Those inner outerlies beyond

中孚 Zhōng fú, “Inner Truth”. 

Outside truth may be lost in translation from the eye to the brain. Stuck along Alameda Creek for over six months, it never looks the same, never looks different and it doesn’t have to be anyplace famous to catch the virus.

Too much truth can get in the way like “Can’t see the forest for the trees.” No need to know everything, just no everything else.

In the case of the photograph, one may not experience the feeling because of the meaning which imposes its own feeling, a literal feeling associated with words and separated from the visual experience.

Why does a photograph have a meaning? Is the meaning separate from the feeling? Or is what artists do is to integrate feeling and meaning or create new experiences by integrating diverse feeling and meaning.

That is one kind of consideration when looking at photographs.

What is the purpose of looking at a photograph? For individuals there are many purposes—far beyond the imagination or pages available for writing.

Almost always a part of any purpose is an “accurate visual record” of a moment in time and perhaps, hopefully, something more.

The aim of Zen training is to overcome the worries of the world and attain poise of mind and strength of character, and the test of attainment Zen is found in moral life.
Manual of Japanese Flower Arrangement Josui Oshikawa and Hazel H. Graham 1947

“Find everything?” Spade asked .
“Yes,” she replied in a cool voice, not raising her head. Then she set the percolator aside and came to the door. She blushed and her eyes were large and moist and chiding. “You shouldn’t have done that to me, Sam,” she said softly.
“I had to find out, angel.” He bent down, kissed her mouth lightly and returned to the living room.

The Maltese Falcon Dashiell Hammett
I always thought The Maltese Falcon (the book) was a love story and compared it the story in Hitchcock’s Vertigo, where both men are in love with the “criminal woman” yet its Spade who stands for personal integrity while Scottie chooses love and compromises his integrity. In Hollwood, exit the hero, enter the protagonist.

Marshall McLuhan suggests that early humans made a more balanced use of their five senses for knowing compared to “modern society”—“since Gutenberg” —which has become predominantly dependent on the visual experience for knowing. Snap a photograph and send it around the world almost instantly .

Many people like to see photographs of themselves, just as many people, but not everyone, like to have their photograph taken.

On many of these images I make no one will know who it is, that is not something I want to know either, things look different from a distance.

Sometimes at this spot a bike is left leaning against the fence. I know the people in the house, its not theirs, but I never asked them to whom does he bike belong.

Marshall, Minnesota, 1970 A family I knew for a school year.

I lived in Somerville for a while, off Highland Ave. The Somerville Police Department was located in Union Square.
While in art school I drove a cab nights in Cambridge. One chilly fall evening, just about dark, working “The Eight” stand in North Cambridge the dispatcher sent me to a bar in Inman Square . . .

Union Square, Somerville MA.

. . . From the get-go it was weird, the bar tender had “escorted” the fare, an elderly disheveled drunk woman, out to the street, I pulled up, he put her in the cab even before I could get out, vouched for her, and left. She said “Go to Union Square and I will tell you where to go from there.”

This would not be an uncommon thing to say if you were a local long time resident, lived in the same rental perhaps for a second or third generation, and spoke the local language, it was that kind of bar. When I got to Union Square and asked her “What next?,” she did not answer, it was weird, the police station was right next to me, so I parked in a no parking zone, opened the back door, checked her out, no response, so went in . . .

Fence and roof, Somerville MA

. . . It got weirder, the cops were not interested, I was a bother to them. After venting at me for creating a problem, they finally came out to look, could not wake her so they took her into the station and took my name.

While driving a few nights later the dispatcher, over the radio—so every driver would hear—announced the Somerville police had called, were looking for me and I was to to go to the station. I met with them — still angry I had created a problem for them, asked a few questions and still, nothing else ever happened. Someone’s mother, sister, aunt or child got drunk at a bar, spoke to me, rode in the backseat of my cab and died. Her last words were spoken to me.

My son made one of my favorite dishes on a stove in his kitchen about 5133 miles away, I will not taste it but it really looks good. I also like some small shrimp and/or some natto added.

That is why I sometimes try to have a conversation with my darker self but too often its pointless. If I cannot find what I am looking for maybe I should not be looking.

