Cull, chure and winsum

Culture? A bunched things  you can see in a museum? a hair -do? clothing styles?


Imagine  a big space, a bunch of big rocks  hanging out in the space and because of the material properties of space and rocks a gravitational field is generated which keeps the rocks in place in a structure.

shadoBlnk002X2B-5_700Think of the space as the Earth and  as areas on the earth where people are separated or only have  minimal personal  interactions , and the rocks as people. Wherever people are interacting  there is a “culture field, ” a structure of  relationships  emerges, a “social structure, ” simply from the physical fact of being  human beings in a group

Like gravity, we cannot see it, we only see the  effects and results of it.

Did yo ever read the small print on a tube of toothpaste?


Culture  is not a thing, not a bunch of paintings in museum or this color  and design or this way of cooking, or that style of  clothes, While it is a constantly  changing, on going process  while we ( the behaviour of people)  are the creaters of it, we only, i.e. differentiate, categorize, and classify and see a trailing structure—our behaviour now creates it but we only see what it has created, we do not see the field.

sf9237_24%ppi100K800BIt the behaviour of everyon, the process,  that is  culture, and like a a gravittional field  it generates a structure, manifested as an  observable, consistent pattern of human behaviour.



If we imagine for a moment the idea of creation, BOOM! Some different groups are on the earth with no history , they start doing things, then which groups survive?, the ones who did the things necessary for humans to survive. The very get go  base behavior on which any culture is founded is the behavior  which enabled survival.

Where did this all come from? Where is the beginning ? Who knows, but logic suggests that it it is  those socieites whcich did behaviours enabling survival lasted and those that did not  are not here today. 


And we understand evolution and that change occurs through time. What is imporant is that the behavour of people enabled people to live and procreate  and culture  is the process which creates the strcuture of human relationships. Basically the behaviour of everyone  generates culture. 


Power is , of course, another element in the story,  but power, or the unequal generation of the individual’s ability to effect society   is a different subject for another time.


Maybe you think  I am trying to get you into the hole I’m in,


Or maybe I just want you to like me . . .


Not for who I am, but for the person I could have been instead of like Daruma chasing  his  mind





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