Bea, Les, and Seymour


I have been in Tokyo this week,  staying inTaito City  in the area around Kaminanon Gate at Senso-ji—”ji” means temple, so when you see Senso-ji translated as Senso-ji temple the word ”temple’ is redundant. 

asakusa6050Det26%ppi100E800.jpgThere are visitors  from all over the world and almost every one has a camera phone, with many not just satisfied with making a record of a moment but are trying to creatively  expresses something beyond just being a memory, they have vision beyond just the  vacation snapshot.


And in large part, there are perhaps a billion, or even more, people on Earth  who owe this to Steve Jobs, whose vision  of a hand held  mobile telephone which was also a computer and a camera which would make digital images of a professional quality. Jobs did not only enable people to to this by creating  quality products and with his insistence on  design excellent of products,  graphic design of packaging, corporate identity and advertising, all which  motivated people to attempt something beyond their own capabilities.


Few people in history  have moved so many to achieve beyond their own expectations in self expression as did Steve Jobs. Whether they all achieve some level of greatness or not, they will raise  the standard for those more capable and make the world a better place.


After hours gestures


A group of elder people (my age)  having a group photograph at Yasukune Jinja getting some last memories of past  greatness of Japan


Pilgrims at Sensoji in the early morning.


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