If won then when, knot ten

One of the things you might be concerned about if you live in a colder  climate than you would if you lived in a warmer climate is when you take the piece of bread out of the toaster  you want to time the butter so that it melts before the toast gets too cold, and as  butter is so fattening  you do not want too much on the toast especially if you are like me and your obsession not to waste any butter is stronger than  your will to scrape off the excess butter.


Japanese have a love of things growing, Tokyo residents like to have a garden . . .


no matter where or how they live.


There are some of these small Tokyo homes, many are three stor ywith a business run out of the ground floor. These old small Tokyo houses are often in need of repair and one day they will  all disappear.


Red chairs waiting for someone in a Shibuya station corner/


Standing in the Rain, sometimes its too easy to be fooled by someone else’s voice . . .or how they stand in the rain/


or  what seems like locals traveling on the Sakura Line. Tokyo Metro and train lines  transport about 12-14 million passengers a day, always clean and safe.


In Tokyo there is ongoing construction  everywhere, all the time. with construction delivery trucks  waiting, waiting, and waiting.


A Tokyo Tower at night experience.


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