Mu—i Ching, Mu—Tzu and mu-nueme

Six at the beginning means:
Seeking duration too hastily brings misfortune persistently.
Nothing that would further.

I Ching Hexagram 32 Heng/Duration

Alameda Creek, over six months of walking along the levee during the virus, the first few weeks a lot of traffic and then slowly arbitraging its way back to “normal —whatever that is —and settled down,”

. . . and the breakfasts ended, the houses are broken open like pods in the increase of the sun, and they are scattered on the wind of a day’s work.
Let Us Now Praise Famous Men James Agee & Walker Evens

When we watch TV stories and movies we see people interacting with other in common situations, we often identify with the situations. One difference from “our real life” is that there is a script with a pre determined end played by actors who are dressed in the right clothes and rehearse before the performance. And with video and film you can edit. The only time there is an “I wish I did not say that” is when its in the script.

Imagine a national policy which prioritized sustainable non oil energy with an independent study which suggested it implementation might result in 1 million people dying next year, and a similar study suggests that at present two million people die from oil related diseases per year and that will only increase. How do you compare the two? Do you respond with rules or ask you how to minimize al human death.

When someone offers you food, the best thing to do is accept graciously and eat it right away. Polite protests only cause your host’s enthusiasm to wan, and the food gets cold so by the time you get around to eating it, the taste is inferior.
Rosanjin from UNCOMMON CLAY The life and pottery of Rosanjin
Sidney B. Cardozo and Masaaki Hirano

Science is perhaps the only human activity—perhaps the only one— in which errors are systematically criticized and fairly often, in time corrected. This is why we can say that, in science, we often learn from our mistakes, and why we can speak clearly and sensibly about making progress there.
Karl Popper Conjectures and Refutations: The Growth of Scientific Knowledge

No visible object can be clearly perceived by the human eye except through contrast with the background against which the outlines are drawn and delineated; and no object will have the lines of its contours detached from the background.
Leonardo da Vinci The Genus of Leonardo da Vince Andre Chastel translator: Ellen Callmann

“I was just scared” June protested. “Because of all that other stuff. If you hadn’t stolen that one from Eddie, he wouldn’t have—”
“I didn’t steal it!”
“He didn’t give it to you , did he?”
“I didn’t steal it,” Bobby insisted ,“If you say I stole it, I’ll tell them about your bad

“It isn’t bad!”
“Of course its bad; if it wasn’t bad you’d let me see it.

Dhalgren Samuel Delany

Overgrown garden deserted inthe fall,
Lonely flowers dark inthe evening;
The mountain town is far away—
Farther still, here beyond the walls.
. . .

. . .
What did it come for?
Stay awhile to watch cloudy peaks.
Not finding my hardworking poet friend,
What use is the jug of clear wine I brought?
Su-Tung-Po (1037-1101) for Hsin-ch’eng

I prefer functional pottery, things used, cleaned and stored everyday relative to “non-functional artistic” pottery. Its my preference to use the Art, hold it in my hands, feel the texture while I am eating, or drinking. We are here, we survived, because people figured out to make containers that would hold liquids and store dry foods.

Many analysts have been mislead by electric media because of the seeming ability of these media to extend man’s spatial powers of organization. Electric media , however abolish the spatial dimension, rather than enlarge it. By electricity, we everywhere resume person-to-person relations as if on the smallest village scale.
Understanding Media The Extensions of Man Marshall McLuhan

Camera is different than brush, photograph is different than a painting. The viewer “knows more” about the photographic process than about the painting process, perhaps say the viewer also believes they know more about the process

A couple on their way to church one Sunday morning in the North End, Boston, 1970

A man with ear muffs and gloves on a bike. 1969, Toledo Ohio

James argued that those statements and theories are true that do all the jobs required of them: first and foremost fit all the unknown facts, accord with other well-attested statements and scientific laws of experience, but also withstand criticism, suggest useful insights, yield accurate predictions, and so on and so forth. If a statement meets every such requirement, he asks, what consideration could there be to stop us from calling it “true”? Unfortunately for James, he was widely assumed to be putting forward the crude view that the true is whatever works. The term“pragmatism’ was itself most unfortunate int his respect, for it encouraged the misunderstanding.
The Story of Philosophy Bryan Magee

A face that does not see me because I am hiding, protected from the feelings, behind the windshield of my vehicle . . .

