Am eye fore zen now

When you wake up in bed. sit up dangling your legs over the side off the edge of the bed, stand up, AND if you stood up on the floor and it were to give out, you—your body—without thinking, would respond.

Bidders at a farm auction, Maine circa 1970; are they thinking about a friend now past away, or perhaps gone bankrupt? 


You would react automatically, without thinking, and hopefully, in protective manner. Thinking about it would come later, even if its a second later, the “what” we call thinking is post-response but the response is automatic; instinctual; natural; unconscious, reflexive; etc.

A woman,  a dog, a car seat  for a couch  and a shake house. about 1972.


When light is reflected, it enters the eye, and the eye “edits the image to a language the brain understands” defining the experience. What the eye sees and what the brain sees are not necessarily the same things. But in a flash, the stimulus reaches the brain where it is categorized and defined, but always later.

The shapes and colors have their own right to be here, and not be forced to be some words in my mind 


Metaphorically  speaking, design and color classes in art school teach seeing the image the eye sees and not the image the brain sees.

What is the most logical color for yesterday? What is the least common sound for tomorrow?


Photoshop skills are for sale and I wonder Linwood Dunn what have you done?  now at the corner of Vine Street and Fountain Avenue in Hollywood.

A postcard handed to me at an “arts & craft festival,”  there was actually a booth  promoting this product, but why get a tattoo if you did not what people to see it? (Note: This original image is not mine and unless stated otherwise any images on this blog were created by me.)


Artificial lines drawn in the dirt give you the right to kill other people?  When survival becomes difficult,  for over  400,000 years people have been migrating around the Earth searching forgather place tomake  survival—this is normal behavour, this is normative behavour, this is human behavour.

Standing on someone’s Art 


Nation states, geo -political entities, with their lines drawn in the in the dirt ready to kill—scarce resources or failing  “leadership,” well its not really leadership if its failing.

War is mainly about killing innocent people and their families and destroying their homes. Before countries —Thirty Years War ?—kings did not have at their immediate disposal  tax payer funded armies legally required to do the  bidding of any demagogue that can get  devotees  excited about killing  . . .

(These images are visual metaphors and not political statements)  


Geo-political entities, countries—not yet  400 years since the treaty of Westphalia —and lines in the dirt have come to mean being on one side of the line gives you the right to murder anyone who steps across from the other side.

It seems we are all here on this earth, we all have a right to a place in the sun and a responsibility to behave towards others respecting those rights, and there is no where to go to start anew.

I like books, Children of China, published 1937.  Its not whether the images may seem to express certain overtones, but its the shadow on the faces that interests me, printed on a very porous medium , cover hand painted photograph courtesy of  Mrs. Branson De Cou.

childChina001.pngCertainly that responsibility means do not enable demagogues with political power.

And yet there are always those with no integrity, no ethics, no principles who snake their way into the politic using what passes for democracy to unleash  the intolerance of hate for their personal agenda.

Or maybe its  simply in the color orange, San Francisco financial district 


Begging for peace standing on the edge of the road to world war, maybe these demagogues think they can harness the expressions of their hate, keep the killing inside their national boundaries . . .

Slow talk  exposed on my wall 


It will come spilling out.

There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.

Whens zens pens ends and the world begins . . .


Hope is not for the great, or the saviors, or the best and the brightest, its in the everyday life that goes on until its gone.

Everyday most people do things which makes the world a better place, its a center balance to those who use political power to pursue their own ends at the expense of human beings.

Madonna and child, they will be living after I am dead.


Photographic images, which to an art director express a vicarious human feeling create in us stereo types defining  our desires for things missing in our lives.

 Shibuya  posters and graffiti  make a wall hiding  future construction . . .


I would like to be the person in the photograph, and not the person I am, or  I was, or I  will become . . .

Pretty much through my life I shaved in the shower—Thanks to advertising, in high school I saw an ad on TV   which claimed their brand of shaving cream was almost as good as shaving int he shower so I tried it and never stopped — and I cut my own hair—not very stylish but being  stylish was something which was  only  in my dreams.


but then today I have felt something new may come, its exciting and scary, I wonder whether it will destroy everything I have now, take me to a new place in my life or just another ride around in a circle . . .

Motionlessness in motion . . .


I guess photographs have always provided something stable in my life . . .

This is a place I never got tired of seeing, a field hiding a sudden drop in the land  with a  two story building, trees and sky peering over the edge welcoming me home.


Sariputra, the emptiness character of all dharmas,
neither arises nor ceases, is neither pure nor impure, and
neither increases nor decreases.
Heart Sutra

At most know one tires of the bard.


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