Know earthly desire

Walking along Alameda Creek

Last week on NPR’s Science Friday was a discussion with Avi Loeb, who has earned major academic credentials in astronomy, astrophysics, and cosmology, discussing the subject of the possibility of other intelligent life in the universe. He suggested that Oumuamua was associated with alien life.

He is obviously much more knowledgable than me in the fields of astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology as well as academic achievements

As a child I had this discussion and many time over the past seven decades.

There is a difference between “might be” and“is” and science requires empirical evidence for an “is.” Agree “there might be” alien life, but it is one thing to say that the human known conditions for life are the conditions where life will exist, more accurate it is where life might exist.

There is nothing to prove there is or is not other life in their Universe. And responsible thought based on scientific knowledge suggests there might be but there might not be either.

We know conditions on Earth can support and perhaps even create life and that other planets appear—to the best of our scientific knowledge—to have the same or similar conditions as Earth. It is quite another thing to say this means there is life in other places in the universe, it means logically there might be.

We cannot know what we cannot experience through our five senses and we cannot know what does not exist. WE have never sensually —see, hear, touch, smell or taste—experienced the existence of other intelligent life in the universe, and we have never experienced any material manifestation evidence of such life . Or perhaps we have experienced it and did not “know what it was.

Alien life could be similar to humans, or quantitatively, or qualitatively, different.

Suppose aliens and humans shared some senses and not others such as between humans and bats? Or humans and aliens could share the the same set of biological senses but different quantitative capabilities such as hearing and smell between human and dogs,

Suppose they had a completely different set of biological senses which organized the same small particles we know scientifically make up the Universe into different “things”—we might presume different dimensions. but dimensions themselves are problematic, Human experience the universe in four dimensions because we are biologically constructed that way but other life forms may well have different sensor functionality. But becuase humans experience and thus organize the small particles of the Universe in four dimensions doesn’t mean other life forms will.

Think of all the stories, novels, songs, tv and movie shows about aliens, and in many of them the aliens make contact with pretty much stereo types humans —Why would aliens want to get touch in government officials only, Why would they make contact by kidnappping a human and take it to their vehicle? Why would they be seeking either peace or war? Why would there be an Area 51 where the US government supposedly has decades of research on aliens but no one else in the world knows of the aliens ? It could ijust as easily be “The Day the Earth Stood Still? or Alien?

And perhaps worse, suppose that we on Earth achieved “World Peace” and after some generations no longer had the ability to defend ourselves militarily . . . and then we were invaded by aliens. Maybe that is what they patiently waiting for.


Over the past months I have presented images of Krishna wondering if people can get a better understanding of Krishna from looking at pantings rather than reading words. Words are ink on paper and painting are color on some medium—which tells you more.

Words seem “more objective” but pictures fill in the spaces between words and even letters . . . Krishna seems to like the girls.
Image from A festival of Krishna Harsha V. Dehejia


For 3 1/2 years I was involved with the care for my mother after she suffered a stroke, loss of memory, and developed Expressive Aphasia. She spent time in memory care facilities, hospitals and rehab-nursing care. During that time my wife and I saw her at least once everyday. with me using a small point&shoot making a photographic record,

Everyday can be a different situation. When she had to go somewhere for testing or consulting, first I made the trip alone to determine a time schedule, checking to see what parking was available, if there were stairs or other physical challenges, and whatever other problems I could foresee.

We went to the emergency room a few times. Mom was naturally curious and liked to be out and about, both before and after her stroke. Going to the ER could be an impromptu adventure, there was no planning for the event and once we were there for over 16 hours. The emergency room has a main desk with one or more rooms some of which may have more than one patient separated with a fabric curtain.

One long night in the ER—not because of Mom’s situation but there were too many serious emergencies that a doctor could not take the time out to sign her her out. We were alone enclosed by a sheet, for hours and behind the neighbor’s sheet was a loud-self-pitying- feel-sorry-for-himself drunk yelling at the top of his lungs that he wanted to die.

