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I don’t know of any feeling of intoxication that even remotely approaches the feeling of standing before a group of thousands of people—it’s not a group, its a crowd of course—  a thousand people, with a  microphone and you are having a good day, you are hot, and they are listening to every word you are saying, . . .

Jean Sheperd from radio broadcast on July 9, 1960

Last week I took BART to San Francisco

. . . and everything that you utter is important, and there’s a microphone in front of you and everytime  you say something you can hear the sound echoing back to you and there is this intense feeling of power  and you know once you have tasted this it is impossible to ever to go back again, really . .

Jean Sheperd from radio broadcast on July 9, 1960

. . . We’re always talking about what is the cause of war, what is the cause of this drive  to become a Hitler,  what makes  a man suddenly become  really a Castro, what makes  a man suddenly become a Musolinni . . .

Jean Sheperd from radio broadcast on July 9, 1960

. . . that is to say controlling a vast crowd, a faceless crowd, anyone who has ever had that experience  will know there is just never any  question of what it is that makes Hitler, its something that catches on fire in your brain. . .

Jean Sheperd from radio broadcast on July 9, 1960

or  whatever it is that rises to become a tyrant over other men, no one can explain really  it except to say that anyone who has ever tasted  a  little bit of it will know there is just never any  question of what it is that makes Hitler, its something that catches on fire in your brain.

Jean Sheperd from radio broadcast on July 9, 1960

The crowd itself after it becomes too, after  it in a sense ignites, when the brain begins to burn,  when this little man is standing in the spot lights, and his microphone  is picking up the echos and the feedback, when the crowd ignites,  it too knows a moment of exultation that it hardly anyone knows singly. .

Jean Sheperd from radio broadcast on July 9,1960

The Sales Force Bus Terminal , On top , of the three stories for bus arrivals and departures is a garden for public pleasure. Before Covid there was a Starbucks up there,, close1d now. The busses arrive and depart from designated ramps,

Getting the crowd into that proper  pitch, a proper sense of brush fire that burns through the hearts and minds of men, once someone has stood  up before them  with that flag and says “forward men,” one this happens almost any crowd will do almost anything.

Jean Sheperd from radio broadcast on July 9, 1960

One man takes a moment to kneel and talk to another man lying on the sidewalk eating, a sandwich, to offer a mattress in a carry around bag.

Jean (Shep) Sheperd broadcast a national syndicated radio show from New York City during the late 1950s through 1970s.. He would tell wonderful stories, about growing up in Indiana among the steel mills, his friends, such as the fellow student who was late fo school because he got his tongue caught on a metal utility pole his experiences in the army and contemporary events such as a Fourth of July in Manhattan or his idea for a National Spitting Contest and his popular Christmas show. Google Old Time Radio for Jean Sheperd to find podcast recordings of his shows.

Alameda Creek

Alameda Creek runs right by my baby’s door, I walk it mos’ every day ‘cause runnin’s mos’ too fast.—malappropriatonal references from Dylan and Sonny Boy 1.

European Colonialization,, a subject which is not much in the minds of most Americans, it seems for most its about “those other” people back a long time ago, nothin’ to do with our lives The USA was a successful colony, we revolted against “our oppressors—”won our freedom” and made a “great country” which stands for Freedom and Democracy around the world.

Its as if God told a bunch of Europeans that if you get in a boat, go across the big pond, you will “discover” “God’s promised land”, its yours for the “taking,” which they did , killing 80-85 % of the people who lived there, stealing their land, not just once, but over and over again for hundreds of years.

Our history, the “nominal” history or the “real” history, is there a purpose to history? to Our History? Does the Real History effect the present even when we tell it and belief it wrong? Or is just what we want to be?

We have careers, college degrees, professions,, middle class homes, our taste in clothes is not what we can get or make, but in the latest and constantly changing fashion. We have hopes and dreams, goals and personal strategies to realize those goals.

We talk about our utopia, where (equal) opportunity is available to all and the reality is quite different. While in human history there are many stories of technological achievements improving the qualities of life, these benefits are not distributed, much of the history is some people make advances, others attack, kill, steal and then create a “civilized society” — i.e. Law & Order; we did it to you but its illegal for you to do it back to us..But there has always been some who come along to do just that.

When my old clothes wear out I throw them away for new ones, it sure seems like a good thing to do with our society when what we are doing is worn out.


With all of our words, wealth, and wonders ;are we not just a bunch of sheep whee its a whole easier finding just doing “what comes natural,”, the same ol’ thing, , than doing what would be right?

Filene’s Basement used to be in the downtown Boston store, Filene’s was a department store with three floors of basement featuring marked down department store items. They bought up last years clothes and items, fire sales, seconds, and sold them at discount prices , every 30 days marking them down until after three months the clothes were donated to charities.Thee was so much theft in the women’s section that they removed the dressing rooms, and women could be seen dressing and undressing in the aisles. Marshalls, Ross TJ Maxx, etc are based on this business model. Photo circa 1970.

What I like about photography is how easy it is for me to fit in,

Or go where it takes me,

From Heart Sutra, Seal Script calligraphy by Janney. Seal Script is an old style of writing Chinese Characters which was used during the Zhou Dynasty based on calligraphy developed to be used on bronze items. Serif type was developed in Rome as a technique to cut Roman letters in stone, the Trajan Column is a famous example,

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  1. I remember listening to Jean Shepherd in the 70s. Our local public radio broadcast him. I don’t recall if they were new or old episodes


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