Wish toonozen

Tokyo is about 9 million residents; metropolitan Tokyo is about 36 million. Deliveries  are going on 24 hours a day every day.


Walking around the side streets you can see small garage size warehouses for local deliveries, often by bicycle, hand truck, whatever works.


or motored cycle.


Trucks are often waiting long into the night.


Or just some wear waiting.


Fascinating to me is not what strange behaviour people might be doing but what normal behaviour they are doing— it is normal behaviour which generates the ”culture field“  to generate   the structure of human relationships.


These drivers are all “waiting,” Is “waiting” a normal behviour? Are people standing in a line “waiting” in a restaurant behaving like a driver sitting in a truck?


This one has a chock on the wheel.


People sitting and  looking, maybe they’re waiting, that describes what these people are doing, but maybe the gestures and expressions make you feel like you want there to be more to this story.

A Japanese saying:
It is no patience which you can bear patiently; 
Patience is to bear what is unbearable.


Perhaps wonder does not this strange bizarre behaviour of those who get their names in the news paper headlines, in crime reports or in history  books just a blip in time waiting for an  end of a history which can be passed on to another successor?


Chanting at Sensoji starts at 6:00 am,  shortly before the priest may stand outside as people gather waiting for the doors to open so they can attend morning chanting  inside, I think next time I will join them, I guess that is me having a bucket list of one thing.


A different time, a different place, same god, different story.


A place wear know thing sames the seam.


On the second floor of  the Great Kanto Earthquake Museum  were these illustrations recovered,. the museum has photos and things from the Kanto Daishinsai (関 東大震災), 1923 as well as some things from the WWII bombing of Tokyo.honjo9290DetB_800.jpg

There was an opportunity to buy a wood tablet, write a hope  =and place it in a designated space,  this one said :

I pray that  my grandparents live to see me  graduate  . . .to see me marry or to meet the grandchildren they’ll have someday.  I also pray that my parents will live  for a very long & healthy life.  I pray for happiness and success for my family and friends.


A moment when I could sit and watch the world pass me by.


Or a chance for me to pass the world bye,


I feel good when someone feels good to see me


Many are too normally behaving too busy with their own normal lives.


I could be watching from a corner sumware, or hiding in between  a corner knowhere—should I knot see myself  any clearlessly?


This Thanksgiving week I am thankful to feel proud of my son. Fremont was cold today, for Fremont anyway, with big clouds in the sky.










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