Read karephoo Lee, as your options have not changed

Lawrence Ferlinghetti passed away recently, here is a fold-up-table street vendor in front of City Lights Book Store, not quite sure what he is selling but it looks like a regular chilly afternoon in the shadowed canyons of San Francisco.

Powell Street Bart Station at Market St— Some C level executive is somewhere wondering how to increase profits, maybe dealing with a recall of 200,000 products, some other person is operating a crane downtown, another person in a nursing home is cleaning up excrement off the patient and bed while this woman is busy finger-pointing at and lecturing the tourists standing in line for a cable car ride. I wondered what she does with the other parts of her life.

California, Street, runs one side to the other across the city from the piers of Embarcadero to the Pacific Ocean

Market Street I see this man, I think how lucky he can flex his hips and legs like that, maybe he is Christian and believes in Saint John .Maybe he looks at me and thinks “How lucky he ate this this morning .

I wonder if rural people understand the logistics of city life. Lots of people, lots of problems, lots of responsibilities , it can take years to build a tall building, a project with constant flow of materials, trash, critical needs human emotions, In the rural area they may burn their trash, store stuff in the barn, even stick useless vehicles in a field. and take a walk to get away.

Human made shapes are different than natural shapes, they organize the information of the landscape differently than natural environment creating a different experience of uniform lines, colors and shapes

Parks with open space are important for people, taxes are higher for upkeep of the parks, financial city managers are held to higher, often more transparent, standards than in private enterprise. and are dependent on taxes for their budget. this all requires a lot of politicking .

Alameda Creek

Now, I’ve got four or five puppies,
Got one shaggy hound,
Takes all them dogs to run my

Women down.
Saturday Blues Ishman Bracey

Walking pretty much daily along Alameda Creek I can listen to radio, podcasts, and sometimes just think—I can feel sorry for myself, think about a pressing problem, sing an old song or try to close up some inconsistencies in some theory,

What is Blues music?   Some definitions refer to the blues “feeling” of the music. Another refers to the technical aspect— each verse is twelve measures long  with one basic  chord progression and  a few common variations.

Maybe you think doing every song  the same would be boring, but get a few hours of the works of great blues artists, such as  Muddy Waters or  BB King ,sit down and lesson.

While jazz spread around the globe the twelve bar blues grew as a worldwide  musical language. .Pretty much anywhere in the world  where musicians play “popular urban music”, they know it and at the drop of a hat they con sit down, and join in from the first downbeat.

This is the origin of structured improvisation in jazz music. Whether its a specific musician/ instrument, or as in most jazz groups each instrument gets it chance to improvise while the rest of the group knowingly plays the 12 bars, this is a global language created in the USA.

Early 1900s King Oliver  a cornet player  who improvised over his band playing 12 bar—vertical bars separate the measures—blues. . Louis Armstrong  joined the band to improvise on top of King”s improvisation

FYI_King’s wife’s name was Ruby Tuesday, the same name as a 1960’s pop song by The Rolling Stones.

The chord progression using I,  IV amd V symbols for the three chords where the roman numerals  designate the basic three chords of a pop song, such as  A, D, E7;  or G, C and D7.

four meaures of I; 
two measures of IV, 
two measures of I; 
one measures of V
one measures of IV
one measure of I.
one measure of V.

So if you are playing-blues in they key of A then I =A; . IV = D; and V = E or E7

At the last measure the music may sound as it is walking up or down steps into another room, this is called the turn-around, it turns the song around to start the 12 bars over again and just on thisonemeasure part alone if you listen you will hear some interesting and creative variations.

There was also an Eight Bar blues, from the Louisiana  Delta region, known as Delta blues, artists such as John Hurt, Skip James, Blind Lemon Jefferson, and Robert Johnson . Its not so common post 1950s, but  you could  hear Slim Harpo  doing eight bar blues and  personally I think his harmonica playing influenced that of Mick Jagger.

Chuck Berry had his own way of playing and listeners never seem to grow tired of it. Bob Dylan has used the 12 bar structure for many songs.

To say only one blues song, Statesboro Blues , written by Willie McTell who played 12 string guitar, a feat in itself as you either play the instrument or it plays you. He was blind and toured accompanied by his wife who might also sing on recordings. There are many great interpretations of this song, McTell was from Georgia, so was the Allman Brothers Band which did an excellent electronic version.


The Boston Phoenix was a “larger than usual” alternative tabloid in the 1960s closing in 2013, Five decades ago living on the Cambridge side of the river I had a small business which advertised in The Pheonix and once a month I would go down, stand in line and pay for the ad. There was a dearth of movers then, all you needed was a van, two men and a phone, show up on time and do the work. There were over 250 college and post high school schools in Boston lots of students and recent grads (hang arounds) in the area with a bed, dresser, some kitchen tools, a table, chairs and books—all fit nicely in a van which is convenient to park and drive on busy streets.

