Pho tow bow no

“Pattern is born when one produces  the intuitively perceived essence.”
Yanagi Soetsu    The Unknown Crafstman 


“Pictures are often distinguished from patterns, pictures being considered a depiction of nature and patterns as human compositions.  Yet the two have only parted company in comparatively modern times”
Yanagi Soetsu    The Unknown Crafstman 


Sometimes patterns block us from closer personal relationships or enable us to remain ignorant


Sometime we try to fit into the pattern of no pattern, or in your case know pattern


Knot looking for something that is there  instead of understanding something,  people often just knead to fit in too a category . .


Fore me its has to be two dimensional , a shadow is two dimensional, a place in Flatland where I can hide from time and at least one dimension of space . . . sure beats string theory with 10 or even more dimensions where I could never hide


You may not understand  a shado me, why bother,  Who cares? Horton?

But perhaps  in a pattern I can make some sense of it . . .

ShadowBlankets_700Its clear now , this guy is lonely,  he has no friends, probably a problem with body odor and will not lie, and you think its a  good thing you did not meet me in your travels . . .


But  the challenge is often two frustrating fore me, I could be washed out


my future always comes before the my past . . .


where I seek understanding in the free expressions  of the street


Or along Alameda Creek where everyday I am forced to see something knew


As a last resort to escaping the binds of the linear logic of print  , I recommend okinomiyake . . .  with a random page—read out loud so you can feel the words  — or two from  Finnegans Wake.


No matter who you are, you’re going to knead some body.










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