There? Been or goin’

Mother fore all stories

Symbolic of the female, the central figure represents our spiritual mother from which we draw strength, love and support for the things we do , . . Have you ever looked in a child’s eyes? Each child no matter what their circumstances always manages to generate that light of hope and imagination, through their love of life.

Robin Teller

Story Teller by Robin Teller Isleta

Story Teller by Peggy Garcia, Acoma

32,000 years ago this artist left a message which has reached through time and the photograph brings it to you through space. Think how relatively new is “writing,” photographs even newer are visually comprehensive and many different printing processes which reproduce the same image endives media. Something happens and the next day T-shirts with a photograph are available. Any surface available becomes a target on which to print.

What are the people in this painting doing? Think how different having a studio, paper; inks; pencils; electronic media—a different world for the artist. If you are in a nomadic hunting society how can you carry materials and media around? How can an artist take time away from hunting, shelter and defense?

Alameda Creek

A photograph extends the eye through time and space. Its available tomorrow and I can send you the photograph. Perhaps people get Alzheimer’s because decreasing we use less of our memory and depend more on tools—That number? why commit it to memory when I can write it down, fillet away and get it when I need it? Record keeping is a big part of this modern world and the pocket sized computer-phone-camera enables people to photograph most anything they want anytime and immediately publish it.

We do not hear, smell, taste or touch to “know” a photograph, we see it. It extends our vision in space and time. Photographs enable the present to see the past, but not the present to see the future or the past to see the present..There was an episode of Twilight with a set developing camera which took photographs of the future.

Camera is a tool to make a photograph, an image.from light, or more accurately, from reflections of light.. The eye senses information reflected off matter—stuff that is not transparent— and the brain process it, sort ing by shape, color, gesture ,what ever is visual.and the brain matches it with the correct category of thing.

Light reflects off something then returns to our eye— On the way to the “something” it may even pass us by and then return to our eye with information about the universe.

The light does not pass through us, we do not feel it reflecting off of us we can not see our image, but someone standing behind us can sees us…The light brings information to the eye, information which the “brain” processes to define—“What is it??”

A moment in time, no one to “see” this except the camera. We easily accept that a photograph is not the real thing while at the same time accepting it as an accurate representation of “the real thing” for most purposes.

Imagine history before or without photography. Before photography people had no idea of it, but take it away —without??—to know you could have a photograph and not have access to it .society would undergo a major transformation.

How we see?, we cannot see some thing until light reflects off it. If something is transparent, light passes through it, we cannot see it.Yet clear glass is transparent and we cannot walk through it.

Glass has been made for over 4000 years, the painting at the beginning of this post is over 32,000 years old—it represents 12.5%. Suppose 200,000 years for homo sapiens, while photography (150 years) represents 0.0075% of that time.

There are things that we all see, and there are things which individuals, from unique characteristics such as biology and life experiences see differently. We are calling things “things” while we are floundering around trying to define a commonly agreed process used to differentiate and define things..

Its Sisyphus pushing the rock up the hill and rolling it backdown again.

Crucial to developing a language is having a shared concept of “a thing.” Think how long it took people develop a language. We used things to define things before we defined the things we are using to find the things.we are defining—its a chicken and the egg., and problem never ending. i.,e. Science will never know everything. because the very process of human knowing results in defining new ways to redefine old things.

End Papers

How fast the electronic world is changing . . . How fast the computer is changing.

The first computer I ever saw was about 1962 at the corporation where my father worked— It had its own building. Later, big machines, then desktop, laptop and now, you can carry one around in your pocket which probably has more computing power than the one I saw in 1961.,

When I was young people got their telephones from the service provider.which had a monopoly on the service. The electronic world is a Pandora’s store. So much stuff to buy and so much stuff to throw out.

As human labour becomes digitized it is quantified becoming an unending circular quantification of human labour where each task once quantitavely defined will later be sub divided. There is no end, once you identify a “task” by numbers —i.e. “0“s and “1”s then you can break the “0”s and “! ”s into two parts each, the tortoise and the hare, only in real life we live in real time, in electronic life there is no time.

Quantitatively what does it mean to do a good job? There is always “The Bottom Line.” The Profit is what keeps businesses alive. The more complex is an organization means increased difficulty to measure individual correlation to the bottom line.

A mis-match of subtitles and video, more interesting than the tv episode, and rmroe fun.

One of my rice bowls , the kanji is nakayama. a common name , translated as middle mountain

Visiting my sister we were walking to Jindaiji and stopped in at a small weekly “flea market” on the grounds of a temple. I bought the bowl from this man and woman. My sister connected with the man, he had done some film work acting with a sword. He got so excited that he pulled out these garments and a sword and started showing us sword movements. His girl friend was from France and they were traveling around Japan selling things.

Imagine how difficult it is to categorize every “thing” in the universe when we cannot agree on what are the “things” in the universe or what is the correct “thing” to use to categorize the things.

Every thing gets intertwined and mixed up in a jumble , like the universe, withers small particles moving around joining with other small particles to from larger things and t3hen breaking apart to combine with other small particles and on and on.

The photograph enables me to “remember” myself whenI was young. The small guy is me, with my father and grandfather. I am older than my grandfather was when he died,

Have I been? Or am I going,? Why can I not remember before I was born?

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