Jamaica Plain early one Sunday morning out behind some business buildings in a snow field about 50 years ago this kid and I crossed paths, I vaguely remember the overall duration, I saw him,. made the image and we passed, cannot even remember whether there was a nod or any sort of acknowledgement, just two people passing each other on a vacant lot in a city. Without the photograph I would have forgotten about it.

Photographer Unknown: I found this image in a frame in a second hand store many years ago, was immediately moved by the intimacy, and fascinated by facial expressions and body gestures, its larger, about letter size, probably a special order print OR perhaps the photographer is a friend, perhaps even a family member and has enough expertise in photography to make their own prints, but what ever one of the group is not in the photo or they set up on a tripod. The lighting is interesting, a flash from the right side? Perhaps a little dodging on the two women and man on the left side? but not on the man bent over blowing out the candles. The head shadow of the man on the far right is as if the flash source is to the right and above of him.maybe the camera is more directed toward the “Birthday Man.”

New England summer afternoon, sitting in the sun

Western Minnesota flat land farm.

A house and empty lot in Jamaica Plain, a neighborhood of Boston, probably over near the railroad tracks.

Avalokiteshvara spoke the words of Heart Sutra to Shariputa—form is emptiness, emptiness is form

Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha

heart Sutra calligraphy byJanney


Net repair

Boston, 1970

Suppose these two men grew up in the same nieghbohood, went to the same catholic schools, one of them is employer , the other is employee.

Suppose you worked repairing fishing nets, or may be you are a retired fisherman with nothing better to do with your time so you meet with others in a similar situation, sit around in the afternoon, repair nets and talk.

Alameda Creek

At one time when there were people, there were no jobs.

Of course even before there were jobs there were things that had to be done, but people survived, people did those necessary things. Separate the meaning of job as the idea of a set of work to be done and the idea of someone being paid to do some specific work—Working in elder care is a daunting job or Product Manager is a good job to have.

Being human many, people with varying levels of success enslaved others, as did many who stood against it.

How do we get the kind of justice we need to fix the effects of that?

Only thank God men have done learned how to forget quick what they ain’t brave enough to cure.”
Faulkner The Hamlet

,In the Christian belief, God expelled Adam and Eve from The Garden of Eden, a place where they never had to work, to a life which required work to survive and only ended in death.

What kind of God is it that would create life?, and death? in the same breadth ? . . .

And then get people to enjoy it so much they would kill each other to get it.

Work is being productive, it enables survival,

How can we ever know? Smell, touch, hear, taste or see? It all feels like a big mess . . .

Can we sit in a big armchair next to a roaring fire on a story winter night and reason out the answer.?or just patiently wait for salvation or at least hoping the light will change and we get our turn.

The Apple maps camera provides mapping answers along Alameda Creek, may be the answer will soon google-able.


Moments of caring: a home some where in San Francisco one afternoon, or maybe I just made it up in photoshop.

Early morning in Vermont

Sometimes I used to visit this abandoned house, it sat alone in a big field, a house, no longer a home, or maybe it never was, after fifty years I could wonder if it is still standing there.

Just driving by along a country road, a rusted run down swing set in the middle of a field.

A memory of my friend Bill, he was 19 years older, he came here all by himself from Japan, when he was young,

Maybe the angle is not write, the eyes looking at different places, the minds blankly sifting through yesterday, or or its just too lonely of an idea to make me feel better.

Last week in the news Chuck Close died, a good place for Gate ,gate,, para gate, parasamgate, Bodhi svhaha.

Whening is not the ending of zenning

The Qixi Festival (Chinese 七夕)

The Quxi Festival, celebrated for over 2600 years, on the seventh day of the seventh lunisolar month on the Chinese calendar (about now) celebrates the yearly meeting of Altair and Vega.The Chinese story is about two lovers, the weaver girl Zhinü (Vega) and the cowherd, Niulang  (Altair). Niulang was very poor and homeless, deserted by his family, met the beautiful Fairy Zhinü, on her visit to earth they fell in love, and against the wishes of Heaven she stayed, they married against the rules, their punishment was to be separated forever by a Silver River (the Milky Way). Altair built a bridge of magpies over the Silver River.and the Emperor of Heaven was so moved by their love they were allowed to meet once a year.

.Brush drawing by Janney for Quxi festival. Could be lovers in Albuquerque ballooning along the Sandia Mountains

The time of meeting is now, watch for the Summer Triangle

San Francisco

Sometimes words are too abstract. Its not that people do not understand the meanings of words, rather at The Beginning, there was never A Dictionary, people made sounds into words into languages while they were busy surviving.