Waiting rooms can be a challenge, Mom may not have patience for a long wait, if someone else in the waiting room e is offensive to her she might speak her mind out loud. Generally “most” people were tolerant, but remembering the venue is a doctor’s office and at other times two patients with memory loss and whatever problems would have little patience and a discussion might develop.

My sister (Skype user) lives out of the US so we put a phone in Mom’s room in the first memory care facility, Generally my sister called when I was there, we scheduled it, it seemed to work better. I also used personal photographs to stimulate her mind and see her response to measure, I am not quite sure what, at least it felt like I was understanding her more.

“In the dementia field” the person receiving the care is generally referred to as “ loved one.” Mom was in the hospital a few times, its a different schedule. There is a doctor assigned to the patient, and I wanted to talk to the doctor directly. If I was there and the doctor was in the hospital and I tried to contact the doctor, usually by phone and usually had to leave a message and even in those rare times when you got the doctor on the phone, he or she phone might not remember the specific details. Or even if you made an appointment sometimes the doctor could not make it because of the normal other things that arise daily in the hospital.

But usually the doctor has a regular schedule which gives a window of time that you can plan a visit and generally, not always, you will have a face to face, all-in-one-place with the doctor, with the patient and with the patient’s record. Same with food, there is a schedule for lunch and dinner and the nurse at the desk can tell you.

During her life Mom was intelligent and curious, and after her stroke it seemed to me that she knew her life had qualitatively been altered, but she did not understand it—And she was determined to understand it. We would talk about it, I don’t think she ever found an understanding, just some way to forget abou it t for periods of time.

The first memory care was also an assisted living facility, Entering one would pass the check in/out desk and then the general room of the assisted living often with residents actively sitting around interrelating, Next walk down a hallway past rooms of assisted living, often with their doors open, to the locked door of the memory care facility.

As we walked down the hallway Mom would always see and want the independence of the assisted living.

For a while she seemed to believe it was something she had to earn and she loved a challenge. Other times she wold put up a tantrum in the hallway but after getting her past the locked door in 10-15 seconds he would have forgotten. But it was a very poor architectural design for its function.

She had a slight hip fracture, underwent an operation and spent two months in a rehab/nursing facility. In a California nursing facility the patient can be restrained without their permission, there is a doctor on staff who can legally “prescribe” a medical justification. Patients in memory care facilities can not be restrained without their permission and usually they cannot legally give their permission. State laws may may even consider bed rails an unacceptable restraint in memory care.

She had liked shopping before her stroke, and sometimes I would take her out to a mall and do fun things—You can look at a store as a place to buy things or you can experience at a store as just another place to walk around and have fun.

Like Dorian Gray, olde memories don’t die, they just fade away. or go out of focus. Not in focus, or not to the point??? but still fun and what else does a photograph need to be?
Filene’s Basement, about 1971

Sing, me back, ho, ummm drums

On top of Tokyo’s Asahi Beer building is a 300-ton stainless steel sculpture designed by French architect Philippe Stark. It was meant to look like foam rising from a beer mug. The Japanese have their own name for it, kin no unchi, Japanese for “Golden Turd. ”

Its within walking distance across the river from Sensoj, though I am not sure if the visual experience gets any better when you get closer but if you take a leisurely walk from Asakusa to Sky Tree, you will find it.

And in the window of the Sky Tree McDonald’s you might find enlightenment—McDonald’s uses a possessive apostrophe and “Finnegans Wake” does not— or wish you were not alone.

Earth is estimated to be 4.543 billion years old,
Life has been on Earth for about 3.5 billion years,
Homo sapiens about 300,000 years of that,
Automobiles been around since about 1900,
Personal computers since 1980s, and,
Smart phones (IBM’s Simon) since 1994.
Human beings have had a very minimal time on Earth.

Before humans this Earth was a “utopia,” a “Garden of Eden” one might say—oh, I guess someone already did. Humans with all their “intelligence” & “Superiority” are in the process of destroying their own “Garden of Eden.” And not just destroying it, but intentionally and knowingly destroying it.

Humans are the only species which knowingly, intentionally and enthusiastically, with an idealogy of justification—its now a political position— attempt to change their situation by changing their environment that gave birth to them—the Earth.

