Kǒng Fūzǐ an’ Metwo

Like many, I enjoy eating potato chips, too much. Once I open the package I cannot stop eating until they are all gone— I can stop, roll up the bag, put a rubber band around it and put it into the pantry, but it won’t be long until I’m back there removing the rubber band, unrolling the bag and munching and crunching again. By the end of the day I will have eaten 80% of the bag, if not all.
My solution has been to buy a bag of chips, put it into the pantry, and never open it. After a few months the chips are too stale to eat so I do not open it and when I go to the store and feel the desire to buy chips I remind myself —No Need Steve! There already is a bag in the pantry—its a fool’s argument but it seems to do the job.

However the downfall is at some point, maybe every 2-3 years I am overcome by the desire, I break open the bag of stale chips and start eating. Its a fool’s errand—I pay for them, but wait until they are stale to eat them.

This time of year we have persimmons on the tree in the back yard.

I Ching

Traditionally yarrow stalks were used to consult the I Ching. Later coins were used, they are simpler and easily available. Three coins are used, thrown six times, once for each line. Heads are counted as a three (3) and tails as a two (2) and add to determine each line. A six or a seven is a yin (broken) line and an 8 or 9 is a yang or solid line. Also a six or a nine is an active line “moving” to its opposite. Count from the bottom, a 9 in the first and fifth lines mean the yin lines are moving to yang lines and a 6 in the sixth yin line is moving to a yang line. The hexagram changes, both hexagrams have their own unique set of attributes which work together in harmony, as one changes to the other.

The Judgement
Waiting. If you are sincere,
You have light and success.
Persevervance brings good fortune.
It furthers one to cross the green water.
The Image
Clouds rise up to heaven:
The image of Waiting.
Thus the superior magnets and drinks.
Is joyous and of good cheer.
The Judgement
Keeping Still, Keeping his back still
So that he no longer feels his body.
He goes into his courtyard
And does not see his people.
No blame.
The Image
Mountains standing close together:
The image of Keeping Still.
Thus he superior man
Does not permit his thoughts
To go beyond his situation.

A beautiful design on a shirt for the Annual Lummi canoe journey. The Lummi People are the original inhabitants of Washington’s northernmost coast and southern British Columbia. For thousands of years they lived on the shores and waters of Puget Sound.

Water Margin

Trapped at White Tiger Sanctum, Picture Stories from Chinese Classics, illustrated by Yen Meihua Beijing Zhaohua Publishing House.

A tale from Water Margin illustrated and published as a book of illustrations in 1982. One thing about illustrations is often its the “unimportant things” in an illustration that are interesting to people years later. This cover illustration is four color process but the brown at the bottom is a separate flat color and on the back the photograph is printed in the brown color with a screen of it. Printed on uncoated textured stock so probably no varnish.
Lin Chong , aka “Panther Head,” confronting Young Master Gao Yanei for making sexual advances on his wife. As Gao was a higher status it resulted in Lin Chong being sent to prison. Another hao han(好漢), “Hero of the Swamp” unjustly mistreated by corrupt government officials.

Stopped and stared at, at a red light, 1970, in Brighton, from the drivers seat I picked up the camera and shot.

Alameda Creek

Fast walking along the levee on Alameda Creek, almost every day since the Covad. Four miles, though not exactly every day sometime more sometimes less, Does it get boring??

This just popped up one day, I do not remember exactly not seeing it, except I know for over 10 years I did not see it. Lately I passed it a few times, I kind of remember seeing it but not stopping to look—

Someone suggested to me that I should not have so many photographs and less words, Make It Shorter!!!

Part of designing is to crop photographs. Most, probably all, photographers compose (design?) the photograph in the camera for a “Good full frame” final image.

As a marcom art director I always wanted photographs to have some cropping space for “unknown now but in future” marketing ideas where generally the dimensions of the space were different in size and shape requiring different croppings of the image.

Would it make any difference if you could see this person’s face, for me its enough to just feel the commitment to the walk in the gesture.

We don’t know what the person looks like, where they are going, or why they are going, these do not matter. A photograph does not have to be anything real or unreal, Its a real photograph whether its real or not.

Separate the image from the medium, the photograph is the medium, and not the image. Or for some the image is the photograph, and first, before the visual experience, they want know “What is it?” Is there a witness? Is there a word for it!!

All of these people walking around on their own, nothing I can do to stop them, I will never meet them, they have families, they eat, poop and sleep. But sometimes I do stop them, talk and get to know a little about them, and them about me. Some I have seen for years, met and never knew.

The rice grown formerly in Korea to serve to the Yi king was extremely delicious. The harvest was small, but each grain was well formed and a pleasure to look at. The only drawback was that was so tasty that it couldn’t be served when some other dish to be the centerpiece. That may sound strange, but all rice is tasty to begin with. Rice is the summum bonus of all that is good to eat—which is why w can eat it day in and day out without tiring of it.
Rosanjin 1947 UNCOMMON CLAY The life and Pottery of Rosenjin Cardozo & Hirano

I think of these people as inhabitants of another world that I can only know by these photographs, I can only observe them from across the creek, I do not know what they eat, what is their religion, do they pay their bills on time? or even: Are they more important than I am?

What can I see about them when never knowing their faces?

Little birdie little birdie
Come and sing me your song
You’ve a short time to be here
and a long time to be gone.

traditional bluegrass song

What can I know about them while never noing myself? It seems someone ridings bicycle while wearing a minimum bathing suit or maybe just his white underwear —maybe you wold call it a “loin cloth.?”

People may have their own little place, “In My Room” which we only see from the back.

I like the view of the window, we just see the top part, it gives the house a special feel .

Many images of Krishna are probably from different stories, maybe it does not matter what the traditional written story is about, the visual image has its own story to tell. You may have noticed when seeing color publications printed in India they have is a unique sense of color. So did societies all around the world until printing came around, along with an ever increasing demand for multiple copies of the same image.

See how intently Krishna is focused, I assume its Rukmini or Radha —maybe they are one and the same—holding the little cow on the leash as it is licked clean by its mother.

Commercial four color offset printing has done much to standardize the global color palate. The process of offset printing itself, where a pressman sets up the press to print run to a standard and works to maintain that standard for the whole run—The goal is each print looks the same and the skilled pressman constantly adjusts the press, which changes how it prints as it works , back to the“standard.”
In digital printing the code for printing a color is the same code in the software in all computers but when printed to any specific monitor the screen calibration is a unique quality of every computer. Your logo does not look, and perhaps not feel, the same from one computer screen to another but no one really knows as they are all too busy looking at their own screens.

Looking forward while standing in line at TJ’s.

The Buddha said,“Subhuti, if someone should claim, ‘The Tathagata teaches a dharma ’ such a claim would be untrue. Such a view of me, Subhuti, would be a misconception. And how so? In the teaching of a dharma, Subhuti, in the ‘teaching of a dharma’ there is no such dharma to be found as the ‘teaching of a dharma.
The Diamond Sutra translation by Red Pine’

or look to the side, just don’t look back.

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