. . . The same protection others have when they are young—ignorance

One afternoon maybe twenty-plus years ago while drinking wine and talking with my father, he fell asleep.
When I shot film then I did not believe it was necessary to make the image in the camera, and, also did my own processing and printing in a darkroom. Its even less necessary, for me, now.

Kentucky Wagon lasted until Mr. Brown went bwnkrupt in 1930. Untilthen, the company stumbled, once a month and every month, to the National Bank of Kentucky where itpaiz $14,000 interest on the debt it owed Mr. Brown. One of Kentucky Wagon’s vice presidents, a man mamed Gigax, said that trying to run a company under those circumstances was like trying to make a Ford go forty miles an hour with a ton of ig iron tied to the end of it.
REAL LIFE Louisville in the Twenties Michael Lesy

Thinking of the universe as a bunch of small particles—atoms, molecules, photons, electrons—all constantly moving around in space. They meet, sometimes bouncing off each other, other times combining together to make larger things which in turn break up or combine to make larger things  which in turn break up again and go somewhere else, all in perpetual time.
Street photography of a different dimension

What happens when some of those particles come together to make a human being and that human, being part of the universe now knows sees itself. A separation of object and subject. Later, physically, these small things that make up a person separate and combine with other things take non-sentient things.

Cities often paint the streets, when others do it they call it graffiti. Their art work is usually informative . . .

During this process the subject becomes aware of itself as separated from the place where you not aware of any separation from the ”utopian place of oneness ”—Show me your original face before you were born?

. . . and often printed from a small set of standardized stencils, yet the entropy of time—weather, traffic, oil, paint qualities —always has something to say.

And responsibility for its actions. Where before it was just particles in space being moved around by the “Laws of Nature,” to remain in this form the person needs to do things, such as eat.

Its like these spots of paint in the street, not meant be Art, but designed they are, have life of their own


Individuals are alienated from something which they know nothing about except that they were not human—Being human means to share this common feeling of knowing there is no answer. This is not an uncommon theme . . .

There are like a Rorschach inkblot test., there to pass away forced moments of pedetrian time while waiting for a light or to meeing someone for lunch.

So, in emptiness, there is no body, 
no feeling, no thought, 
no will, no consciousness. 
There are no eyes, no ears, 
no nose, no tongue, 
no body, no mind. 
There is no seeing, no hearing, 
no smelling, no tasting, 
no touching, no imagining. 
There is nothing seen, nor heard, 
nor smelled, nor tasted, 
nor touched, nor imagined
From The Heart Sutra

I wonder if there would be some way to capture all to the different human responses to one single piece of street art as the changes tot he street happen through time .

Then the LORD God said, “Behold, the man has become like one of Us, knowing good and evil. And now, lest he reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life, and eat, and live forever…” Therefore the LORD God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken. So He drove out the man and stationed cherubim on the east side of the Garden of Eden, along with a whirling sword of flame to guard the way to the tree of life.
Guess I am wondering who is the Lord God talking to in who are the “Us?“ Is there more than one member of the species of God?

For people it is only other people, artists, who con do this.

The modern western philosophical concept of alienation is focused on a conflict between the needs of society and the nature of individuals which results in individuals repressing their natural self.
Are individual needs being met when these small particles are not organized into humans? Are there just no individual needs in non-life existence? No needs, no unmet- needs; no ignorance, no lack of ignorance; no freedom, no lack offreedom.

Maybe “The Big Bang” broke the “oneness” of all particles into an eternity of moving around the universe joining and unjoining— and occasionally coming together as a person. And embedded somewhere deep inside each and every particle, no matter how big or small, is the desire to return to the oneness before the Big Bang. The Genesis story and Buddhist enlightenment are genetic archetypal metaphors for the alienation of particles from the original oneness before the Big Bang?

Sketches of Spain

Last week I bought Sketches of Spain CD at Half Price Book Store, I have it on cassette but the only players are my vehicles—in 1980s I recorded about 50 cassettes of my favorite songs, mostly individual songs arranged my preferred order and a few albums.  Now I only listen to them when driving.

