Warm&cool: the yin&yang of perpetual motion made in heaven

Last week I included some different chinese brushed characters for Heart, here is “Iron Heart” brushed by Ryuko Tomoyose in the spirit of Uechiryu Karate-Do.

Kokoro by Shingei Muho in the spirit of Zen

Daruma brought what is known as Zen in Japan (and the western world) from India (Dhyana) to China (Chan) in the 6th century. This half body view, often with a bold brush stroke, is one common motif of brush paintings of Daruma. .

Japanese have a fondness for Daruma images and even though, in a sense, Daruma is a “religious image,” Japanese do not fear hi s image. I have aof a glow-in-the-dark Daruma image bumper sticker; restaurant shoyu packages, tissue paper packages handed out on the street with Daruma images on them —Daruma loves life. Nana korobi ya oki” He would be friends with Kokopelli.

Even though he s a religious image, that image is part of everyday secular life in Japan. It only makes him more popular, but don’t tell him, it might go to his head.

Darumas wondering, Are they having fun yet?

Daruma ema, thees two do not look like Happy Darumas. Emas are small wooden votives, a string or cord, often twine, like a shoe lace goes through the hole on top and you hang it, sometimes you write something on it. You may hang it at a shrine or temple, take it home, or give it to someone for well wishes.

Back of a t shirt and note on the right side, halfway down . . .

Daruma was the 28th Patriarch of Dhyana in India, and the First Patriarch of Chan in China. This is his verse, the story of his enlightenment while living in India, in Denkoroku (伝光録).

Sign mounted between two vertical poles in the shape of a a Japanese ema. You can see influence of Kabuki traditional stage sets or maybe traditionally stage designers came from sign painters.

A cow and a pig, the cow feels masculine and the pig feels feminine, the pig looks happy and is looking to see if she is being noticed by others while the cow is thinking about something looking at the pig.

A sign, hanging in the window of a local gas station, feels as if someone thought they could fool people with it.
Visually it feels uncomfortable to read; the contrast between the black “2” and blue numbers and the size differences requires the reader to do more work to “read” (understand) only to learn after all that work to read it that there is no benefit to spending that much time figuring out what is going on, like this last sentence— the designer should have made it easier to read.

And a person will process this analysis by feeling, almost instantly, with no words ,just feeling.

Still, $29.95 is a good price, depends on the quality of the oil and filter, even at that price I would not expect oil and/or filter to be up my standard.

Its amazing we have so many words with so many meanings! If history is the story of increasing information, is there a limit to how much word information the biology can absorb. Will there be an overload to the human computing system, will computers save humans or can humans evolve biologically fast enough to deal with all that new information forced upon us by this market economy?

Morris Bellis in front of Tire Discount Center, Arlington Massachusetts. In the winter hands and any outside skin get exposed to cold, often irregularly, it makes it harder to use your hands. I would tuck the back of my shirt inside the back of my pants to keep the cold air from finding my skin.

But it didn’t matter, cold always finds a way, think of all the temperature differences throughout the universe. Get your coffee, put it on the table, This is one little spot in the universe where hot and cold are meeting, the universe is cooling the coffee—The same old question for 13 billion years Which one wins? hot or cold?

A closer look at Morris Bellis
; Cannot remember ever seeing him with an employee, he did the work of changing tires in the cold with his hands using metal tools.

Is warmer or cooler aggressing the other, disruptedly warmer like in a nuclear explosion on Earth or a star millions of light years away. ? Or is there a kind of mutual dissipation, both warm and cold snuggling closer and closer to each other until they become one like just before winter dawn creeps the window in you feel the chill.

Alameda Creek, almost every day a fast walk four miles along the levee.

The same thing that is going on all over the universe is happening as we speak across a kitchen table over coffee, the warmth of the coffee is dissapating into the room, while the cold in the room is seeking the warmth coffee.

How “large does the interaction have to be before the temperature is “normalized.” What is normal? Is there an absolute quantifiable normal? Why can’t the cold and the warm just be content in their own area. Why do they have to go making trouble everywhere?

I have been walking along the creek almost daily for over 13 years. Its a public space but some people treat it as if its their private space

Maybe its just happening all over the place. Or the Big Bang?? whatever was going on regarding temperature, at the Bang, was it more volitive and more extreme making all of history a process of cooling down. But then were does the “cool” come from that is causing the warmer to cool. Maybe what is lost from big bang is a constant decrease in the ability to produce heat.

Earth’s Global warming is only a small piece of this universal warming and cooling,

People who do not pickup dog poop, people with loud radios, people driving illegal vehicles, bicyclist who seek to dominate and intimidate walkers with their vehicle,

One difference is people on Earth created this problem. There is no reason to expect that the heating of the Earth will not expand outwards until it is dissipated or inwards until “unknown” happens, until a new balance reached or created

Most people pick up their responsibly , stlll there is a lot of it

We cans people on Earth created this problem however maybe its the other way around, cold is moving in and the warm is responding and humans are just caught along in it.

Different people are on the levee for different reasons. Some are even paid to be there . . .

Can we do something, should we do something, will we do something?

. . . while others are paid to play there.

How will we know what to do? I think most people do not really believe it can de-story the Earth.

A different season than last week,
the deciduous tree is shed of leaves,
leaving the house naked.

Throughout the universe the continuous dynamics between warm and cool are constantly changing, maybe just the constant interactions of small particle generate enough heat to confront the cold and even though the heat is dissipated as long as new heat is generated the process energizes and perpetuates itself.—A perpetual motion machine.

I was fascinated by her top, or dress or shirt or whatever its called, and the blue jeans, they seemed like adult clothes not on a little girl but on a small woman,( circa 1970).

To generate heat to create warmth to interact with cool gives the universe a reason to create things (particles)— A Raison d’être.

Who is this young man looking to meet? Its obviously a cold day and this mantas the top his chest open for public view. (Boston Commons Circa 1970) . . .

The universes does not want to freeze up, then all motion would stop, it would stop expanding, it would stop moving, it would die.

. . . and who is this man looking to meet? Maybe he is the drummer on break not wanting to risk leaving his drums unguarded. (in a park in Cambridge MA Circa 1970)

Gate Gate para gate parasamgate Bodhisvaha

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