Basically other life forms are satisfied adjusting to the requirements of their existence while accepting their “natural” limitations and the slow adjustments and adaptions of evolution. They do not wax philosophically on race, or income inequalities or complain about not having things others have.

But humans have used their capabilities to carve tis earth apart, subjugate and destroy other life forms as well as the natural environment. Think about how much of this earth has been moved from one place to another —all these cars. trains, airplanes used to be bits of Earth in the ground. We get oil from the earth, burn it for energy, and release what is left into the air moving it from the under the ground into the atmosphere. We mine minerals from one place and use them to build concentrations of tall buildings in another.

Plastic is an example of some things which had a natural process on this earth being converted into to something unnatural, something much less bio-degradable which will not integrate as a part of Earth’s natural process for a very long time and its poisonous to many other life forms.

With all of this going on has the mass of the Earth changed or just the where the stuff is located. How about the distribution of that mass on the earth? while look at us??? Obesity, high blood pressure, war, hate, poverty, mental illness, some live in splendor while others starve, Oh!! The see me tree of it all.

Not an uncommon sight in Tokyo, authoritarian nationalists with their sound truck.

and just as common, people pay little attention to them.

Tokyo police just down the street from a sound truck but no heavy artillery, no riot gear, no guns and no large bellies hanging over the front of pants,

Japan has capitalism, a free market, democracy and a helluva lot less Japanese are murdered.

Waiting for Godot, a factory girl, enlightenment or a green light, not much different difference.

Or advertising makes you want to buy stuff you don’t want to help you communicate to others who you want them to think you are.

I would settle for a warm welcome from Plastic Man

It could be worse, you could find your loneliness on a windy prairie or . . .

in a two dimensional world where the sky is blue all day

and its still an EmptyPage—the page of no page.

Alameda Creek

Alameda Creek never goes away,

I have watched people progress through dementia along this creek, break the law, not pickup their dog’s poop, was present at the death of a friend’s dog,

Its a place to spend the pandemic . . .

with friends.

And its a place to raise your kids . . .

while you let others take care of it . . .

while the cycle of life goes round and round while one day each us find ourselves on it, and later, off it, to never know again.

“To Judy who made me live with a broken heart”

When I lived in the Boston area I would go to Fort Hill, this image was made when the Lyman family had a presence there.
The section title-quote is from the dedication of Mel Lyman’s book Mirror at the End of the Road which I read, one afternoon while standing for about an hour at a bookstore sidewalk cut out bin—it was a moving book, and I couldn’t move until I I finished it. I like Mel’s harmonica, especially his cover of Will Shade’s Jugband Waltz.

Later I met a man who workedat the type house in the building where I rented my design office whose wife had been a part of the Lyman Family, lived at the house in Fort Hill, and raised he daughter there, who gave me a couple copies of Mel’s family music audio tape made in the 1960s— one was a collection of blues songs, and the other was a children”s tape ,both were outstanding music collections.

On a clear day you could see Boston without hearing it feel the wind blow on oyur face— a peaceful easy feeling. Once when mother visited I tookher up there for an afternoon, we sat and drank a class of wine and talked.

Now the second tallest building in San Francisco, it looks like an interesting challenge for a skateboarder.

At a farm auction it might be a bankrupt fellow farmer , or perhaps its after a death of a friend , and you watch the process, one by one, of someone’s life be publicly bargained off so the wife can have a retirement off her husbands efforts and the generosity of neighbors who may well find themselves in the same situation one day.

This Krishna image uses shape, repetition and a limited palette of flat colors, even though nothing in the painting resembles reality, you instantly visually understand the painting. Its not the same as if it were a photograph of two people, trees, flowers, fruit, leaves and birds. It has beauty to it, its feels good to look at.

You have a limited amount of time in your life and you take some of that time to look at this image. is it because you have nothing better to do? or do you choose to spend an amount of your limited time on this painting for a another reason? Note in the piece of cloth that runs from the tip of the head to the bottom where the little white crosses give a feeling of cloth.

Oh Yes, the feeling of happiness when you are with Krishna.

My hands off policy keeps my hands clean as well as keeps m from going insane, like a drop of paper on a sheet of water.

