Knew collection of know dust

Whatever we cannot experience,  we can not know; we can knot no; we can knot know. Avalokiteshvara saw the five skandhas were empty and was freed from all suffering.


Suppose that time changed such that humans changed at a different rate of time with the universe than we do now—would we be able to know it? We might call it extending our natural life expectancy,  it might be a variable in the cost of  life insurance, or a goal of medicine.


If everything had its own time how would we know things were in a different time? Could we only parts of such things?  In that sense everyone is existing in their own time zone; in that sense every thing is existing it its own time zone; in that sense we know what we do not no—we only know parts of people as we no their other parts.


Noing what we know;  knowing what we do not no .. . .


People see the universe from their personal time frame of experience as well as a social time frame of experience because humans created means to communicate with each other over time, such as writing, or creating material things which did not disappear when the creator died.


We know where we going at one time, or we went where we were told to go at another time — know answers  to be found for no questions yet to be lost . . . Gate gate paragate parasangate bodhi svaha.


When colors are not colors,  shapes are not shapes, lines are not lines  . . . then form or emptiness is not matter.


Line, color, shape, form, do they  make seeing worthwhile ?


Which is less important?  Enlightenment, having a  successful business, finding love, having a child? When is more important? Happiness, childhood,  a lost dog?


Who is what when doing why we are where when  I  was waiting fore you outside the gate of your door. Mu! Mo! Kan! Mu! Mo! Kan! Mu! Mo! Kan!


Seeking disorder in order to understand order or creating disorder to impose order?  I try to stop myself from wondering which is less natural


Gosh! O! Gosh! O! Gosh! O!


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