Before know heart, after no mind, after no heart, before know mind

It has been written that Mahakasyapa  was not Buddha’s  “favorite,”  still when Buddha held up the flower, out of all the Arhats, Biksus and bodhisatvas  it was Kasyapa who smiled and Ananda who waited


Would I find this me  less worthy to transmit it to my self?


Its easier to get lost in simple . . .


something more complex may be too confusing  . . .


Whimsical moves me  . . .


Anytime you can get 3 things grouped 1 and 2 and  visually experience it  as two things  before you can make a sentence you can get it.






The answer is in the question, Why does it end? or Why does it begin? even When does it end? When does it begin? What is it that ends? What is it that begins?


And if you need help don’t hesitate to call out, I might be just around the corner plotting a return to sanity.


Still I might be waiting with know answers for any question you might have.


I believe Ki-Seto (yellow Seto) was the first high fire kiln for Japanese folk pottery as differed from sophisticated Kyoto style which used porcelain and high fire.

This is a father and son, tokkuri and guinomi, or shuki. When firing Ki-Seto the potter needed to pull it out at the correct time so they made small pieces , set them near the entrance to the kiln and pulled them occasionally to see if the firing was finished.


They pulled out the test piece, put it into water and it turned black, they liked it and called it Seto-Guro.


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