Excerpt from Heart Sutra brushed in Seal Script by Janney.

Hear whee goe, sloe, a gain

I like to listen to music like l read books, just open it up, anywhere, and start reading, anywhere, enjoy reading for awhile and close the book. I oten watch tv the same way, At lunch I make a salad with pita bread, turn on the tv, watch while I eat, and turn it off or sometimes get interested and finish the show, It works well with stations which play the same tv show all day, such as Law & Order. Sometimes I see the end or middle before the beginning or see the middle without seeing the beginning or end and then later see another part.

As a graphic art, photograph, like the other graphic arts, has its own unique character, part technical/part meaning and people can “know that character by feeling.” Artists learn how use a combination of the two. People “trust” a photograph and have learned to “feel” the medium is a photograph and, photograph has an expectation of “some real thing.“

Makes no difference what kind of photograph—news, fashion, catalog, snapshot, selfie, arrest, driver’s license, PR, Art, advertising etc. There is a common expectation of something “real” which include the experience of seeing an image which you know by feel” is a photograph and at the same time “know by feel it” is not real, but you understand that the unreal image is a device to understand something else, a metaphor, so to speak, which is “real”.

Kite Day in Franklin Park circa 1970 at Bob and Karen’s crepe stand. You know in this photograph that the color in the sign was not real, but you also know I am not trying to fool or trick you into believing it is or was real and so its visually fun.

You know in Maine it does not really look like this to the human eye, you might like it, you might not, and you may even feel it offends your sense of photography.

Some Japanese Stuff

Hagi, an old Japanese kiln —kiln being an area where the same natural resources were available to an interactive group who shared similar potting and firing techniques and influenced each other.

I went with my son to see him off at Tokyo Station, we ate some curry in an olde style small place, visually it was like being in Master’s Midnight Restaurant run by an elderly couple with a prime piece of Tokyo real estate.

Later in the afternoon bought some sake and takoyaki at Shibuya and as darkness was approaching on a whim exited at Nihonbashi where I came across a store selling Shigaraki art and crafts, where there was a small little bar with tall stools for four people to sit, where you could sample three types of sake from Shigaraki for ¥1000, after which I purchased the one below, very good, very there, and only about $17.

Before drinking I made a poster with tokkuri and guinomi by Shigaraki potters. When drinking and using the guinomi it feels like I just reached over, off the wall grabbed a handful of clay using my hands to mold it into a container and instantly use it to satisfy my thirst. I feel a closer, more direct relationship to the sake.

Folk Art

Every peoples has a folk art appreciated as part of their tradition and usually considered as un- or less-adulterated by society, less alienation from your roots. Japanese folk art has a pureness of artistic intent and technique which is instantly communicated to many people all over this earth.

I used to like shiokara—salty squid— with sake, I still do, but its very salty so now just on special occasions The small ekaratsu plate was made Maruta Munehiko

Yanagi contrasted the contemporary potter who attends Art School, takes courses, absorbs and studies different technique of others to present their final creative style to the world, “their own unique style,” to the traditional potter who as kid grows up sweeping the floor, cleaning the kiln, doing odd jobs, delivering to customers. and learns one piece of one technique here and there, alwyas with some responsibility for the product , that culminates into one style, the stye of the kiln, the “true style.”

For Yanagi, the pots of the contemporary potter come from the intellect while those of the traditional pottery come directly from the heart.

That is Folk Art, it comes directly from the heart

In Japanese folk art may be referenced by the term Mingei or  民芸. It has a certain distinctive superficiality—i.e. the visual experience is easily, directly and with minimal, if any, viewer effort preparation, communicated to most people.

For some purposes one may, traditionally, differentiate Japanese pottery into Kyoto style, kyo-yaki and folk style or Rokkoyo kilns which specifically refers to six old kilns, yet all over Japan are found “folk kilns” with a history and style of a their own. Yaki refers to “fired thing.”

Kyo style is associated with Kyoto, the emperor, nobility, sophistication .complexity, technical perfection as differentiated from folk style. of simple , common, everyday and technical imperfections may be highly valued.