I first heard Sketches of Spain in Fall, 1963, first year university in Minnesota, walking one day I found a neighborhood city library which had records to loan. I borrowed Sketches of Spain, Carolyn Hester with Bob Dylan on harmonica, Bill Lee on bass, and Bruce Langhorne on guitar and The Greenbriar Boys, I have listened to these albums over the past 50 years and still enjoy them

On Saturday mornings  a local community college broadcast “The Norman Bates Memorial Soundtrack Show” which played and presented interesting and fun information about movie soundtracks. Movies are one media which can stream diverse kind of music next to each other— Mozart—Miles —Dylan— Mavis Staples—-Doc Watson—Perry Como—Madonna, and so on and the audience is not uncomfortable, yet try to do the same thing to an audience of a station with a “music style?” Few will listen to the music as intently as they do in a theatre.
They are listening for a different kind of experience.

Alameda Creek

Virus limited exposure to the outside world, walking along the Alameda Creek levee every day, gets me out of the house. I have been walking the creek since Spring 2007, thirteen years and maybe 10 years before walking our dog. People come and go, Always say hello, sometimes talk a little and some I meet often, we walk & talk, get to know a little about each other. Generally I think I make some people feel uncomfortable, maybe I talk too much or maybe I just do not know to listen to others.

Sometimes when people visit, and, for some reason a record gets pulled out from the mizuya tansu, and I start playing one song from it, and while the song is playing I am searching for another song recorded on another record which has a relationship to the one playing, and after about four songs of this guests get slightly annoyed and then its time to stop—if I am alone I cannot stop myself, its like opening a bag of potato chips, and will do it for hours.

Dear Miss Grey . . . My daughter and I had an argument as to whether a girl takes a chance in marrying a man who is a poor loser inspirits and displays his temper and character by throwing his tennis racket to the ground when things do not go right. I say I would not take a chance in marrying a man like that . . . Mother
REAL LIFE Louisville in the Twenties Michael Lesy

So, the day he left, it was around one o’clock in the day, and he had been sitting in the kitchen smoking a cigarette, and kinda mumbling to himself off and on, and so finally he got up and put out his hat on, and started out and said to her that he was gone, and she asked him what was the matter, and said he was tired of it all, ‘he didn’t like married life no how,’ and he went out, and has never been back since.
REAL LIFE Louisville in the Twenties Civil Case #159012, 1925 Michael Lesy

Don’t pay attention to the trade deficit. While economists make a big deal of this, it is more a sign of strength in he U.S. in that we are generating wealth which creates buying power that intern spills over to buying of foreign goods and services.
William J. O’Neil How to Make Money in Stocks Desk Diary 2004

For this man is aware; he may have skill; it is by skill; by consciousness by innocence, by intelligence by love, by magic we shall win and only thus; this skill he may have and by this skill speak; may talk or flute such mild commodious language that these beasts dissolve their brows, yearn sweetly in quavering and sobs of ardor toward and upon him, roll down before, and undefend their gold inhuman bellies at his feet in all heaven’s astonishment: . . .
Let Us Now Praise Famous Men James Agee and Walker Evens

The young man’s eye had the opal lightings of dark oil and, though he was watching me in a way the relaxed me to cold weakness of ignobility, they fed strongly inward to draw a focus; Whereas those of the young woman had each the splendor of a monstrance, and were brass. Her body was also brass or bitter gold, strong to stridency beneath the unbleached clayed cotton dress, and her arms and bare legs were sharp with metal down.
Let Us Now Praise Famous Men James Agee and Walker Evens

Ever since ancient times, people have conducted their lives within in an environment which possess a symbolic significance. . . . such a culturally impregnated environment is one in which the spiritual workings of people’s minds are given shape and form.
Masahumi Yamasaki Kyoto: Its Cityscape Traditions and Heritage, Process: Archecture

It didn’t seem to I’m as if there would be any harm in their eating as long as he didn’t take his credentials with him, even in his socks. On the other hand, his room might be searched again. It certainly was a problem. He said,“Where should we meet?
Graham Green The Confidential Agent

The pipes yowled, started to knock
A trickle spilled the porcelain, crawled like a glass worm through the light lozenges from the window high in the concrete. He put his orchid in the next sink and scrubbed hard at his hands, wrist and forearms, then bent to drink. He washed some more till his bladder warmed.

