Nay, shun all savren tea

Should a photograph be a specific visual record of a moment in time? Or the feeling of that moment in time?

We use the camera to make images which correspond to how we see, but the camera can be adjusted to make images which are not compatible with how we see,

If you owned a signed Ansel Adams photographic print, it was hanging in your living room and iontwhe wall in another room was hanging a 115 year old large photograph. of your mother’s family made1 in 1907, and a fire burst out, you made an emergency exit and you had to choose, would you take the Ansel Adams print or a large photograph. of your mother’s family made1 in 1907?

A moment of some kind of Truth glimpsed through its own confusion.

It all appears as confusion until we put some order to it, That is how we make the Universe what it is.

Alameda Creek

Why do your war ship ride on my waters? 
Why do your bombs fall down from my skies? 
Why do you burn my farm and my home down? 
I’ve got to know, friend, I’ve got to know!

I’ve Got To Know Woody Guthrie

Walking along Alameda Creek I could easily get bored if it were not for all the interesting things I see. The observable universe known to science is estimated to contain 200 billion to two trillion galaxies.

There are 100 billion to 200 billion estimated stars—possible solar systems?—in “our” Milky Way Galaxy—To whom does it “belong ?.”

By the standard of today’s scientific knowledge, the only place in the universe where there is “human style intelligent life” is, here, on Earth.

There are over 7.6 billion people on Earth . . .

and millions of them spend much of their lives involved with making war happen . . .

with killing other people—many of them innocent people born in the wrong place at the wrong time,—whether actually doing the killing, producing materials or paying taxes that enable the politicians to wage war with no accountability armed with tax payer funded standing armies. On this Earth war is an acceptable business, and a respected professional career.

A few weeks ago excitement over UFOs maybe we think aliens who traveled here,—even from such a short distance as another planet in our own galaxy— will be impressed by our achievements?

Maybe such “aliens” would be the same as us—war is just another part of their ”life style”—I cannot come to use the word “culture” anymore, it has seemed to have lost any semblance of having a common meaning, even when the conversation is just two people..

To whom does the Universe Really and Truly belong?

Human history is a story of people in small groups geographically separated, finding behaviours which enabled survival . . A story of “societies” —an interactive group of people with a definable common structure to their behavior—evolving from family to clan to village, to city to country. Can it come together to form a global political entity with rights and freedom for everyone?

It seems obvious, humans survived by doing the things that enabled survival.—But if they did not do those behaviors we would not know about them, failure is life or death.

Along the way war became part of that.behaviour, that “lifestyle” which enabled survival included death, just like real life.

We cannot seem to get rid id it. Out damn Spot!

Where ever we go to get away from each other , others are already there—Earth is getting full, no place to go without having a conflict with other people.

Its unlikely we can get people to stop killing each other, that is a Real Big Step, too big.

hBut we could learn to settle many other things peacefully.. There may always be those who are physically stronger and use that attribute to take advantage of others. There are those are wealthy and use their money to buy the muscle of those physically stronger. Perhaps in the end the only way to stop was is to have laws enforced by the threat of and use of violence. We are our own enemy.

For some its they have rights while others have responsibilities.—in the end everyone will have to give some freedoms to get the advantages of living in a global society, You always have the choice of being an outlier, to a degree of more or less, depending on how much you are willing to give up or how much you reject. Everyday we are increasingly involved with other all round the globe—i.e. Other Human Beings—and the best way to bring order and justice —and its both that are important—is to open the society to opportunity by tearing down the barriers that people have built during their 300,000 of becoming human beings..


There are many ways of seeing but the truest and best is with the intuition, for it takes in the whole, whereas the intellect only takes in a part.

The Unknown Craftsman Soetso Yanagi with editorial support from Bernard Leach

My mother’s name was Lynn, this was in Union Square in Somerville, along the train tracks, its possible that that the train runs through Lynn MA, I am sure the commuter train from North Station does—then gain who knows what the train does in Somerville? . this was almost 50 years ago.

Paseo Padre—the father’s walk—runs by Alameda Creek for a short distance, still many years ago it was a distance long enough to take the life of a child—someone still remembers.

Hey there Rick, Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world on all the planets in all the solar systems in all the galaxies in the Universe, she walks into mine.

Gate gate, paragate, parasamgate, Bodhi svaha

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