Celedon pots, a kyo style could hold hold liquid—an essential quality of a pot— before that ability was part of folk style pottery. Kyo style may often be made with porcelain and have more complex design requiring a sense of disciplined effort and knowledge to appreciate it while the folk stye may evoke the appreciation simply, directly and instantly.

Father; tokkuri and son; guinomi. Ki-seto is from the Mino-Seto area. My understanding is that Ki-seto was the first Japanese folk-style which enabled mass producing of pots which would hold liquid.

Alameda Creek

These are “blanket designs” using a small image of myself usually holding the small camera in my hand, repeating it to create patterns as a blanket or rug. Below is the image I used and the pattern created using it.

Still daily I walk, with the Covad crowd, its my everyday escape from the house. People come out, it seems safer than other activities. I guess I am pretty lucky, I have house on the suburbs to live in, a place near my house to walk everyday, reasonably safe convenient areas to shop.

How do you think the path to “normal” will unfold? Will there be a “new normal?” Of course it will be different, Does a “reversion to the mean” have meaning here.

The first couple weeks the Alameda Creek Levee was crowded with new walkers and bicycle riders who had their own rules about the unspoken path protocols .

Will there be sitcoms which enable us laugh at ourselves,? until we finally become so sick of the stereo types and look around to find Covad is in past. something about which we we fondly warn our children who do not understand what we are talking about —and we say “You will have had to be there”

I was burnin 1945 and remember while growing up in the 1950s and1960s thinking the 1940s was way back history and the ’20s and ’30s was ancient history. Yet today, in my mind, the 1950s seems like yesterday.

I have been walking this creek almost every day for at least 20 years. One young woman who I have seen twice now, once about six months ago and again a few weeks ago. At our first encounter she was made at me for walking on the side of the path because she was walking on it. Its not paved and better for my knees. I walk there eveyr day.

On the second encounter ,probablyfour to five months after the first , she again was angry at me, beginning her “comments” with“What is wrong with you I told you before you cannot walk there!!!

But the people using the path has changed, some regulars stopped going because there were too many path newbies who were too rude, or perhaps too dangerous for the Covad,

Many them were left

Its hardest of all to see homeless with their collection of possessions.

Shado Blankets

When I read about “String Theory” And when it started talking about more dimensions I cannot logically go there. Dimensions are the units our five biological senses measure and are tools human created for survival. Dimensions are how we as humans interact with the universe.

These are “blanket designs” using a small image of myself usually holding the small camera in my hand, repeating it to create patterns as a blanket or rug. above is the image an below is the pattern created using it.

What are these things we call dimensions. One dimension— a point?? There is no such thing as a point. Two dimensions? Euclid (the author of The Elements) is clear, there are no one or two dimension things in reality.

But then I thought how about a shadow? A shadow has no dimensions yet humans share the same sensaul experience of a shadow, there is a common word for it in all languages , we can measure it in two dimensions and there is no height to those two dimensions. that is when I started making photos of my shadow andthenlater making these Shado-Blanket designs.

My parents retired to Albuquerque in early 1980s and when visiting I would browse “Old Town”and especially an Indian rug store where I would spend time s if in a museum looking at the designs of the “rugs” or “blankets.” Of course the Pueblo weavers used imagary based on nature while this “self absorbed” designer uses images based on himself.

Then and now I also had an interest in pottery, which was wetted by seeing Pueblo pottery and the combination of the design ideas of both pottery and blankets was interesting.

Its not that these these look like Pueblo Indian blankets or are even meant to imitate them or culturally mis-appropriate them, they are fun.

I once remember Stephen Hawking say (my summary) “Philosophy had been leading Science and guiding Knowing for a long time, but now Science was ahead of Philosophy (in knowing) and Philosophy would never catch up until Science “knew everything”— and then he said that day was coming.

I may not have stated his exact words but I believe they express his opinion as concerns Knowing and the relstionship between Science and Philosophy. And my personal opinion, like Camus in The Myth of Sisyphus it just goes on and on, there is no end.

The book Flatland by Edwin Abbott, published 1884 is a satirical novel which described how humans would function in a two-dimensional world.

