Dharma drama doubts fore fewer miszens

If everyone was enlightened, there would be no common or garden human beings. All would be Buddhas or bodhisattvas. Strictly speaking, the impossibility  of this is due to the incompetence of the Zen masters. The customer is never wrong.
R. H. Blyth     Zen and Zen Classics    Volume Two


Sometimes it feels like the information is incorrect.


“Bacon’s allusion to scientific discovery as a children’s game brings us close to another of his basic notions, that as man lost his Eden through pride he must regain it by humility: . . .”
Marshall McLuhan,  The Gutenberg Galaxy


No matter how much I searched the idea still did not make any cents. what is yo expect from a photograph? Gratitude?  Self punishment? Sex? or maybe some praise and self confidence.


An independent  standard for knowing based on the common human senses creates the opportunity for anyone to know whose standard for their own behaviour follows scientific procedure. No longer are “secret insight,” “God told me,” “my gut feeling,” etc. acceptable for knowing.


Then, from some unexpected place something we love pulls us off our way.


Daily I walk along Alameda Creek, I enter at Beard Road Staging, and walk four miles—not necessarily the same four miles—if I am by myself, do not stop  take a photo or talk to someone, it takes about hour now—in 2007 it used to be 52 minutes.


Many people in this neighborhood are staying  at  home everyday now and daily traffic along the trail has become like weekend traffic.


I walk everyday, and already since the start of staying home  have had a few first level encounters. Not everyone shares the same set of rules for behavior  along the trail  and many think their rules are the ones others should follow.

Ah, People!! Can’t live with them and can’t live without them


Moreever, it is constructed in such a way, with large empty jars underneath to become a resonant sounding board; thus, by stamping his feet, the actor can produce a hollow thud which, at  climatic moments, it becomes a dramatic effect.
Describing the Noh performance floor     Japanese Theatre in Highlight     Francis Haar


Can you tell what people are like from seeing their front door?


Sometimes its even more difficult to judge the accuracy of the information …than it was tomorrow.



Other times its clear when know one wants to hear.


I think the more complete line, “I’m leavin’ this town runnin’ ‘cause walkin’s mos’ too slow” was  commonly used in early 20th century blues songs. Maybe there weren’t so many copyright and ownership laws then, songs were less individualistic, more of a group effort, with a more commonly shared creative process..


Individualists use the magic of words and music to bond vicariously convincing their experience,—which you cannot have—is better than your experience —which you do have—and you can live their experience through them, or at least by buying their song or attending their performances . . .


Only later to find out their experiences were actually worse than ours,  we feel sorry for them and, again,  later, their pain was all a PR campaign.


Any “understanding of human behavour” suggests that each and every human being has an uncontrollable force that makes them all behave the same way in the same situation—Its Human Nature!! or Where are we all the same.

What is it that keeps people together? individually . . . or socially . . .


Why is the word made of To, Get, and Her .


What is it that keeps them alone . . .


There is a road, no simple highway
Between the dawn and the dark of night
And if you go no one may follow
That path is for your steps alone.. . .

If I knew the way I would take you home

   Jerome J. Garcia  and  Robert C. Hunter

Solely my opinion, best commercial pop song is “Imagine”, the right song for the right time for the world,” but the second would be “Ripple” —“Its a hand me down” for so elegantly reminding us of what poets have been saying through human history.


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