Dhalgren Samuel R. Delany

I used to really enjoy reading, I do not have the focus anymore for long durations, but I think its interesting to see random quotes with random images fromt he randomness of my book shelf.

TinTin, TwinteeTwintee

Just around the corner from Sensoji, Falun Gong, aka Falun Gafa in the streets of Asakusa , were part of the “qigong boom,” a popular term for groups promoting the benefits of various exercises during the late 1980s. Falun Gong packaged theirs with some moral and spiritual teachings and a devotional leader named Li Hongzhi.Its power and structure are very decentralized and iin China where its labeled an evil cult it is illegal There are claims of mass imprisonment and organ harvesting against the Chinese government. Falun Gong is known for it “Freegate” software financed by the US government and used to avoid internet censorship in China and spread anti- China mischief.

The fact that we didn’t have the amount of resources that were necessary to carry out some of the program, and the fact that there were other features of the Wheeler Howard Act that had a tendency to put our Indian people back, set them back—well, I don’t want to use the term like they used to use it, they used to say “Put them back under the blanket,” but I don’t think it was quite that serious —but there was a tendency to stalemate the Indian right where he was at and get him to step into something that would keep him Indian forever unless he wanted to clear off the reservation.”
Clarence Foreman 76 years old TO BE AN INDIAN An Oral History
1968 Interview by Joseph Cash

War leaves behind not memory but amnesia . . . That is why the wall of names that is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is so important. It was not a project funded or organized by the state but by those who survived and insisted we not forget.
Chris Hedges War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning

These were wild and miserable thoughts; but I cannot describe to you how the eternal twinkling of the stars weighed upon me, and how I listened to every blast of wind, as if it were a dull ugly sirocco on its way to consume me.
Frankenstein: or The Modern Prometheus Mary Shelley

“Where’d you come from?”
“Ahhhhh!” Faust waggled a free finger in a mock reprisal.”You have to learn not to ask questions like that. Its not polite, I didn’t ask nothing about you, did I? I told you my name but I didn’t ask yours.”
“I’m sorry,” He was taken back.

Dhalgren Samuel Delany

It is very strange, it is very strange!
The insentient beings speaking Dharma is inconceivable.
If you hear with your ears, you cannot understand.
If you hear with your eyes, you will understand.

Case 28 Yun Yen’s No Emotion The Mind of Chinese Chan Yi Wu

And how to bake an angel food cake in a wood stove?
“Oh now that’s an interesting thing because we didn’t have regulators on the ovens and we didn’t have any thermometer on the ovens. You had to know how to have your fire just right to make the oven the right heat, then you had to test the oven just by putting your hand in it and taking it out quick and for an angel food cake . . . you’d put the angel food cake in when the oven didn’t feel very warm , but at the same time you were adjusting your fire, putting in the wood, or even for an angel food cake alone , a bucket of cobs.
Feeding Our Families Memories of Hoosier Homemakers Eleanor Arnold, Editor 1983

I am a pilgrim, and a stranger
Travelin’ through this wearisome land;
I got a home in that yonder city , Oh lord
And it’s not made, not made by hand.

folk song

Reach out your hand if your cup be empty
If your cup is full may it be again
Let it be known there is a fountain
That was not made by the hands of men

Ripple Grateful Dead

The killers were driven by ethnic prejudice rekindled by ultranationalists and demogagues. How could adults do such things to their neighbors and former classmates? After a while, the search for explanations failed. One simply had to recognize that there was true evil in the world.
Richard Holbrook To End a War

Chofu Beer Works, Chofu, Tokyo, Japan

Alameda Creek—Just about every day I walk along Alameda Creek. I see the same things, different light, different times, different weather, and each day my own eyes are different. Where else to go? its safe from the virus along the creek.