End Closing

Krishna, Where are you when I need you???

Its obvious what Krishna is doing and can be doing it twice at the same time, the wonders of painting, but I wonder what everyone else is doing.

Previously I mentioned Shigaraki sake and pottery and did not want to mix this with that but still wanted to mention San Fransisco potter Bonita Cohn who has been influenced by Shigaraki potters, she has dug her own clay from the SF area, and her work may show Shigaraki influences, including firing using Amagama kiln (wood fired kiln).
Chawan by Bonita Cohn

Feet always make think I am at the end,

But hundreds of years later Shakespeare is still being heard.

Whiz, dumb’s inned

Issey Miyake poster maybe on a wall screen in Shubuya Station, or in a store window, I forgot. Fashion is a bit beyond my logic but I like the colors, the lines, and especially the sketching, especially when I can see the original sketches and the final product at the same time. Many fashion designer ae very skilled at expressing themselves in drawing.

When your work is founded on logic, it becomes very involved and complicated. That’s becuase the body does not conform to the dictates of logic.
Issey Miyake Bodyworks

Many people are deeply moved by fashion, you can see through history people have responded to fashion with a willingness to support it as a business.

Models, designers, photographers, come together to create clothes they hope people will feel passionately about.

How do people look in their clothes, how do people imagine themselves to look in their clothes and how do people feel when they wear their clothes.

Alameda Creek

Walking along Alameda Creek EVERYDAY!! Can it get this or that boring?

i can see people walk by and wonder who they are. I walk along the side of the paved trail because its better for my knees, Most people walk along the paved part, but every once in a while I meet someone coming the other way on the side, You can only walk along the creek side as the other side is less compatible for walking.

There is only room for one and ometimes someone is walking in the opposite direction, sometimes they make way for me, sometimes I make way for them, Usually I wait until the “ last moment” and sometimes they go early but it seems to work our. Except . . .

. . . twice I have encountered this young woman also walking on the side.The first time she told me I had no right to walk on the side and acted in a bellicose manner. The second time I encountered her she declared “What is wrong with you, I already told you not to walk on this side.” and more. I have been walking this trail for over 15 years, and have seen her twice, both times in the past year.

I came across a site called Rate Your Professor, I cannot tell if its a spoof or for real but looking at the comments makes it seem like a Harvard Lampoon piece.

Rating: Awsome
3 exams all essay form. Each exam includes 3 essay questions n u pick any 2. A few extra credits on the side. This class is a joke, simply sit in the back and you can pass with an A if u no what I mean. Highly recommend this professor. Also do all extra credit assignments, they are easy and it will work towards your advantage at the an A.

Rating: Awsome
He’s a very likable guy but as a professor, a little out there. Follows absolutely no conventional rules, which is okay, but becomes difficult when it’s time to study for tests. 3 exams, all essays. Not a whole lot of studying required, mostly common sense, but if you throw in some things he or the text talked about, your grade definitely goes up.

Rating: Average
Prof. Kramer is hilarious and a great teacher. The class was easy but boring at times, yet if sparked, class discussions can be a lot of fun. He also writes books that are a little out there but deal with some pretty interesting topics. Simply put, take this prof, you will love his class.

Rating: Average
Didn’t even buy book. Got an A. All common sense. Tests are essays. Classes can get boring. All in all a funny cool guy.

Rtaing: Average
This is an extremely easy class. There is a required textbook which you can get for less than 10 dollars, and the rest is online readings. He gives no papers, only 3 exams, which are extremely easy if you do the reading. He is such a nice guy and quite entertaining. Definitely take this class if you’re looking for an easy A.l

Rating: Awful
Bizzaro class…I got an A. Hardly read anything. Hardly covered the topic. From what I understand he is much better at teaching statistics. If you want an A based solely on 3 tests and attendance this class is for you. If you want to walk away with a firm grip on the basics of sociology look elsewhere.

Rating: Awful
I didnt enjoy his class. he has a raspy voice and he talks about everything except what is in the text book. exams are all essays and require too much writing. his information seems outdated. I will not do any course with him again. He is TOO UNORGANIZED!!!!!!

