Scene too, the last.

春江水暖 Spring

Snow ices are melting ,
River  are flowing ,
Ducks feel warming,
So they are playing.
This is my poem for my painting .


Dragon Festival

The Dragon Festival, (Longtaitou Festival 龙抬头 ) Happens on the second day of of the second month of the Chinese calendar, or around our first week in March. Its name means “Dragon raising its head” because the dragon was regarded as the deity in charge of rain, an important factor in ancient agriculture.

Dragon Festival paintings by Janney

This is an ancient Chinese festival to welcome the coming of Spring, the warming of the season and the rain for the spring planting.

Alameda Creek

I wonder when I realized my parents were human beings, then again sometimes when I look back on my life I think maybe I never did. At 75 years of age I wonder if the physical ailments I have are the same ones my father felt and do I remember knowing he was undergoing these same experiences?

Can I appreciate that other people around me are human beings? I have no answers to it because I am not sure what it means. If we are all human beings by our biological being than all of this good and bad behaviour which happened in the past is what it means to be a human being and will continue as long as there are people.

I am sot sure what that mean? No end to War and no end to compassion and empathy?

Walking along the Alameda Creek levee you can often see over the fence into the yard,

Its different for those who view that we are what we have been in the past than for those who see what we are is what we could be.

At the question of whether people are “naturally” good or “naturally” bad we get stuck defining the terms good and bad, the same behaviour is good when “we are doing it and “bad” when they are doing it— Zappa had a line:

“We are the other people,
We are the other people,
You are the other people too.”

Rulers usually see their laws as reasonable and necessary for order, while those being ruled see them as lacking justice. and preventing them from getting the same benefits of the order available to the rulers.

But there will be no peace
‘Till men get equal rights
Equal rights and justice
Equal rights
Equal rights and justice

Bob Marley

Japanese TV shows

Autism has had exposure on popular TV shows in Japan. They are not documentaries, but artistic expressions finding a place in popular media for a discussion subject which has been commonly avoided in society.

Walk With The Light is about young parents with a challenging autistic son, the extended family dynamics and finding professional help to seek a workable future path.

Things You Taught Me features a young functioning autistic woman who is finding herself as she follows her dream of becoming a weather reporter, learning to navigate in society as well as about who she is as a person, including feeling love for a man amid normal the family dynamics that develop. This TV series, however shallow the characters, bring to a common front important issues for discussion.

End Matter

A hole formed inside the spout of the kitchen sink, I am 75 years old, never saw it happen before, and for the first3time in my life I hired someone to install a new faucet. I did not want to lay on my side, my ribs pressing onthe edge of the bottom of the cupboard under the sink with my hands held up n the air holding up this and screwing that and wishing I was a Hindu deity with another arm & hand. So I wrapped a sponge around it, secured it with a automobile tube clamp for a day and made this photograph

Trade shows and start ups and for me there were graphics tp be designed, not these in this image though,

School is out in Oakland Chinatown district. A printer I often used was located near the area and between press checks I might walk over and have lunch or just browse and spend some time.

A Japanese gold welcome-for-business-cat sits in the window watching the birds on the street.

My mother had a stroke with substantial memory loss and developed Expressive Aphasia. Sometimes we would look at her albums of photographs. She is stroking the image of my father, high school sweethearts and her husband of 60 years.My parents were nakodo when they lived in Japan.

I don’t know if seeing these photos of her life touched any memories for her, but we did it anyway. I left the books in her room but I never noticed that she looked at them while I was gone. Still, it seemed a good idea to m e and we often did it. Sometimes I would buy “child safe” cute things at the Daiso store and leave them around her room to discover on her own. She was curious person so it seemed like a good idea to create some discovery experiences for her when she was on her own.

Seeing feet realizes they connect me to the ground

and help me keep my head up high

Can you remember how you felt before you were born?
Is that the emptiness in The Heart Sutra’s “emptiness is form and form is emptiness”?

Still if there is another side to cross over to, once you are there will you want to cross over (back) to the other side, the one from where you came.? Buddha, do not leave me with such there will always be another answer and another question.

from the last few lines of The Heart Sutra brushed by Janney

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