Far to many, all ready

Sam Cobean, (12/28/1913-07/02/1951) American cartoonist whose work was published during 1940s- ’50s was known for creating drawings which expressed  themselves with no, or a minimal, use of words.

While  SciFi for decades  had likely included “ personal phones,” imagine viewers seeing this imaget that time, your own phone in your own car with you wherever you go, I guess he missed about being able put it in your pocket. I can remember using a phone like this in farm residences  when I was young.


An image in architecture (a Greek or a Roman??)  reading a book, Over past 15 years  sales of printed  books have channeled in about a 15% range but its likely that e-books are increasingly read.  People’s perception of books preprint as compared to post-print is an interesting subject.


Pre-print: Here is this thing you see it as a depository for precious information, where each book is a unique experience, even the “ same book” is hand written and different. Each “publication” of a specific book is going to bedifferent. How “organized” can  the layout and writing be?

What in post print is a first draft is the product in pre print.

Post Print: A  print run of 20,000  books and each looks the same.


Preprint: Who cares about how many pages or what size? The writer sits down, writes and however many pages it takes is the final product—  first draft layout,  writing and basic organization are all  done at once  during  production

Post-print: The construction requires the content to fit precisely in a specific number of pages at a specific size. Every thing  must be organized and planned before starting production. Print brought the common use of organization, linear thinking,  the increase of the importance of the visual experience and decreased the role of other sensual experiences.

The experiences of the book are logical, organized and the parts are integrated to present a whole. The daily  experiences of life are chaotic, unorganized and not integrated.


I could not quite understand this guy’s conspiracy theory, and as I listened to him explain it, it became increasingly obvious he did not understand it either. It was not in a logical order. Post Print, A logical order becomes  necessary for communication AND it also increases the amount of information  which  can be communicated.

Deviant behaviour, to a degree becomes defined  by  how well people can adjust/ adapt  to an artifical reality while living in a  real life experience of  of chaos.

Leo Laporte, Steve Jobs—computers! I get it ;

Isko Moreno?  I think  he is a rock star  who became mayor of Manila;

and Mr Aramaic?? I think of Gene Scott explaining  his chalkboards of  the same Bible  verses in different languages.


People as they are on the street, it does not have to mean anything, no subtle implications, no profound insight into social injustice or individual motivations, just people living.


Reflections and reality, what is the meaning of human experience?  Who owns it? Who decides what it means, who decides how it should feel?


How does this little corner of the world  compare to the pyramids? ; Or a hunter in the woods who sees a sign of a kill for food for his family?; A 16th century marine pilot finding the North Star;  Seeing bats fly out of the Carlsbad Caverns;  holding your new born child — we all have a right to these experiences . . .


But, we all have a right to our own experiences,  a right to define our own experiences and not to be told what they are to mean. Or maybe we just all the right to get  money anyway we can get The Way with it.


“Blockchain money” may well be the enemy of the nation state, the enemy of the demagogues who preach hate, fear, racial superiority and national sovereignty and use their tax payer funded standing armies to make war on other human beings.

We do not need any more reasons to kill other human beings, we have far too many already.


You might think I was ready for school days. I had ADD then, worse now and teachers thought I was just a hack off, then  or maybe I was a hackoff  then and teachers tried to help me and  I did not realize I should learn more than I did . . .



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