No woe, man, no cry


Niles was one of five townships which joined together and later evolved into Fremont. In the early 20th century silent films were made in NIles, known for Charlie Chaplin and Bronco Billy.

Niles has a unique quality—it feels like the most visually interesting place in Fremont,

No one is at home, in all this house, in all this land. It is a long while before their return, I shall move as they would trust me not to, and as I could not, were they here. I shall touch nothing but as I would touch the most delicate wounds, the most dedicated objects,

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men James Agee and Walker Evans

There is a Bronco Billy’s piazza parlor, with a counter on one side and a column of tables lining the others, sandwiched in between walls exhibiting a plethora of reminders of the local past.

There is a motorcycle bar and a stop for the train that runs to Sunnol, and back, about an 8 miles journey for Saturday and Sunday families,

Niles also has its name spelled out in big white letters on the local hill side and a little museum celebrating its place in the past of silent film. Still a movie was and is, just a bunch of still of photographs joined side to side on a piece of film and run-through a projector.

What does The Heart sutra mean? Does it make any sense ?Do you think nothing exists? Or if nothing exists its opposite, something , must also exist.

. . . form does not differ from emptiness,
emptiness does not differ from form.
That which is form is emptiness,
that which is emptiness form.
The same is true of feelings,
perceptions, impulses, consciousness

From The Heart Sutra

Or maybe by mediating correctly we can control our feelings and not let our problems bother us so much. Its not really that we have problems, its that we see them as abnormal, unwanted, not a desirable part of life , when problems and dealing with them successfully, or no, and going on to the next one, is what life is. Many of us would trade our problems for those of someone else, and if we could we could find its no better.,

Still, feeling, no feeling, no perceptions, impulses,or consciousness., how can they all be just illusion?
Janney liked the lanterns and made this image which I made into an illusion. Orange and blue are complementary colors.

Are you conscious in your own writing (substitute photography, ed,) of the existence of a ‘usable past’? Is this mostly American? What figures would you designate as elements it? Would you say, for example that Henry James’s (pick a photographer) work is more relevant tot represent and future of American writing (photography) than Walt Whitman (pick a photographer)?

From a questionnaire sent out contemporary writers in 1939 from the Partisan Review

Alameda Creek

Photography is usually about the content ,or the meaning of the object in the image, . Show me something ! Show me some “Thing.

There are many different categories of photographs— snap shot, family portrait, wedding photograph, journalism, advertising and fashion, scientific, Fine Art, documentation, spying, the ubiquitous driver’s license photo, catalog, a picture postcard, selfie and more. People like to see photographs of themselves,

.Each of these categories has their benchmark of quality. Many of these benchmarks include that the photograph not tell you anything about the photographer. that would intrude on the function.

“Photographs concerned with basic human consciousness rather than social consciousness” Photographs concerned with with man’s dreams and aspirations and photographs of the flaming creative forces of love and truth and corrosive evil inherent in the lie.”

Edward Steichen from the Introduction to The Family of Man

Still the photographer”s craft is there, photographers are differentiated by their skills and when, over time, the photographer’s intrusion on the function or purpose of the image is consistent, it stops being an intrusion, it becomes a style and maybe even a fashion.

“It was conceived as a mirror of the universal elements and emotions in the everydayness of life—as a mirror of the essential oneness of mankind throughout the world.’

Edward Steichen from the Introduction to The Family of Man

Perhaps the universe created people to see itself, perhaps to know itself . . .
and perhaps people created photography to see themself? or to see themselves?

Its been almost 200 years since the first photograph, there are so many different categories of photographs, and in a sense each shows us who were are. We have seen starvation, .Nazi concentration camps, war and the end of war, and peace, until the next war—photography has shown us so many faces of ourselves and has not been able to to generate a solution .

There is always tomorrow until there is no tomorrow..

Japanese TV shows

In high schools and colleges in Japan there are “clubs,” which may range from sports teams to photography to almost anything and this story is about five students who form their own literary club and their evolving personal dynamics. Its a softly told emotional moving story with no end.

Onsen is a story of a traditional Japanese restaurant surviving in the modern world of forget tradition, fast food and big profits.

Food in Japan has its own unique place with many Japanese tv stories built around the “magical meaning” of food. In Tokyo there are many excellent small neighborhood restaurants, there is no need for any of them to be the “best,” they can all be different and all be the best because of their uniqueness. One series is a food detective business where clients bring their precious but lost food memories for the detectives to find the source and make the special dish, most are vey common dishes prepared uniquely by a special person in their life . .

Onsen is a story of the tradition of a Japanese kaiseki restaurant and along with the stereo type LCD the viewer experiences the meaning of Japanese traditions in food preparation and serving, learning about the importance of traditions ikebana, painting, pottery, food preparation, food service and training—all things which are part traditional Japanese cuisine

End matter

An even number of cats broken into two groups of one and three, and the three broken into two groups of one — who got the soft pillow?— and two.Front door cats photograph by Janney.

InJapan public services are welcomed, when there are problems delivering the service, such as in mass transportation or education, the Japanese fix it and.conservatives do not behave as if the problem is a bunch of economic failures who will get something for free, something which they do not deserve and will decrease their motivation to work. Tokyo is a much more pleasant city to live in than any in the USA because you can go anywhere and enjoy all the different neighborhoods without fear.

Many in the big retail business use outside facing windows to display their wares, when you watch many people passing by are more busy looking at their own reflection in the window,. Looking, I wonder if I see myself the way others see me though I am quite sure they do not see me as I see me, that is why when you see my photos, I am not trying to tell you who is this or that person, why they are doing this or that, whether they are good or bad, its just a little about how their lines, shapes, colors, and textures fit together to make a scene.

So proclaim the Prajna Paramita mantra,
proclaim the mantra which says:
gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha

From The Heart Sutra

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