  culture, and like a a gravittional field  it generates a structure, manifested as an  observable, consistent pattern of human behaviour.



If we imagine for a moment the idea of creation, BOOM! Some different groups are on the earth with no history , they start doing things, then which groups survive?, the ones who did the things necessary for humans to survive. The very get go  base behavior on which any culture is founded is the behavior  which enabled survival.

Where did this all come from? Where is the beginning ? Who knows, but logic suggests that it it is  those socieites whcich did behaviours enabling survival lasted and those that did not  are not here today. 


And we understand evolution and that change occurs through time. What is imporant is that the behavour of people enabled people to live and procreate  and culture  is the process which creates the strcuture of human relationships. Basically the behaviour of everyone  generates culture. 


Power is , of course, another element in the story,  but power, or the unequal generation of the individual’s ability to effect society   is a different subject for another time.


Maybe you think  I am trying to get you into the hole I’m in,


Or maybe I just want you to like me . . .


Not for who I am, but for the person I could have been instead of like Daruma chasing  his  mind





Beautox and silly cones

I was trying to remember what it felt like to kill someone . . its an exercise I do, remembering something that never happened.


You might be inclined to ask,  “Is it better to eat or not to eat before undertaking this kind of effort?.” Is it better to be hungry and work harder to finish faster or be physically  satisfied and only driven by your own choices?

Or maybe not driven all,  just meaningless incoherent dead ends


Many people treat “culture” as a noun defined by a bunch of  things such as you migh tfind in a museum, listen to at iTunes, behaviour at dinner . . .


You might also think it aa field, like in the term  gravitational field,  things  larger and smaller in space and they could be dropping  but just be being where they are it appears something  (we call gravity)  holds them in place, there is a predicable structure to their positions  in space and while  its always changing, we can predict the changes.

Wherever people are in a group, i.e. family, clan, village, city,  short term, long term, the interactive  behaviour  of the individuals  generates a structure of human behaviour, a structure of society.  Its always conservative as it is generated by past (or trailing) behavior.  When change occurs there is a meeting, but what causes changes?


Living in the suburbs , walking along,  looking or just enjoying the changes along Alameda Creek ,


I have lived here for 25 years, walked tens of thousands of miles,


And it changes all the time.


Circles make it simpler.


its just one continual change  the never ending, never the same while  ever the same . .


Little differences, smaller meanings where my androids, while plotting my demise, dream of electric ecstasy.


While the blue is the same color, the small circles appear darker, we learned that in color class , an important skill for designing posters  when to make the   small type and large  type visually look the same color you make the smaller type lighter or the larger type darke.


Corners are still corners . . .


and I change all the time too, but no one notices, my feelings   get bigger or smaller depending on where you see me but people still think its the same me as was seen   before.




Enso, knowsow, meansew

I would be easy if everyone in the world would do just as I tell them to do. Or perhaps you would say it would be easy if every one in the world would do just as you tell them to do. Being human means it does not work that way, while people like to tell others what to do, people do not like to be told what to do. An enso in Buddhism is a circle (traditionally drawn by a hand and brush).


While the world goes round, round things seeking their own life . . .the concept of round must have change donce humans developed the ability to actually make things (almost) perfectly round. π, longer than human life, or human life shorter than pie.


Enso is a zen circle, the mu of the Buddha mind. My father quit Case to go to war, came back, entered again, quit again to help out when his father lost his job and later returned to graduate, or something like that, just not in the exact order.  At some time during that period my mother worked at the Aluminum Company of America.


And now I am left to finding my own circle of enlightenment


Fear, the favored tool of  human bullies and other incompetents,  the deer who is  50 yards away is afraid of me and not afraid of the egret five feet away. The egret is afraid of me when I am 50 feet or less on the same side of the bank, but across the water, even 10 feet  it does not give a damn.


I could say I am glad to have feet, still its a given, I was born this way,


and two are  enough, Would more be a greater pleasure for me? or for you?


Hagi guinomi by Hatano Zenzo and shigaraki tokkuri  by Takahashi Kozo (Takahashi Rakusai V).


Bizen guinomi and tokkuri by Nakamura Makoto. The Makoto family is well known for shuki. Maybe I drank too much sake in my life, but when you use these you need pour some  sake into the guinomi, then wet your  finger  with sake and spread it around the lip area from where you will drink.


What is looking that makes a life seen so far away?


Or maybe just better not to look, or not to imagine what will happen yesterday or even what happened tomorrow.


Al Capone pizza about 1970 on a  lonely  early Sunday morning, big slices, I think  it was $0.35 a slice then, the other place was through the tunnel and find a place to park near Santarpio’s.

Al Capone Pizza, Haymarket, CA 1970

Some conversations I have had at Half Price Bookstore,


This gentleman was  very thoughtful,  willing and able to express himself articulately with comments on things I said which added to my understanding of things I thought.


Vjay is often correcting me concerning Krishna, Indian philosophy, Mahabarata and something in which we have a common interest,  dahl.  Weekends  I often meet him at  TJs or the book store. You may never know when you meet Buddha or like me, if  I ever did.


Maybe I am just getting to old to have a normal relationship, I do not think my photograph has ever been in a  newspaper or a history book,  or on a record album cover, its fun to have an anonymous interaction like hitch hiking when I was young, when I may never meet the person again and I can pretend to be someone I am not, or more to my liking, to  pretend to be someone I never want to be, except for a short time to have the experience,—here was a discussion on history and methodology.


Still its easy for me  to get lost without letters defining  me where I am.


And everyday I still try to do four miles along the levee . . .


and see people who, like myself . . .


whatever that means,


it all must mean something or in the process just reverts to the mean, I meant well, but it did not seem to make any difference.










Before know heart, after no mind, after no heart, before know mind

It has been written that Mahakasyapa  was not Buddha’s  “favorite,”  still when Buddha held up the flower, out of all the Arhats, Biksus and bodhisatvas  it was Kasyapa who smiled and Ananda who waited


Would I find this me  less worthy to transmit it to my self?


Its easier to get lost in simple . . .


something more complex may be too confusing  . . .


Whimsical moves me  . . .


Anytime you can get 3 things grouped 1 and 2 and  visually experience it  as two things  before you can make a sentence you can get it.






The answer is in the question, Why does it end? or Why does it begin? even When does it end? When does it begin? What is it that ends? What is it that begins?


And if you need help don’t hesitate to call out, I might be just around the corner plotting a return to sanity.


Still I might be waiting with know answers for any question you might have.


I believe Ki-Seto (yellow Seto) was the first high fire kiln for Japanese folk pottery as differed from sophisticated Kyoto style which used porcelain and high fire.

This is a father and son, tokkuri and guinomi, or shuki. When firing Ki-Seto the potter needed to pull it out at the correct time so they made small pieces , set them near the entrance to the kiln and pulled them occasionally to see if the firing was finished.


They pulled out the test piece, put it into water and it turned black, they liked it and called it Seto-Guro.