He was taking shower 
and when done 
he got to fly freely
with good dreams in the sky


poem and duck photos by Janney

In the classes I teach there is always a student who announces that photographs lie. “They do ?” I ask., “When was the last time one lied to you?” The answer always turns out to be that the caption was wrong or an advertising slogan was not to be believed or the scene recorded ran counter to the viewer’s expectations.  No one has yet remembered a photograph lying on its own, but I remember the last time I was lied to by a human  who looked me in the eye and told me something we both knew was not true. I remember it vividly. I remember my reaction. 
John Loengard     Pictures Under Discussion 

We walked in Coyote Hills, Janney is an artist, with an artistic eye

I on the other hand am, or was, a designer will little or no concern fore the responsibilities of photography, or art.

Janney gets a right moment,

I’m not proud, I will do anything I want to an image, mostly because often what I see is something I feel and not something I see in the camera.

When I see a Hopper painting with people I enjoy wondering what the people are feeling and thinking, but when I see an A. Wyeth painting with people in it I usually feel I know what they are feeling and thinking but I know I do not know. Disclaimer: I like both Wyeth and Hopper and have traveled distances to see their work.

Barns are interesting places, farmers regularly remodel the insides to work with changes in their farming, practice. Wesley would have cows for a few years, horses, and sometimes needed more storage or bought a new machine and each time remodel the inside of his barn.

This ad came up when I was clicking too fast and/or the browser was working too slow—501® Original Shrink-to-fit Levis, only 59.50 . I am 75, wearing 501s all of my life, or at least since I was in the 7th grade and given a monthly clothes allowance which meant I had to learn to budget in the summer for the winter. In the 7th grade 501s cost $3.05/pair where I lived, only shrink-to-fit was available with no returns after washing.

In Ameyoko Plaza, Ueno, Levis 501s range from $125.74 to $275.28, with 10% off. (Today’s prices, photo from November 2018)

Once a work is completed it must always become the possession of others, not of the creator, This holds true for both scholars and artists. If people were truly adverse to this they would keep their most beloved creations to themselves, locked away in their minds and studios, and this would only be fitting and right. Deciding whether there is such a concealed work  is one of the key points to determining whether there is creativity or not. 
Issey Miyake Bodyworks    Shōzō Tsurumoto, editor

Just about everyday since Spring 2007—when I moved my office home—I fast walk along Alameda Creek. I get on at Beard Rd Staging , about 75 yards from my house and I can go about 7 miles either way—west to Coyote Hills or east past Niles.

Since the Covad19 the levee has become very different with more people I do not know, more people I do not recognize and as I get older it takes more time to do the four miles . . .

I listen to podcasts, for many years I listened to The Archers (BBC) and Bloomberg Surveillance, Coved19 changed the interactive format of The Archers and while Bloomberg Surveillance was good investment information by the time the market opens its generally outdated information. This year is Water Margin, and working on Three Kingdoms.

The more fine, true wool, the better the fleece. The more kemp, the coarser the yarn, since a large medulla means a coarse and brittle fiber. Furthermore, the fineness of the short wool fibers, expressed by the average diameter of the strands, and the amounf of crimp  or curd are also important. Tight, curly wool is more difficult to handspin than long straight fibers.
Old Navajo Rugs Marian E, Rodee

Every year for the past four years sheep and goats, separately of course, are hired to graze along the Alameda Creek trail. the sheep get along with each other, but the goats will pick fights.

Last week this turkey vulture discovered a dead turtle —turkey vultures do not kill prey , they lack the claws to do it . . .

. . . but they have no problem harrassing and stealing from each other .

A young man walking his dog, over the past 12 years I have met a lot of different people, he is very proud of his dog.

They built a fire against the side of a great log twenty or thirty steps within the somber depths of the forest and then cooked some bacon in the frying pan for supper and used up half of the corn “pone” stock they had brought. It seemed glorious sport to be feasting in the wild free way in the virgin forest of an unexlplred and uninhabitated island, far from the haunts of men and they said they never would return to civilization . . .

. . . “Its just the life for me ” said Tom.  “You don’t have to get up mornings  and you don’t have to go to school and wash and all that blame foolishness.”
Mark Twain The Adventures of Tom Sawyer  © 1920 Mark Twain Company. Grosset & Dunlap  Publishers by arrangement with Harper & Brothers —my copy, eat your heart out, its letterpress and deckled edges.

San Francicso along Market Street, maybe ten years ago, and I think all my life no matter how much I stretched I could never sit like that
, no , actually just kidding, I wonder what he is doing now. Every time I see my photos of kids I remember the moment and I think how old is the image and I say a prayer of hope for their lives.

A Japanese gardener in my neighbor, he used to be my neighbor until he moved but he still works around the neighborhood. We bought a pine tree, a Japanese maple and a Japanese plum tree from him. He told me when he moved I could have all the “Japanese small stones ” I could carry from his driveway for the path in our Japanese garden. He has a lot of patience, he worked on this little pine for over an hour, I think he knows every needle.

When I see someone like this, I am thankful they are doing this job, she directed me to the bathroom . . .

. . .you could say I no what I am looking fore, but it took me until 12 years after I graduated from high school, another three years of design school, one year at a Boston printer to learn about ink being placed on paper, then 35 years as Steve Naegele Design. Often when I was on press check looking for small little things like broken type, is the screen mix tint the same across the flat and other things to make the page more perfect, earning more in one hour than many people on this earth made in month . . . and for some in a year.

. . . or we could just hope to hear someone say:

Gate Gate,

3 thoughts on “Quack‘n’duck

  1. Once upon a time I wore Shrink to fit 501s, 30 inch waist and 40 inch inseam, beginning 45 years ago. Eventually I switched to preshrunk, then my local source quit carrying preshrunk, and no 40 inch inseams in shrink to fit, so switched to Levis with a zipper! My last few pairs of 501s are wearing away, and my wife has started patching them, practicing her shibori skills.


    1. David,

      You must be very tall, If I remember right it was add 2” at the waist and 3” at the inseam
      I was 6’1” and wear a 34” inseam, that makes you at least 3” taller than me I guess we shoot the camera from different angles.

      I too went to pre shrunk but always prefer the buttonfly. I bought a bunch from Mervyns before they closed (about 10 years ago) on sale of course, still have 3 pair washed once but waiting for me to wear, at 75 years of age they may out last me.

      Sometimes when I am in San Francisco I browse the Levis store on Market street, I do not know what to think, it seems too strange.

      thank you for reading



      1. 6’ 4”, and my daughters keep waiting for me to start shrinking 😆 I’ve probably gotten down to 6’ 3 1/2, but don’t want to get them excited quite yet. As I’ve started experimenting with film, I’m back to using the viewfinder, while with digital I’ve shot lower using the lcd screen and relying on autofocus. And some days my knees don’t want to crouch 😁


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