Whiz, dumb’s inned

Issey Miyake poster maybe on a wall screen in Shubuya Station, or in a store window, I forgot. Fashion is a bit beyond my logic but I like the colors, the lines, and especially the sketching, especially when I can see the original sketches and the final product at the same time. Many fashion designer ae very skilled at expressing themselves in drawing.

When your work is founded on logic, it becomes very involved and complicated. That’s becuase the body does not conform to the dictates of logic.
Issey Miyake Bodyworks

Many people are deeply moved by fashion, you can see through history people have responded to fashion with a willingness to support it as a business.

Models, designers, photographers, come together to create clothes they hope people will feel passionately about.

How do people look in their clothes, how do people imagine themselves to look in their clothes and how do people feel when they wear their clothes.

Alameda Creek

Walking along Alameda Creek EVERYDAY!! Can it get this or that boring?

i can see people walk by and wonder who they are. I walk along the side of the paved trail because its better for my knees, Most people walk along the paved part, but every once in a while I meet someone coming the other way on the side, You can only walk along the creek side as the other side is less compatible for walking.

There is only room for one and ometimes someone is walking in the opposite direction, sometimes they make way for me, sometimes I make way for them, Usually I wait until the “ last moment” and sometimes they go early but it seems to work our. Except . . .

. . . twice I have encountered this young woman also walking on the side.The first time she told me I had no right to walk on the side and acted in a bellicose manner. The second time I encountered her she declared “What is wrong with you, I already told you not to walk on this side.” and more. I have been walking this trail for over 15 years, and have seen her twice, both times in the past year.

I came across a site called Rate Your Professor, I cannot tell if its a spoof or for real but looking at the comments makes it seem like a Harvard Lampoon piece.

Rating: Awsome
3 exams all essay form. Each exam includes 3 essay questions n u pick any 2. A few extra credits on the side. This class is a joke, simply sit in the back and you can pass with an A if u no what I mean. Highly recommend this professor. Also do all extra credit assignments, they are easy and it will work towards your advantage at the end.got an A.


Rating: Awsome
He’s a very likable guy but as a professor, a little out there. Follows absolutely no conventional rules, which is okay, but becomes difficult when it’s time to study for tests. 3 exams, all essays. Not a whole lot of studying required, mostly common sense, but if you throw in some things he or the text talked about, your grade definitely goes up.


Rating: Average
Prof. Kramer is hilarious and a great teacher. The class was easy but boring at times, yet if sparked, class discussions can be a lot of fun. He also writes books that are a little out there but deal with some pretty interesting topics. Simply put, take this prof, you will love his class.


Rating: Average
Didn’t even buy book. Got an A. All common sense. Tests are essays. Classes can get boring. All in all a funny cool guy.


Rtaing: Average
This is an extremely easy class. There is a required textbook which you can get for less than 10 dollars, and the rest is online readings. He gives no papers, only 3 exams, which are extremely easy if you do the reading. He is such a nice guy and quite entertaining. Definitely take this class if you’re looking for an easy A.l


Rating: Awful
Bizzaro class…I got an A. Hardly read anything. Hardly covered the topic. From what I understand he is much better at teaching statistics. If you want an A based solely on 3 tests and attendance this class is for you. If you want to walk away with a firm grip on the basics of sociology look elsewhere.


Rating: Awful
I didnt enjoy his class. he has a raspy voice and he talks about everything except what is in the text book. exams are all essays and require too much writing. his information seems outdated. I will not do any course with him again. He is TOO UNORGANIZED!!!!!!


People have different opinions about things but it seems these students were not really there to learn the academic subject matter.

Roof repair, before the rain.

Back pages matter

The old Sam Wo Restaurant on Washington Street. I took my son there once.The kitchens on the first floor, upstairs are two floors of dining and food delivered via a “dumb waiter”—Three Harmonies Porridge and Noodles, and known for Edsel Ford Fung aka the “World’s rudest, worst, most insulting waiter.”

Soba, tempura and sake and for New Year’s Eve. Bizen tokkuri by Nakamura Makoto and seto-guro guinomi. What makes Japanese design so fulfilling is that the most important “technique” is measured by feeling and not by some quantity— While the measure of Design is how it feels, and not some technical excellence, technical excellence is the base skill to achieve and then to be completely forgotten when creating.

Some years ago in the Japantown shopping building a small store poped up in an off the way kind small court where Japanese tea and untesils were sold. There were some interesting things for sale, including some nice chawan and I spent some time looking and talking. He said this was a karatsu chawan, it fits his hands. nicely.

These are the possessions of a homeless person who spent one night or perhaps more, outside, along Alameda Creek; maybe its all that he or she owned in his or her life. I cannot imagine why I would own these things nor imagine what it is like to be homeless.

On a wall near Harvard Square , Cambridge MA 1972—I am not sure what these words mean, is that “Cannot tolerate our minds” or could it be “Cannot tolerate your minds”? Handmade letters and torn paper though, are enough to make it interesting.

In the 1960s people did a lot of things, and whenever someone made a business out of something it was portrayed as hippie capitalism, often the business was a “head shop” or sold waterbeds. There were also various kinds of “Co-ops” managed by young-looking-for-experience-hopeful business managers to be..

I might write about Krishna but I think the visual art says it so much better than words, or words that I might write anyway. Does it feel strange that the arch is not in the middle of the image? Isarda, in the region of Rajasthan, is a town located in India, some 187 mi (or 301 km) South-West of New Delhi.

A Festival of Krishna Harsha V. Dehejia

Along Market Street, San Francisco, smoking a cigarette, a butt and lighter on the ground, how old is he? I am 75 years old and can see he has a long life to live, if he lives, or lived, and this is a hard way to start it out.

I used to try to talk to myself, if only to try and convince myself of something which I don’t know, though my wings have holes in them and no mater how much I flap them I get no lift.

Maybe I should not —might be unethical and illegal— use someone else’s dancing images to put on Janney’s beautiful calligraphy but who—not me anyway— can resist the combination of Heart Sutra and Issey Miyake in the celebration of emptiness.

Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha,

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