People have different opinions about things but it seems these students were not really there to learn the academic subject matter.

Roof repair, before the rain.

Back pages matter

The old Sam Wo Restaurant on Washington Street. I took my son there once.The kitchens on the first floor, upstairs are two floors of dining and food delivered via a “dumb waiter”—Three Harmonies Porridge and Noodles, and known for Edsel Ford Fung aka the “World’s rudest, worst, most insulting waiter.”

Soba, tempura and sake and for New Year’s Eve. Bizen tokkuri by Nakamura Makoto and seto-guro guinomi. What makes Japanese design so fulfilling is that the most important “technique” is measured by feeling and not by some quantity— While the measure of Design is how it feels, and not some technical excellence, technical excellence is the base skill to achieve and then to be completely forgotten when creating.

Some years ago in the Japantown shopping building a small store poped up in an off the way kind small court where Japanese tea and untesils were sold. There were some interesting things for sale, including some nice chawan and I spent some time looking and talking. He said this was a karatsu chawan, it fits his hands. nicely.

These are the possessions of a homeless person who spent one night or perhaps more, outside, along Alameda Creek; maybe its all that he or she owned in his or her life. I cannot imagine why I would own these things nor imagine what it is like to be homeless.

On a wall near Harvard Square , Cambridge MA 1972—I am not sure what these words mean, is that “Cannot tolerate our minds” or could it be “Cannot tolerate your minds”? Handmade letters and torn paper though, are enough to make it interesting.

In the 1960s people did a lot of things, and whenever someone made a business out of something it was portrayed as hippie capitalism, often the business was a “head shop” or sold waterbeds. There were also various kinds of “Co-ops” managed by young-looking-for-experience-hopeful business managers to be..

I might write about Krishna but I think the visual art says it so much better than words, or words that I might write anyway. Does it feel strange that the arch is not in the middle of the image? Isarda, in the region of Rajasthan, is a town located in India, some 187 mi (or 301 km) South-West of New Delhi.

A Festival of Krishna Harsha V. Dehejia

Along Market Street, San Francisco, smoking a cigarette, a butt and lighter on the ground, how old is he? I am 75 years old and can see he has a long life to live, if he lives, or lived, and this is a hard way to start it out.

I used to try to talk to myself, if only to try and convince myself of something which I don’t know, though my wings have holes in them and no mater how much I flap them I get no lift.

Maybe I should not —might be unethical and illegal— use someone else’s dancing images to put on Janney’s beautiful calligraphy but who—not me anyway— can resist the combination of Heart Sutra and Issey Miyake in the celebration of emptiness.

Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha,

Feels like dye-inn?, hardly, Benborn

Only thank God men have learned to forget quick
what they ain’t brave enough to cure.

The Hamlet William Faulkner

The front cover of my 2021 New Years Card mostly images of Alameda Creek. My sister and my son during Facebook Messenger video chat in the bottom row.

Alameda Creek

When you look at a photograph mostly you are intending to get information from the image and the image may or may not communicate to you.

Sometimes it may seem the information is not contained or expressed in the photograph. Red appears behind green being pulled by white. Who. where when is not important. Just a pausing moment while taking an afternoon walk. Its more interesting to wonder where they are going.

Once a customer of a client used their software (database for chemical discovery)to develop chemistry to remove barnacles and the corporate magazine did an article on it which I designed and found an interesting high-res photograph like this hedge below of barnacles massing together which had download instructions with an email. with the specific implication that others could use the image. I tried to get in contact multiple times over a period of about 6 weeks before printing but to no response so I used it in the article.

Originally I put a slug credit for the image to the stated photographer. One person involved in lower level decision making did not want to give the credit because they did see any reason why it should be there. Just before it went to the printer, with the approval of the marketing director, we put it back in.

Do these people know or care that this image was made from across the other side of the Creek?

Is it sneaking around and spying on people? If you think photographs are supposed to be something more than just color, shapes, textures, human gestures. then wil lexpect more than is here.

black & white—red —all over

Older images have their own interest. when I was growing up in the 1950s, 1940s cars seemed “prehistory.”and pre 1949 automobile styles looked ancient.Cars lasted about 3-4 years and 100,000 miles was a lot of mileage ready for the junk yard. Still I lived near the city limits and some farmers had much older vehicles.