The most important thing in the pursuit of any art is to become familiar with nature.The depth of a person’s love and understanding nature becomes iis subject matter; so for a beginning artist the most important taks is to draw from nature. In so doing the artist learns to observe nature with the greater possible care, and at the same time nature etches herself on his mind.
Rosanjin UNCOMMON CLAY The life and Pottery of Rosanjin
Sidney B. Cardozo/Masaaki Hirano

There was at the boom of a percussion grenade. The boys, most more than ten or eleven years old, scattered, running, clumsily through the heavy sand. They descended out of sight behind the dune in front of me. There were no sounds of gunfire. The soldiers shot with silencers. The bullets from M-16 rifles, unseen by me, rumbled end-over-end through their slight bodies, the gaping holes in their limbs and torsos, later in the hospital.
I have seen children shot in other conflicts I have covered— death squads gunned them down in El Salvador and Guatemala, others with infants lined up and massacred in Algeria, and Serb snipers put children in their sights and watched them crumple onto the pavement in Sarajevo—but I have never watched soldiers entice children like mice into a trap and murder them for sport.

Chris Hedges War is a Force the Gives Us Meaning

up or the road down?? I wondered if I would do it again, not likely there will be an offer.

If you give me weed, whites and wine,
An’ you show me a sign,
I’ll be willin’
To be movin’.
Willin’ Lowell George & Little Feat

“At one moment he scatters sighs, then looks in all directions.” This painting illustrates verse sixteen of the fifth canto of the Gita Govinda and depicts Krishna’s anxiety while waiting for Radha.

all dharmas are marked with emptiness;
they do not appear or disappear,
are not tainted or pure,
do not increase or decrease.
Therefore, in emptiness no form, no feelings,
perceptions, impulses, consciousness

Heart Sutra

In my tiny tiny room in Asakusa with beer, discounted-just-before -closing- sale department store sushi, and photoshop.

Site be, fore vision

When I read about String Theory and reached its assumption there are more dimensions than the four we know— D1, D2, D3, and Time-Space; . . . ?

?? . . . questions appeared. If there are no 1st, 2nd, or 3rd dimension than how can there be more of them?

Euclid mentioned this— there are no one-dimensional or two-dimensional “things,” these are concepts people created to use as tools to communicate, to design and to make other things..
A plane is a concept, it does not exist in nature, still when we go to the store to buy a rug for a 9′ x 12′ room, none of us buys a 15′ x 20′ rug. We use these concepts all the time as tools and treat them as if there are real because they have real meaning in our lives. But it too peole man years
Even three dimensions are not real — during the time to say the word “refrigerator” some small particles have changed and its not the “same” thing.

Can you look at photograph without seeing some thing?

A point is a concept, we may think of a point as a dot on a piece of paper, then how about . . .
7934 Center Road
New York City NY 66503

. . . and you easily grasp the concept of a point located anywhere on this earth.

A shadow is a one dimensional thing, when you put out a hand to touch it, suddenly it appears on top of the hand. It has no mass, still you can measure it, not by weight but by distance, a measurement which varies in cyclical correlation with the movement of the sun.

Shadows are effected by the direction of light and the things it meets anyhow effective they are in stopping the flow of light .

We moved here in 1993 , Alameda Creek is just a short walk and for many years Alameda Creek was a place to walk the dog, two miles before work, and two after dinner.

My office moved home in 2007 and I started walking four miles along Alameda Creek almost everyday. “Faster walking” is a better description, its not running, jogging, or formal speed walking, yet I often pass others and . . . more than once I have encountered people at stores who recognize me as“the guy who speed walks’ along the Alameda Creek trail.

While walking I would listen to the radio. In the morning might be iMan or KQED, In the evening There was Gene Burns on KGO and many others, But one show that I enjoyed in spite of “my biases” was Adventuress in Odyssey,Whit’s End.

Its a politically conservative christian series of podcasts that told individual and serial stories about the people and events in Odyssey, an ice cream parlor where kids and stories circulate, owned by Odessey’s own “know it all, compassionate, understanding, fundamental christian authoritarian, with forgiveness for all,”,Whit who had invented a time machine he called “the Imagination Station ” and kids in Odyssey could take trips back in time to be characters in biblical or often conservative patriotic stories about character.

