Seams never two fit, plus what causes zen

I never had a “tailor made” article of clothing, the closest being  was the “free tailoring with the purchase of a new suit,” a very conservative glen plaid three button with vest in 1981 which over the past 38 years has  not been  worn it over more than ten occasions.

I never liked suits,  and ties a lot less and moving to Silicon Valley benefited me with causal business attire such as herringbone tweed jackets and khaki pants. While store bought clothes never fit me, it never mattered.

As you enter Sensoji passing through the first gate the Nakamise shopping street is about 250 meters leading up tot he second gate and the temple.


In Tokyo  there are many jobs which are done by people. Temples and shrines are common, people walk by them and through them every day. As they walk by the front they may bow. Temples and shrines provide a personal ongoing connection with a common history,


A photograph of a photograph in the Great Earthquake Museum in Yokoamicho Park in Ryogoku, Tokyo, of Nakamise about 90 years ago.


Kannon Bosatsu, Bodhisattva of Compassion, is associated with?, or  worshipped?, with Sensoji . . .


and good “made on site” senbei.


My sister lives in Chofu, I walked around one afternoon . . .


being looked at or ignored . . .


What is is like to be in your 50’s while washing your clothes in a laundermat? Someone in a similar place told me when you are born too quickly is where zen comes from.


Of course you  can also choose to believe the story of the bearded barbarian who came across the water.


which why, for me at the  least,  there is nishin soba at Jindaiji.


On the way back I got off the Metro at Nihombashi, wandered into a store promoting  products of  Shigaraki with a sake bar serving four tastings for ¥1000, all junmai quality.


I had room for one more bottle in my suitcase and bought the second from the left, the guinomi and tokkuri, from my personal collection, were created by shigaraki potters.

I cannot end this post without telling you the cause of zen—its having too much stuff left over after you put your nothing away.


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