Big Mama Thornton outdoors at Lenox , 1970, I enjoyed her harmonica music.

Now cars will go 200,000 males, tires are a little better but their price has been pretty constant for decades.
Young man with dog, Connecticut, about 1971

Old West End, Toledo, about 1969, in this and the previous image, the men are smoking cigarettes.

Somewhere on the road early 1970s

Through the van window waiting at a red light in Allston-Brighten, about 1971, He may be in his 60s now, maybe he had a good life,That is why when I look at these image I reflect on where the lives of people I “knew ” for 1/125 second went. To me they have always been the same.

Once Morris had a thriving tire store along the northern artery coming into Boston from the north east—Busy Busy!
Some Urban Renewal project removed him and he was “re-located” to some nowhere street in Arlington, it was not convenient, but some old customers still used to make the effort.

Tom & Nancy , Salem Maine. 1969, along Route 42 between Phllips and Kingfield.

Man marching in Chicago during Days of Rage, fall 1969. Does he look like a “typical protester?” Does he look lonely? wold you recognize him if he is still alive now? Sometimes, because of his expression, I wonder if he was an “undercover” Chicago policeman. He is not wearing a helmet and his face seems unconcerned about having a confrontation.

Everything SOP Downtown Chicago during Days of Rage 1969

Demonstrations may fill the news images, but generally they do not disrupt other areas. Until digital publication, media had a finite capability of how much information they cold publish before the next story arrived.
Digital media qualitatively alters communication and while there may still be a finite capability, it is no-where-in-sight. Think of all the different media which can be used to print a word or hanzi, most are ink or light.

“Things” including things that existed before humans, make up the universe and people make more things from these some things of the earth. So many things to have words for and we can never catch up , we ca nnever name them all because they just pop out!

I often saw this house on the way to school taking the local roads from Scituate to Braintree.

1968 David was also a Sociology graduate assistant, neither one of us knew the other, or anyone else and for the first month we took a cheap one bedroom apartment where the living room couch was also a Castro convertible. David was bigger than me, the couch was smaller than the bed, and so ended up on the couch.

We have spoken words for things and symbols we use to express them in writing and our ability to express in different forms—media— is rapidly and uncontrollably expanding, the cost is going down and the ability to use the tool requires less and less skill—more and more people are expressing somelhing.


But tell me
Madhava beloved
who are you
who are you really?

Vidyapati says they are one another.

Madhuban 20th Century from A Festival Krishna Harsha V. Dehejia

Oribe is often recognized by its freedom of expression, its very shape may appear distorted and bizarre with no regard for “basic skills” and yet when you get to know the bowl

Narumni Oribe chawan Oribe

Pottery is a basic creation for the solidarity of society. there needs to be containers to hold liquid as well as seeds and grains saved pottery containers.Often you hear someone says –I am an Artist , I make nonfunctional pottery yet it was being functional that is the DNA of pottery.

Kuro Oribe (black oribe) guinomi with ki-seto tokkuri

Oribe may have drips of green like you see on both sides
In Japan there is a class of inexpensive pottery and one group you will see what approaches oribe with decorating mass produced inexpensive products often found in a restaurant or for daily use in the home. It does not pretend to be “oribe,” you can feel the difference and its also fun to use. The light-brownish glaze may become crackled over time.
Oribe tokkuri .

In this oribe chawan you can see drips used as design elements The shape feels submissive as if its asking hands to hold it. Those potters who, by making beautiful and interesting pottery made and make the everyday experience of eating into a special experience —they have earned the greatest pottery merit.


The my feet on the sidewalk outside the entrance to the Sales Force Building in SanFrancisco. Used to take BART to San Francisco and walk around, some fun huh? A few times I wandered over to where they were constructing the Sales Force building. Before Covad it was a place like a park, or is park— I guess thats what i is—where people come to enjoy themselves in open space, The lights may change color and the intensity will varies.

From the Heart Sutra, hanzi calligraphy by Janney