Mu—i Ching, Mu—Tzu and mu-nueme

Six at the beginning means:
Seeking duration too hastily brings misfortune persistently.
Nothing that would further.

I Ching Hexagram 32 Heng/Duration

Alameda Creek, over six months of walking along the levee during the virus, the first few weeks a lot of traffic and then slowly arbitraging its way back to “normal —whatever that is —and settled down,”

. . . and the breakfasts ended, the houses are broken open like pods in the increase of the sun, and they are scattered on the wind of a day’s work.
Let Us Now Praise Famous Men James Agee & Walker Evens

When we watch TV stories and movies we see people interacting with other in common situations, we often identify with the situations. One difference from “our real life” is that there is a script with a pre determined end played by actors who are dressed in the right clothes and rehearse before the performance. And with video and film you can edit. The only time there is an “I wish I did not say that” is when its in the script.

Imagine a national policy which prioritized sustainable non oil energy with an independent study which suggested it implementation might result in 1 million people dying next year, and a similar study suggests that at present two million people die from oil related diseases per year and that will only increase. How do you compare the two? Do you respond with rules or ask you how to minimize al human death.

When someone offers you food, the best thing to do is accept graciously and eat it right away. Polite protests only cause your host’s enthusiasm to wan, and the food gets cold so by the time you get around to eating it, the taste is inferior.
Rosanjin from UNCOMMON CLAY The life and pottery of Rosanjin
Sidney B. Cardozo and Masaaki Hirano

Science is perhaps the only human activity—perhaps the only one— in which errors are systematically criticized and fairly often, in time corrected. This is why we can say that, in science, we often learn from our mistakes, and why we can speak clearly and sensibly about making progress there.
Karl Popper Conjectures and Refutations: The Growth of Scientific Knowledge

No visible object can be clearly perceived by the human eye except through contrast with the background against which the outlines are drawn and delineated; and no object will have the lines of its contours detached from the background.
Leonardo da Vinci The Genus of Leonardo da Vince Andre Chastel translator: Ellen Callmann

“I was just scared” June protested. “Because of all that other stuff. If you hadn’t stolen that one from Eddie, he wouldn’t have—”
“I didn’t steal it!”
“He didn’t give it to you , did he?”
“I didn’t steal it,” Bobby insisted ,“If you say I stole it, I’ll tell them about your bad

“It isn’t bad!”
“Of course its bad; if it wasn’t bad you’d let me see it.

Dhalgren Samuel Delany

Overgrown garden deserted inthe fall,
Lonely flowers dark inthe evening;
The mountain town is far away—
Farther still, here beyond the walls.
. . .

. . .
What did it come for?
Stay awhile to watch cloudy peaks.
Not finding my hardworking poet friend,
What use is the jug of clear wine I brought?
Su-Tung-Po (1037-1101) for Hsin-ch’eng

I prefer functional pottery, things used, cleaned and stored everyday relative to “non-functional artistic” pottery. Its my preference to use the Art, hold it in my hands, feel the texture while I am eating, or drinking. We are here, we survived, because people figured out to make containers that would hold liquids and store dry foods.

Many analysts have been mislead by electric media because of the seeming ability of these media to extend man’s spatial powers of organization. Electric media , however abolish the spatial dimension, rather than enlarge it. By electricity, we everywhere resume person-to-person relations as if on the smallest village scale.
Understanding Media The Extensions of Man Marshall McLuhan

Camera is different than brush, photograph is different than a painting. The viewer “knows more” about the photographic process than about the painting process, perhaps say the viewer also believes they know more about the process

A couple on their way to church one Sunday morning in the North End, Boston, 1970

A man with ear muffs and gloves on a bike. 1969, Toledo Ohio

James argued that those statements and theories are true that do all the jobs required of them: first and foremost fit all the unknown facts, accord with other well-attested statements and scientific laws of experience, but also withstand criticism, suggest useful insights, yield accurate predictions, and so on and so forth. If a statement meets every such requirement, he asks, what consideration could there be to stop us from calling it “true”? Unfortunately for James, he was widely assumed to be putting forward the crude view that the true is whatever works. The term“pragmatism’ was itself most unfortunate int his respect, for it encouraged the misunderstanding.
The Story of Philosophy Bryan Magee

A face that does not see me because I am hiding, protected from the feelings, behind the windshield of my vehicle . . .

. . . The same protection others have when they are young—ignorance

One afternoon maybe twenty-plus years ago while drinking wine and talking with my father, he fell asleep.
When I shot film then I did not believe it was necessary to make the image in the camera, and, also did my own processing and printing in a darkroom. Its even less necessary, for me, now.

Kentucky Wagon lasted until Mr. Brown went bwnkrupt in 1930. Untilthen, the company stumbled, once a month and every month, to the National Bank of Kentucky where itpaiz $14,000 interest on the debt it owed Mr. Brown. One of Kentucky Wagon’s vice presidents, a man mamed Gigax, said that trying to run a company under those circumstances was like trying to make a Ford go forty miles an hour with a ton of ig iron tied to the end of it.
REAL LIFE Louisville in the Twenties Michael Lesy

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