For me the sound was the most fun, perhaps because the sound did not have so much religious-political agenda and it could be creative, professional and full of energy,

The stories could also be long and complex as a story about a “dark matter” evil media conglomerate seeking a secret take over of the world through transmitting wave at people in their homes over their TV network turning the viewers into supposedly “controllable zombies,” but as God created humans with choice, the true christian naturally finds the strength of faith to resist those forces of evil while others succumb to become “uncontrollable zombies and later rescued.

Adventures in Odyssey has its racial, gender and religious biases in its sound stereo types of characters even when the the writing is so overly pollyannaish that often to recognize them brough felt like was criticizing my mother.

One thing they did differently from“The Archers” a BBC audio drama production which plays multiple times a week since 1951 is worth noting, even if experience is anecdotal.
The characters in both shows are created and on their respective web sites The Archers has information about the characters posted with photographs of the actors and separate biographical information about the actors with their photographs.

Adventures in Odyessy uses realistic cartoons of the characters compatible with their characters in the story along with information about the characters while photographs of the actors only appear with their personal information,

The difference in viewing the two is on the Odyssey site the drawings are a close match for the characters in the story,

In the Archers site, the match is not as good as a quality tv show or the news, both which would be a likely standard for a lowest common denominator for the relationship between the what you “naturally“ look alike” and why you have the job.

On radio you do not have to look like the speaker. William Conrad was an example of that. He voiced Marshall Matt Dillion for many years No one knew he was short and chubby but the success of the radio show was in part due to his voice which projected to them what Matt Cilion should look like and probably set a standard for what James Arness looked like, here the success of the voice actor influenced the choice of his successor on TV.

Often all we know is a part of something but we may think its the whole thing. When we see a photograph we expect the understand the whole thing,

Looking out along the graves on the buildings side one afternoon at Sengakuji. The 47 Ronin are buried here with Lord Asana, and, I believe, his wife. You can visit the Temple, buy some sticks of incense, burn some at each grave, or select graves if you might have a personal reason.
After the Akō incident instantly the “story”burst into its career in many forms, all seeking to circumvent the Shoganate’s censorship rules. Puppet shows, Bunraku, street actors, Kabuki, plays, movies, TV series. Its a perfect PR match between Bushido and a Soto Zen temple.

Last year we visited the site of Lord Kira’s Edo period residence, it was on a side street on a corner around two other corners form where we saw Rakugo. For many Lord Kira is the bad guy in the Chushingura story although there was a poster on a wall next to the site with information about an annual parade in his honor. He was from Nagoya area where many to this day respect him as seems many do in his old neighborhood..

Onto the floor marched Miss Trinidad and Mr St Vincent and Miss  Barbados and Miss Kitt, each entrance effected to the burst of the Maine “Stein Song” each lady or gentleman being identified  by a broad purple ribbon bearing golden letters. Then came the standard-bearers, two gentlemen carrying a banner, the staves topped with the Union Jack on one side and the Stars and Stripes on the other. The banner read:

United We  Stand! Divided We Fall!!

After that the climax, Wilmoth Houdini.  He was splendidly done up in white tie and white grin.
H. AllenSmith   Low Man on a Totem Pole   1941

Photo of San Francisco along Market Street new UN Plaza.

Wilmoth Houdini, The Great Houdini, was a calypso musician during the 1930s who was popular in New York City, Once in a library looking through old Life magazines I saw a photograph of him on the cover.
I have some recordings and tapes of his music as well as other calypso musicians of that time. They had a very powerful way of phrasing, you can hear the words, its not clear what they mean, they are moving too fast to focus but the sound itself so delicious you cannot stop listening. Then the last line turns a corner and you understand the whole verse and are amazed at how they got you there..

Since early in this century (20th, ed,) the English-speaking worlds has been made to accept the principle that the diction od poetry should be no different from that of prose, Poetry, we have been taught , should make its effects in a less obvious fashion. So the translator today has no way of signaling to the reader that an artificial language is being used to translate a similarly artificial language. He is faced with a choice between explaining all the technical devices of the original and leaving many of them out.
Edward Seidensticker Japanese and I

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