Beautox and silly cones

I was trying to remember what it felt like to kill someone . . its an exercise I do, remembering something that never happened.


You might be inclined to ask,  “Is it better to eat or not to eat before undertaking this kind of effort?.” Is it better to be hungry and work harder to finish faster or be physically  satisfied and only driven by your own choices?

Or maybe not driven all,  just meaningless incoherent dead ends


Many people treat “culture” as a noun defined by a bunch of  things such as you migh tfind in a museum, listen to at iTunes, behaviour at dinner . . .


You might also think it aa field, like in the term  gravitational field,  things  larger and smaller in space and they could be dropping  but just be being where they are it appears something  (we call gravity)  holds them in place, there is a predicable structure to their positions  in space and while  its always changing, we can predict the changes.

Wherever people are in a group, i.e. family, clan, village, city,  short term, long term, the interactive  behaviour  of the individuals  generates a structure of human behaviour, a structure of society.  Its always conservative as it is generated by past (or trailing) behavior.  When change occurs there is a meeting, but what causes changes?


Living in the suburbs , walking along,  looking or just enjoying the changes along Alameda Creek ,


I have lived here for 25 years, walked tens of thousands of miles,


And it changes all the time.


Circles make it simpler.


its just one continual change  the never ending, never the same while  ever the same . .


Little differences, smaller meanings where my androids, while plotting my demise, dream of electric ecstasy.


While the blue is the same color, the small circles appear darker, we learned that in color class , an important skill for designing posters  when to make the   small type and large  type visually look the same color you make the smaller type lighter or the larger type darke.


Corners are still corners . . .


and I change all the time too, but no one notices, my feelings   get bigger or smaller depending on where you see me but people still think its the same me as was seen   before.




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