Psy, ants and noing too know

Adrift along pure land shore

A smoke break at the back door of the business. Some people still smoke, even after all the medical knowledge andinformaiton about how bad it is medically. Still, Deng Xiaoping was a lifetime chain smoker who lived to be 94 years old.

Row of some of the 47 Samurai graves at Sengakuji.

Healthy food store in Vermillion South Dakota , 1971, bring your own shopping bag, scoops provided. The global economy and the internet enable people all over the world to start their own businesses.

For decade he has a small eclectic antique store along College Ave, Oakland, always something interesting. One of the things about antiques and Art ,is that if you buy it ands it it gets worn, , broken, used, enjoyed and has less value than if you.. bought it hid it away in a safe place for a few generations and then brought it out for sale.

Maybe that is a waste, but I have some nice favorite guinomi with chips in them, no resale value but I have enjoyed them.

Alameda Creek

A photograph is an extension of our senses, it enables us to see backwards in time as well as see things in places where we are not or have never been.

Science as a Way of Knowing, is experiencing the Universe through our five biological senses —receiving the data—and processing it through Reason, another human biological quality —all following a specific methodology., the Scientific Method

What you know and How you know it are of equal value.

Although the term “fact” is used to describe a discrete piece of information determined as “Real” or “True,” in science fact is only as good as it holds up to scientific standards and scientist may always provide a different position with evidence obtained using the accepted scientific method.

“Scientific method” is not a bunch of rules set up by an elite and forced on the world to somehow benefit the agenda of one group of people at the expense of others.

For centuries the efforts of human beings in knowing the universe , efforts which were also beneficial to most people—some more than others—have resulted from the efforts of people who in the process passed on knowledge and aggregately the common behavior associated with technological success were increasily emerged as the Scientific Method empiricism and science

As regards “bias” science is biased to empirical information, it has an“ Emprical Bias.” “Regarding normal human bias” scientific methodology includes a constantly adjusting scale, ordinal or interval, for adjustment.

In a sense science is the differentiation of things and their definition using the standards of the Scientific Method.

For the Universe there are no “things”, except perhaps these small particles which we keep discovering are smaller and smaller. Does, or can, the Universe see—“experience”—a thing such as a house, much less as a home?

Its just a bunch of small particles which if you see, like the human eye or the photograph, it looks like a house and if you are a person, maybe its a home.

To the Universe it is all just a bunch of small particles, subject and object at the same time.

Do the small particles exist without people, without scientists, “discovering” them —Dick Gregory used to say that Like Columbus “discovered” America, he was going out in the parking a lot and “discover a Cadillac.

We experience the universe through our five senses, this is our “data” which we are getting all the time. Often we do not think about data which is registering with our senses—i.e.background sensations—but when a tension occurs we contrast the tension to the background .

To be human is to experience, to be doing,—to be knowing and to be noing at the same time

Anecdotal experiences are not controlled like a scientific experience, and knowledge learned from them may be unique, not general and not scalable.

;Humans have the ability to compare their experiences.. and developed language as a way to communicate the commonness of the empirical experience.,

Empiricism is beneficial to the structure of science—Most people have five senses (not everyone but that is not the matter here). We see, touch, hear smell and taste and their is a common sense to these experiences, we have words for tall, green, rock, etc. and cross culturally we find many words which are definitively similar in meaning.

Scientists doing experiments record their methods in enough detail so that experiments can be critiqued and duplicated.

Any scientist with (professional qualifications) can replicate an experiment to see if the result is the same.because any scientist has the same five sense, the ycan measure the data using the same capabilities as the original experiment,

The very basic tool—the senses— which provides the ability to experience the universe also, using the scientific method provides science with a check & balance,


Ki-seto (Yellow Seto) tokkuri and kuro-oribe (black oribe) guinomi; Both Kiseto and kuro-oribe are fired in the Seto-Mino area, known for folk pottery. Ki-seto was the first of the folk potteries in Japan using glaze to vitrify the pot so that is could hold water.

For a few years my mother, after suffering a stroke and developing serious memory problems and expressive aphasia lived near me in a memory care facility. We visited her at least once a day, often more, both for the phsyical and emotional health.

There were times I thought she knew me as some guy who showed up for a while and left, or someone who took her out for a Sunday dinner and walk around Shinn Pond.What was it like for her never again to be taken seriously in a conversation.

In her life she had been an independent and articulate woman. Her memory never returned, she required care just to do basic things, and fortunately most of her post stroke time she live in a place where she could exercise some unrestrained behavior.

I think much of the time she spent knowing something significant had happened in her life, trying to understand it, while in memory care the door to the outside world is always locked. There were times when she enjoyed being with me, I knew it because she verbally expressed it or because as we wee going somewhere she got so excited that she was walking and talking with anticipation. Everyday I realize a little more what a great privilege it was to have this experience, ,and come to understand a little better why my mother continued to live with my father after his Alzhiemer’s became so very bad.

Maybe t3here was much more I could have done for her, Monday quarterbacking is easy, but I think I did enough for what she needed to get her through those last few years.

Gate Gate, paragate, parasangate, Bodhi svaha

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