Words have a structural social nature, they work with each other, they fit together in sentences to enable communication between people. Words represent the things in the human experience. They are used as symbols for those things but they are not those things.

Knowing how to say, or write the word does not mean one understands the meaning of the word.

Human beings lived in different places around the earth and developed different languages with different words.

If words represent things in the human experience and humans experience the universe similarly, then do different languages have different words which represent the same things.—after all if there is a set of things, we should have words for those things .Can we take different languages, list them side by side and find words which have a meaning-match, where translating is just a mater of knowing what word from your language matches—or represents— the same thing,

For many words this works but for many other words, for different reasons, it is not a simple process of matching words until its all done, Translation of poetry may be a choice between the “literal meaning” or the “feeling meaning.”

The corners of California and Powell are a favorite place, Both streets are steep inclines, there are blinking red lights and both streeta have cable cars not just running on them but also making a turn. People at all levels, pedestrians and drivers, are confused, lack confidence and are hesitant to go through the intersection. Imagine an out of town car driver stopped on a steep hill looking at the four blinking red lights on each corner, hesitant to move while behind is a SF regular in a large delivery truck honking the horn and the pedestrians are standing around waiting for a “walk” sign that never appears.The intersection of America.

Do these differences represent different experiences ? Is there a “Real standard set of things” out there for people—for scientists—to discover, differentiate and define?
Produce store along Stockton Street

Alameda Creek

Covid restricted my travel and the Alameda Creek Trail, with levee, runs right by my (baby’s) door, As I like to walk everyday I often find myself on the trail. My photographs always have more questions than answers but they would never be evidence in a court of law.

Is there an actual standard set of “things” in the universe and oneday well people be able to differentiate each thing one from another and give them all a name.

There are many problems in knowing but what makes this work for human beings is that we all have a standard set of senses—sight, sound, taste, touch and smell and once we have words, we can compare our experiences and test if this experience is really deserving of the title “thing.”

Factors that makes it difficult is that societies —I use the word society here to mean a group of people theoretically defined as culture bound—have different historical experiences resulting in things which maybe completely or partially different.

For example different societies just by living in different geographical locations on the Earth may different different tools created to work in different places.

Levels of knowledge can play a part. Cultivated plants which for thousand of years appeared physically different from one society to another when, much later, investigated by science find them be like biological siblings.

The big “nothing, ” —air—which humans for millenniums used to separate one “thing from another thing” turns out also to be a bunch of things, small particles we cannot see.s

Consider all the new words in our society just since my life time of 76 years. Ae these all new things, created by people, words which never before existed?

When the term “Super Bowl” came out , I thought is was satirical joke, When young I played sports, enjoyed it— and have exercised most of my life— I do 3-4 miles miles every day along the creek—but I do not desire to sit around watching other people play, and other people become a bunch of partying fans— so for about 10 years I thought when people used the term Super Bowl that they were making a satirical joke about the irrational obsession many Americans had for football.—Shows you how removed I can be from pop culture.

Technically in the universe the amount of matter is constant— The law of conservation of mass states that mass in an isolated system is neither created nor destroyed by chemical reactions or physical transformations. Maybe the universe is an isolated system but then isolated from what?

So technically concerning the universe if we could agree on—discover?— the “smallest of all fundamental particles” and that the number of these particles would be a constant then there would be a finite number of different ways the finite number of smallest particles could join together. This is, for me anyway, no matter how small we look, we always find something smaller and no matter how big we look the universe is always the biggest, yet it keeps getting expanding —is the number of smallest particles particles in the Universe a constant that keeps getting bigger.


This was along Alameda Creek trail but it does not fit the previous section, call it a “feet picture”, just a big concrete block concrete left there by some construction crew doing a government project—First Amendment rights? freedom of expression in a public place ?.Think of it as a pre-historic wall in a cave.

Maybe 15 years ago, a hot summer night in Reno —ever feel lucky? I did this morning.

Windows to the worlds, a corner is a turning point

but it only leads to another corner, and another corner, always going around and around rectangle. You can see through me but I don”t go anywhere.

If you look for me I am like Buddha holding the flower for Kasyapa. when you smile at me, I am the one that smiles back.

Which is why when I wake up in the morning I see The Heat Sutra.on my wall, it keeps my mind from getting too uncluttered from all this useful information.

Gate Gate Paragate, Parasamgate, Bodhisvaha.

Psy, ants and noing too know

Adrift along pure land shore

A smoke break at the back door of the business. Some people still smoke, even after all the medical knowledge andinformaiton about how bad it is medically. Still, Deng Xiaoping was a lifetime chain smoker who lived to be 94 years old.

Row of some of the 47 Samurai graves at Sengakuji.

Healthy food store in Vermillion South Dakota , 1971, bring your own shopping bag, scoops provided. The global economy and the internet enable people all over the world to start their own businesses.

For decade he has a small eclectic antique store along College Ave, Oakland, always something interesting. One of the things about antiques and Art ,is that if you buy it ands it it gets worn, , broken, used, enjoyed and has less value than if you.. bought it hid it away in a safe place for a few generations and then brought it out for sale.

Maybe that is a waste, but I have some nice favorite guinomi with chips in them, no resale value but I have enjoyed them.

Alameda Creek

A photograph is an extension of our senses, it enables us to see backwards in time as well as see things in places where we are not or have never been.

Science as a Way of Knowing, is experiencing the Universe through our five biological senses —receiving the data—and processing it through Reason, another human biological quality —all following a specific methodology., the Scientific Method

What you know and How you know it are of equal value.

Although the term “fact” is used to describe a discrete piece of information determined as “Real” or “True,” in science fact is only as good as it holds up to scientific standards and scientist may always provide a different position with evidence obtained using the accepted scientific method.

“Scientific method” is not a bunch of rules set up by an elite and forced on the world to somehow benefit the agenda of one group of people at the expense of others.

For centuries the efforts of human beings in knowing the universe , efforts which were also beneficial to most people—some more than others—have resulted from the efforts of people who in the process passed on knowledge and aggregately the common behavior associated with technological success were increasily emerged as the Scientific Method empiricism and science

As regards “bias” science is biased to empirical information, it has an“ Emprical Bias.” “Regarding normal human bias” scientific methodology includes a constantly adjusting scale, ordinal or interval, for adjustment.

In a sense science is the differentiation of things and their definition using the standards of the Scientific Method.

For the Universe there are no “things”, except perhaps these small particles which we keep discovering are smaller and smaller. Does, or can, the Universe see—“experience”—a thing such as a house, much less as a home?

Its just a bunch of small particles which if you see, like the human eye or the photograph, it looks like a house and if you are a person, maybe its a home.

To the Universe it is all just a bunch of small particles, subject and object at the same time.

Do the small particles exist without people, without scientists, “discovering” them —Dick Gregory used to say that Like Columbus “discovered” America, he was going out in the parking a lot and “discover a Cadillac.

We experience the universe through our five senses, this is our “data” which we are getting all the time. Often we do not think about data which is registering with our senses—i.e.background sensations—but when a tension occurs we contrast the tension to the background .

To be human is to experience, to be doing,—to be knowing and to be noing at the same time

Anecdotal experiences are not controlled like a scientific experience, and knowledge learned from them may be unique, not general and not scalable.

;Humans have the ability to compare their experiences.. and developed language as a way to communicate the commonness of the empirical experience.,

Empiricism is beneficial to the structure of science—Most people have five senses (not everyone but that is not the matter here). We see, touch, hear smell and taste and their is a common sense to these experiences, we have words for tall, green, rock, etc. and cross culturally we find many words which are definitively similar in meaning.

Scientists doing experiments record their methods in enough detail so that experiments can be critiqued and duplicated.

Any scientist with (professional qualifications) can replicate an experiment to see if the result is the same.because any scientist has the same five sense, the ycan measure the data using the same capabilities as the original experiment,

The very basic tool—the senses— which provides the ability to experience the universe also, using the scientific method provides science with a check & balance,


Ki-seto (Yellow Seto) tokkuri and kuro-oribe (black oribe) guinomi; Both Kiseto and kuro-oribe are fired in the Seto-Mino area, known for folk pottery. Ki-seto was the first of the folk potteries in Japan using glaze to vitrify the pot so that is could hold water.

For a few years my mother, after suffering a stroke and developing serious memory problems and expressive aphasia lived near me in a memory care facility. We visited her at least once a day, often more, both for the phsyical and emotional health.

There were times I thought she knew me as some guy who showed up for a while and left, or someone who took her out for a Sunday dinner and walk around Shinn Pond.What was it like for her never again to be taken seriously in a conversation.

In her life she had been an independent and articulate woman. Her memory never returned, she required care just to do basic things, and fortunately most of her post stroke time she live in a place where she could exercise some unrestrained behavior.

I think much of the time she spent knowing something significant had happened in her life, trying to understand it, while in memory care the door to the outside world is always locked. There were times when she enjoyed being with me, I knew it because she verbally expressed it or because as we wee going somewhere she got so excited that she was walking and talking with anticipation. Everyday I realize a little more what a great privilege it was to have this experience, ,and come to understand a little better why my mother continued to live with my father after his Alzhiemer’s became so very bad.

Maybe t3here was much more I could have done for her, Monday quarterbacking is easy, but I think I did enough for what she needed to get her through those last few years.

Gate Gate, paragate, parasangate, Bodhi svaha